Indiana, Kentucky Latest States Set to Allow Pools to Reopen to Varying Degrees

Indiana and Kentucky are the latest states to announce that some pools can reopen in the near future, however, the latter’s plan is significantly more strict.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is allowing all pools to reopen while adhering to social distancing guidelines May 24, in time for Memorial Day. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced Friday that pools used for lessons and exercise can reopen June 1, but public pools may not reopen until July.

Specifically, in Kentucky, Olympic aquatic centers, pools connected to gyms, and pools designated for exercise can reopen. “It’s different than a pool that has 100 kids in it,” Beshear said Friday. For the past two weeks, a petition that now has over 17,000 signatures has circulated asking for Kentucky’s community pools to be open for Memorial Day.

Amy Albiero, chair of Kentucky Swimming’s Board of Directors, told ahead of Beshear’s announcement that she thinks all pools should be evaluated individually.

“Any facility that can show they can open safely and responsibly should have the opportunity to do so,” Albiero said. “That because we have a pool shouldn’t really work to our disadvantage — but ultimately work to our advantage. You’re literally swimming in disinfectant.”

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IUPUI Swim Mom
4 years ago

The IU Nat is not scheduled to open until August 1:(

Reply to  IUPUI Swim Mom
4 years ago

So pitiful and unnecessary…

4 years ago

Many pools in Indiana are not opening regardless.

Reply to  Dothehustle
4 years ago

In Indiana, all schools and school facilities are closed thru June so if your practice facility is your HS pool…you’re outta luck. If you are fortunate enough to have one of the newer aquatic centers, it was likely built with taxpayer money and touted as a “community pool” offering open swim and other aquatic activities thru your Parks and Rec departments (as is the case with our pool). These facilities should be considered as “community pools” and open by Memorial Day and not remain shuttered until July simply bc they are on school property IMO.

Reply to  IN2CA
4 years ago

Much the same in Ohio. Schools with pools shut through June 30

Reply to  Dothehustle
4 years ago

public pools in New Haven, Evansville, Columbus, Greensburg and a few others are not opening. Many are in a holding pattern.

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