CN Barcelona Allies With Myrtha Pools To Transform Its Facilities

Courtesy of Myrtha Pools USA, a SwimSwam partner.

The interventions will place the city of Barcelona as a point of reference in Europe in water sports facilities

CN Barcelona has reached an agreement with Myrtha Pools and Grupo Construcía for the design and execution of the project that embraces a complete renovation of the Club’s facilities behind a global investment of 12 million euros.

Myrtha Pools is proud to renovate the pools of the oldest aquatic centre in Spain. In addition to rehabilitating the first indoor swimming pool on the Iberian Peninsula, Myrtha has reached an agreement with the Club Natació Barcelona so that the centre becomes a reference of the highest order.

The alliance, signed with the CNB using the IPD formula (integrated project delivery), signals that Myrtha Pools will not only be a supplier of the vessels but also a partner throughout the entire path of the new hub. The CNB is the living history of aquatic sports in Catalonia and Spain, a club that has regularly won championships at both the national and international levels. And speaking of high achievement, Myrtha pools has been the aquatics mainstay for of 5 Olympic Games, more than 150 world records and 19 FINA World Championships. Promoting water sports (swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, diving) is a key feature within the DNA of both the CNB and Myrtha Pools.

Their path together began in the late 1990s with a saltwater pool used 365 days a year. In 2003, Myrtha Pools had the honour of designing and building the Nova Escullera pool for the X FINA World Swimming Championships. Being selected to help re-imagine this facility is a sign of CNB’s absolute confidence in Myrtha Pools. The agreement aims to transform the CNB into an aquatic centre of distinction, not only at a regional and national level but also as a benchmark for all of Europe and the rest of the world. The CNB centre for Myrtha Pools will be a showroom, a must for presentations and events with international architects, swimming and water polo federations, with experts in operation and sustainability of aquatic clubs and centres.

The work for the design of the pools began in April and includes the recovery of the historic Escullera pool, which will be completed in 2023. Also on the docket is the construction of a new heated outdoor pool for swimming and water polo. An updating of the Nova Escullera swimming pool, which was built by Myrtha Pools to host the world swimming championships in 2003, includes new automation features in the current pool, as well as the improvement of the outdoor saltwater pool that since 1999 has allowed members to enjoy the advantages of a swimming pool with water drawn directly from the Mediterranean Sea.

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