Brown and Vanderpool-Wallace are the Fastest Man/Woman in Texas for 2014

The 3rd annual Fastest Man and Woman in Texas meet went off on Saturday, with former Auburn teammates Adam Brown and Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace taking home the titles.

Each winner earned $5,000 apiece in prize money.

The 50 freestyle meet was run in three waves, with all athletes competing in prelims, then again in semi-finals, and the top 16 moving on to the final. With only 21 men and 6 women entered, that meant most of the big names could coast through the early rounds before hitting the gas in the final.

Brazilian sprint star and Auburn trainer Bruno Fratus was the fastest man out of prelims, cruising to a 20.71 as the only man under 21 seconds. Brown sat third in 21.31.

Meanwhile another pro who trains at Auburn, former Arizona Wildcat Lara Jackson, took the top spot out of the women’s prelims. The former American record-holder, now making a career comeback at age 28, went 22.89. Eventual winner Vanderpool-Wallace took things very easy, going 24.17 and taking 6th out of the 6 entrants.

The semi-finals saw Karl Krug jump to the top of the men’s list. His 19.45 was quickest by a few tenths, with Josh Schneider (19.61), Fratus (19.62), Brown (19.64) and Matt Grevers (19.67) all bunched up behind him. Also into the men’s final were Jimmy Feigen, Marcelo Chierighini and Derek Toomey.

For the women, Vanderpool-Wallace, who trains at SwimMAC, rose  to the head of the class, going 22.01. Lisa Boyce (22.44) and Jackson (22.52) were in the top 3, and Nina Rangelova, Lana Nguyen and Annie Grevers all moved on to the final.

In the final, it was Brown who topped the field, saving the best for last with a 19.25. That was just barely enough to beat Schneider, who’s had quite a bit of success in these multi-round 50 free shootout meets. Schneider, who like Brown competes for the New York Athletic Club, went 19.29. Schneider will earn $2000 for his runner-up finish, and Matt Grevers pockets $500 after taking third.

For the women, Vanderpool-Wallace hit her exact semi-final time right down to the hundredth. Swimming a 22.01, she nabbed the $5000 prize, with Lara Jackson second in 22.28. Third-place money went to Lisa Boyce at 22.47.

Full meet results here

A Final Results


  1. Adam Brown, 19.25
  2. Josh Schneider, 19.29
  3. Matt Grevers, 19.36
  4. Karl Krug, 19.39
  5. Jimmy Feigen 19.58
  6. Bruno Fratus, 19.60
  7. Derek Toomey, 19.72
  8. Marcelo Chierighini, 20.06


  1. Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, 22.01
  2. Lara Jackson, 22.28
  3. Lisa Boyce, 22.47
  4. Nina Rangelova, 22.82
  5. Lana Nguyen, 23.38
  6. Annie Grevers, 23.84

And, as a special SwimSwam bonus, here’s some insider footage from the meet and the costume contest following the meet, courtesy of meet organizer and participant Josh Davis and photographer Nat Player.

Fastest Man in Texas 2014

Some of the Fastest Man/Woman in Texas crew outside the pool.

Bruno Fratus off the start.

Bruno Fratus off the start. Photo credit: Nat Player.

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace receives her check and the inaugural title of "Fastest Woman in Texas."

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace receives her check and the inaugural title of “Fastest Woman in Texas.” Photo credit: Nat Player.

Adam Brown fastest man in texas

Adam Brown receives his check and the Fastest Man in Texas title for 2014. Photo credit: Nat Player.

photo 1

Josh Davis and Matt Grevers

photo 2

Matt Grevers

photo 3

Halloween costume contest

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9 years ago

So glad to see Lara Jackson is competing again. 28 is a great age for a sprinter!

9 years ago

so who won the contest between the commenters?

9 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy one of those shirts?

9 years ago

What happened to Michael Andrew? I thought he was swimming in this meet. Haven’t heard much on him lately.

Justin Thompson
Reply to  Bossanova
9 years ago

He was in Singapore last week at a swimming world cup meet:

9 years ago

Wait…something doesn’t seem right. Josh gets $200 for second and Matt $500 for third???

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