Chalmers Adds 100 Fly To Freestyle Trio For Aussie World Trials

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May 27th, 2019 News


20-year-old Kyle Chalmers has entered 4 events at the 2019 Swimming Australia World Trials, with one of them not being freestyle. The 2016 Olympic champion in the 100m free has been dabbling in the men’s fly events, both the 100m and 200m, for some time now, and has chosen to enter the former for the Trials happening in Brisbane early next month.

Chalmers’ name occupies the #3 seed in the start list for the 100m fly holding a personal best of 52.07. That mark was achieved at the 2019 Aussie Nationals, where the Marion swimmer collected 4 national titles, including that fly event, as well as his other entries for Brisbane of the 50m/100m/200m freestyle.

Sitting ahead of Chalmers in the 100m fly is top-seeded swimmer from Western Australia Grant Irvine, who holds an entry time of 51.50, although is personal best is represented by the 51.00 clocked at the 2017 World Championships. His 51.50 came at last year’s Commonwealth Games where Irvine collected the bronze behind winner Chad Le Clos of South Africa and James Guy of Great Britain.

Also seeded ahead of Chalmers is David Morgan, the TSS Aquatics swimmer who finished 9th in this event at the Olympics in Rio with a time of 51.75. He produced a 51.80 for 5th place at last year’s Pan Pacs, with Irvine notching 51.65 for 4th ahead of him there in Tokyo.

As much as Chalmers is the one to beat in the aforementioned freestyle events, his 100m fly is the riskiest of his entries and he’ll need a personal best to beat the established fly racers, as well as even make the stiff 51.31 QT dictated by Swimming Australia. With that quick of a selection standard, Chalmers is needing to drop well over half a second to make an individual roster spot happen.

But the 100m fly does fall on the very first day, which gives Chalmers an opportunity to not only race fresh, but also warm-up for his later freestyle events, which fall on days 2 (200 free), 4 (100 free) and 6 (50 free)

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Samuel Huntington
2 years ago

51.31 is quick!! The only American who can definitely hit that at a trials-type meet is Dressel.

Reply to  Samuel Huntington
2 years ago

Conger says hi

That is quick though

Mr Piano
Reply to  Statguy
2 years ago

Yea, but then he adds during taper, so does it count?

E Gamble
Reply to  Samuel Huntington
2 years ago

Dressel hits 51s at the TYR Pro Series meets during heavy training.

Freddie Cole
Reply to  Samuel Huntington
2 years ago

Don’t count out Luca Urlando… I know he’s only 17 and goes a 52 100 fly, but Luca has been dropping so much time so consistently throughout the years heading into University of Georgia.

Old Man Chalmers
2 years ago

51.31 is very ambitious considering Grant Irvine is the only aussie who has gone faster in textile and only did it in full taper

Reply to  Old Man Chalmers
2 years ago

Yeah, but why not give it a go? Props to the man for trying!

2 years ago

Men’s 100 fly is on the last day, not the first day

Reply to  Cam
2 years ago

Yes, Chalmers’ schedule of races: day2: the 200 free; day4: the 100 free; day 6: both the 50 free and the 100 fly, with only the Women’s 50 free in the midst, so a short interval in the finals’ session.
Anyway, the most important races for Chalmers towards the Worlds, i.e. 100 and 200 free, are at the beginning of his schedule.

Reply to  nuotofan
2 years ago

Not sure he’s really invested in the 50m free anyway ..

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