Connecticut Says Pools Will Open in Phase 2, June 20th at Earliest

Connecticut is the latest state to announce a plan for reopening its pools. Governor Ned Lamont says that pools will be part of the state’s Phase 2 reopening, which is currently scheduled to begin on Saturday, June 20. This comes amid the country trying to plan its way back open amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Pools are among a number of businesses that are expected to reopen in Phase 2 of the plan, including personal services, movie theatres, bowling alleys, social clubs, indoor restaurant service, hotels, museums, zoos, outdoor amusement parks, public libraries, gyms, and youth sports. The state also anticipates allowing outdoor arts and entertainment events with up to 50 people.

According to Lamont, to enter phase 2 the state will have to be administering at least 100,000 tests for COVID-19 per week, and contact tracing cases must be complete within 48 hours.

Other requirements for Phase 2:

  • Hospitals must have less than 20% of beds occupied by COVID-19 patients
  • There must be less than a 100 net increase in hospitalizations from the last week of phase 1
  • There must be a testing plan in place for ‘essential workers.’

Phase 3 will begin at least 4 weeks after phase 2 is implemented, at which point some bars, indoor amusement parks, and indoor event spaces could reopen.

The exact restrictions on reopening will be made available at least 2 weeks prior to the actual reopening.

Connecticut has reported around 40,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections leading to 3,637 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the state. Deaths and cases rose quickly in the early stages of the pandemic in Connecticut, likely due to the state’s connection to the country’s hardest-hit area in New York City, but have been on a decline for the last month. Last week, Connecticut saw around 600 new cases daily and 50 deaths.

The Connecticut Swimming Local Swimming Committee (LSC) had 6,266 registered athletes for the registration year 2019 at 69 member clubs. 2 members of the USA Swimming Junior National Team, Will Galant (West Hartford Aquatic Team) and James Plage (Aquabears) live in Connecticut. U.S. Senior National Teamer Kieran Smith, who now trains at the University of Florida, is also a Connecticut native, where he was the 2-time Connecticut High School Coaches Association Swimmer of the Year.

States With Pools Re-opening Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Alabama 5/11
50% capacity
Alaska 5/10
50% capacity
Arizona 5/15
50% capacity
Arkansas 5/22
50% capacity
California 5/20
No counties have been cleared for reopening pools by the state, though several teams have resumed practice anyway.
Connecticut 6/20*
In Phase 2, no earlier than June 20
Delaware 5/22
Community Pools at 20% capacity, no swim lessons or team practices
Florida 5/22
some localities have allowed pools to begin to reopen under a patchwork of restrictions, while all youth sports have had their restrictions lifted
Georgia 5/14
10 or fewer people, or 6 feet of space per person
Indiana 5/22
Adhering to Social Distancing Guidelines, excluding Lake, Cass, and Marion counties
Iowa 5/22
No specific regulations, “reasonable measures” for enhanced hygiene and distancing
Kansas 6/1*
In phase 2, no earlier than June 1
Kentucky 6/1
Pools designated for training or exercise can reopen, 1-per-lane, beginning June 1
Louisiana 5/15
Lap Swimming can resume at 25% capacity
Massachussetts 6/8*
Outdoor pools can reopen in Phase 2 (as early as June 8), Indoor pools can reopen in Phase 3 (as early as late June)
Mississippi 5/7
six feet apart, maximum 20 people
Montana 5/15
50% capacity for pools at gyms or licensed public accomodation
North Carolina 5/22
50% capacity
Ohio 5/26
Pools can open if regulated by local health departments
South Carolina 5/18
Smaller of 20% capacity or 5 people per 1000 square feet
Texas 5/8
25% capacity
Utah 5/19
50 people or less in some areas, 1 per lane in others
Virginia 5/15
Outdoor lap swimming only, 1-per-lane
West Virginia 5/30
No restrictions announced yet
Wisconsin 5/13
Wyoming 5/1
1 person per lane

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2 years ago

A question for those in CT. As we await the guidance for pools for phase 2 opening there is much debate over capacity of an outdoor pool. Some say a pool club falls under the “gathering” rule of 50 or less. Others say a pool club is not a gathering. An example of a gathering would be a swim meet and that pool clubs would fall under restricted capacity based on square footage of your pool area. Anyone see anything specific to this year for CT or do you have an opinion on it?

Reply to  swimmomct
2 years ago

I haven’t heard. The list above has details on other states (ex: 50% capacity) but nothing next to CT. I think it’s still a waiting game to find out. But swimming is my lifeline, esp during summer, so I’ll take the restrictions as long as my and my family can swim!

Reply to  swimmomct
2 years ago

They have all these rules. Someone has to be there to check you in, take temp etc. Distancing the chairs and wiping down. No bathrooms opened. To me its BS by now. I am praying he changes it very soon!!!!!

Kieran Smith
2 years ago

My gills are drying out

the michael phelps caterpillar
Reply to  Kieran Smith
2 years ago

Hi Kevin. Humans don’t actually have gills. If you do that could be a serious medical condition and you should contact a doctor immediately!

Reply to  the michael phelps caterpillar
2 years ago

Kieran 😁

Reply to  Kieran Smith
2 years ago

Get this man a fish tank

Reply to  Kieran Smith
2 years ago


2 years ago


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