Current and Frog Kings Look To Steal Roar’s Lead on Day 2 of ISL Match 5



  1. London Roar – 283.5
  2. LA Current – 218.0
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings – 214.5
  4. DC Trident – 163.0


  • DC Trident – Lanes 1 & 2
  • London Roar – Lanes 3 & 4
  • LA Current – 5 & 6
  • Tokyo Frog Kings – 7 & 8


As two previous Match champs in the form of the London Roar and LA Current went head to head for Match 5 of ISL Season 2, it was the Roar that came out on top on day 1. The Roar scored 283.5 points in the first half of the meet, creating a decent margin between themselves and the Current who scored 218. Right behind the Current, however, are the Tokyo Frog Kings with 214.5. DC Trident trails in 4th with 163.

While both the Current and the Frog Kings have a bit of a margin to make up, they are certainly within reach of claiming the victory over the Roar. In Match 3, we saw Tokyo come back on day 2 and almost makeup their losing gap to LA after day 1 but they ultimately fell short, largely due to Beryl Gastaldello and Ryan Murphy’s stellar skins performances.

If the Current and Tokyo are to make such a comeback today, they will need to rely on taking full advantage of their strong suits as well as on jackpotting wherever they can jackpot. For the Current, that could mean relying on the women’s sprints and men’s fly and back. Beryl Gastaldello and Abbey Weitzeil will open up the session with the 100 freestyle, Weitzeil will swim the 100 IM, and Gastaldello will be back for the 50 fly. As with last week, the Current could potentially score major points here, especially by going 1-2 in the 100 free with the potential for a jackpot.

Another clear strong suit for the Current is Tom Shields who is on quite the winning streak thus far this season. Shields has two individual events in the 50 fly and 200 fly, going in as the favourite to win both of those. The real impact Shields will look to make, however, will be in the 50 butterfly skins. Shield’s versatility within nature sets him up nicely for a skins event and it will give him shot to give the Current a major point surge at the end of the meet.

As for Tokyo, it was certainly the longer events that gave them their advantage during Day 2 of the Match 3. 1-2 women’s 200 fly and men’s 400 IM, 1-3 in the women’s 400 IM, and 1-5 in the men’s 200 free. They will rely on those same 200/400 swimmers today in the form of Suzuka Hasegawa, Tomoru Honda, Kosuke Hagino, and Yui Ohashi, among other to give them an edge. Additionally, last week Runa Imai and Vlad Morozov each won the 100 IM for Tokyo, jackpotting the bottom 2 swimmers. If they can repeat that today will a larger jackpot margin, it will certainly bode well for the team’s bid for victory.

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