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2016 Olympic Champion Cody Miller is becoming a youtube star. Cody Miller Adventures, his series, gives you everything you want with an inside look into the elite athlete lifestyle. He didn’t expect it to takeoff, but he’s happy it did. Cody’s a swim nerd and film nerd. He loves producing the series.  For the short term, he’s not concerned about monetizing the series, but he feels it does adds value to his existing partners/sponsors. Cody’s already feeling the impact of the series. Kids come up to him at meets and only know him from the series.

Cody performance over 2017 was slightly off from his 2016 Olympic high. Cody opens about life, getting married, and putting swimming into perspective  That’s what 2017 was about–figuring it all out. With the launch and success of his youtube series, Cody feel energized and ready for 2018.  Summer U.S. Nationals is pivotal, determining who gets on the 2018 Pan Pacific and 2019 World Championship teams. Will Cody be ready? You tell me in comments.

You can follow Cody Miller Adventures on Youtube  here.


This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of, a Swimming News website.

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I’d chill out on saying “YouTube Star”.




“Swimming Youtube Star” but even then I think Calvyn Justus started that

Fritz Peterson

I think Cody is doing a great job with these videos. It’s something that USA Swimming should have been doing for a LONG time to help market the sport and its athletes.


totally agree with you and Mel on this one . I watched loads of his videos and i felt them so refreshing . I got to see other Olympians and his teammates at work – during training – and so much more . I truly love his passion for it .

Go Bearcats

I bet this helps a lot with his sponsorships

Steve Nolan

Exactly! Even if he were just in this to maximize his earning potential* it makes so much sense. Doesn’t really have much to lose, ya know? Sure, it prolly takes a bit of time to come up with novel ideas and cut ’em together, but like…we all saw those ’08 Olympic fluff pieces on Phelps just like, playing Guitar Hero for 8 hours a day. Prolly has some time.

*Which I don’t think he is, he seems to actually care about like…sharing this stuff with people. If it leads to stuff, cool, if not, hey, I made some cool videos that people liked.

Ol' Longhorn

The main takeaways from these videos for me are, who wouldn’t want to be a teammate of this guy and who wouldn’t want to swim for Ray Looze? What a great training environment.

Ian Finnerty

Best training partner in the world. Hands down.


Hey, your that guy


It’s an honor to upvote you.

Bob Glover

Hey fam you aren’t so bad yourself lol ?

Steve Nolan

ACT COOL, MAN. Jeez, you’re gonna scare the rest of ’em away.

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