Bowdoin College Cancels Fall/Winter Sports During Fall 2020 Semester

Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine has canceled all fall and winter sports scheduled to take place during the fall semester. That includes the fall portion of the season for the men’s and women’s swimming & diving programs.

Bowdoin made the announcement this week as part of the school’s overall plan for the fall 2020 semester amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The school will only bring back a limited number of students to campus, with the remainder of students continuing to take courses online, away from campus, for the fall semester of 2020.

First-year students and transfer students will return to campus for the fall semester, along with a very small number of senior honors students who need school facilities for their senior projects, and students whose living situation makes online learning nearly impossible. All other upperclassmen will remain away from campus and will take classes online for the fall semester.

You can read the full athletics announcement here. The school says it will not participate in fall or winter sports during the fall semester, though it hopes to have opportunities for sports to participate and compete “in some form” after January 1. Bowdoin competes in the NCAA’s Division III and in the NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference).

An athletics-specific Q&A says the school expects those student-athletes who are on campus to “have the opportunity to participate in individual and small group workouts with members of our coaching staff” but the fall semester will not include any competitions.

Bowdoin says that athletes in fall sports will not use a season of eligibility if their program doesn’t compete at all during the fall season. Swimming & diving falls in the winter season, meaning athletes could still potentially compete in the second half of the season, complicating the question of NCAA eligibility.

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This is Terrible. Why would they feel the need to jump the gun over every other NESCAC school. I am sure many other schools will welcome their fall and winter athletes if they no longer want to stay at Bowdoin. This is a political move and has no data behind it.


They bowed to the mob. That’s why


125,000+ dead from COVID and no data behind it? This decision is more than critical and I applaud Bowdoin for taking the lead. I truly feel for all the NESCAC athletes, but there is no better alternative at this point.


Maybe we should start talking about healthy habits. Why aren’t we demonizing ultra processed foods, mcdonalds, sodas, etc. etc. ?

Instead, we keep the draconian measures in place. Absurdity.


Umm.. what?


It’s always very enlightening to see you claiming the easily googled ad hominem fallacy argument (sometimes improperly) in your responses only for you to commit a multitude of fallacies in this and other responses.


Are you arguing that a healthier lifestyle would not boost people’s immune systems? Wouldn’t that save more lives than telling people to stand 6 feet apart in the checkout at the grocery store. Or cancelling college sports despite antibody studies showing that the virus kills 4 in 10000 under the age of 70.


From the top of your link: “This article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice” You don’t seem to have a good grasp on what is credible and what isn’t when talking about things. “Are you arguing that a healthier lifestyle would not boost people’s immune systems?” – no, nowhere above did I say any of that. What I implied is that the false comparison you make (we either talk about healthy habits as a society or continue efforts to further curb the virus, but we cannot do both) is a logical fallacy – one of many you… Read more »


I’ve also seen multiple people point it out to you, but I’ll try it again. I’m not worried about the death rate of the 35k college kids in Athens, GA who want to come back to school in the fall. My concern stems from the fact that there are a ton of people who live in and run the town and are over the age of 50 and will be negatively affected (thorough hospitalization and death) by those 35k (more so if you had your way for reopening).


Under the age of 70 covers almost everyone on campus …. every article is a preprint in the Covid era. After all, it’s a novel virus. Did you even read the study? “Experts” condemned HCQ on a preprint and praised the value of Remdesivir before the full study was completed. Turns out the “experts” faked studies to make HCQ look bad (see the Lancet If you’re interested in pursuing this). But it was treated as gospel in the press that HCQ could kill you because Orange man bad. I have been following Ionnadis since day 1 and almost all of what he has said had ended up being true. He is a Covid policy skeptic. I will continue to encourage… Read more »


OMG…you.understand people leave campus right? In a lot of these large school towns, the whole town is basically the campus.


Yes, I in fact went to college and grad school before, which may be a shocker to you.

I’m attempting to get you to see that perhaps those at risk could take precautions so as to not expose themselves to the virus and that probably 99%+ of people on campuses aren’t truly at risk.

Either way, it’s been a good mental exercise for me.


Yes, it’s a bad situation.
But it’s still the month of June.


Remember when they cancelled the Olympics back in March? For the month of Aug?

GA Boy

It has begun!

Hank Monroe

Unfortunately I don’t see there being any college sports this fall. The virus has to run its course at some point and hopefully we do that between now and December. I’m sure they’ll be some comments about how we should stay in a bunker until there’s a vaccine, but that’s not going to happen. People aren’t going to wait an indefinite amount of time for that while being out of a job.


This may all clear up in early November magically!


Our savior will be Joe Biden. Get a real president and a new VP.


Yeah, but ol Joe thinks 125 million have died from the Covid so not sure where his head is at on this.

Hank Monroe

One nice thing about Joe is that the Biden Cancer initiative spent nearly 2/3 of its $4.8 million in funding on salaries. and benefits for its executives. The top exec made $429K in 2018 while they didn’t cut a single grant check to outside organizations. Thanks Joe!


And I heard it was investigated for fraud and ordered to be shut down by a judge after Joe used the non-profit to buy a painting of himself. Oh wait, that wasn’t him nevermind.

Corn Pop

Plus the 150 million Joe said had been shot dead .

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