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FINIS Set of the Week: Underwaters All Day

This set is all about mastering your underwaters (aka: the 5th stroke)! Primarily used with the Evo quick-tempo monofin, we’re going to focus on speed and power to maximize the time underwater.


Meg Bailey Set to Return Down Under After Finishing at Ohio State

Meg Bailey is heading home after Winter Nationals with her new Funkita swimwear contract.

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Upping the InZanity: Grothe is Getting Faster!

This is Zane Grothe’s favorite set and he dropped a total of 23 seconds off of it from one year ago!


How I Trained For Olympic Trials 30 Minutes A Day

In 2015, after not touching water for nearly 18 months, I was struggling with my own identity, constantly bothered by questions like, “Did I reach my full potential? Was 19.69 the fastest I would ever go? Am I old and doomed to a 9-5 job for the rest of my life? Is my time as an athlete over?”


The Ever Changing Face of College Recruiting

I have been directly involved with college recruiting for the past 35 years… Needless to say, I have seen some significant changes in the recruiting process over this time.


The 5 Mentally Toughest American Elite Swimmers in History

There are probably 50 or more good candidates for the top 5 spots, but this is my list. As far as the elite swimmers go, here is my top five list, which includes nine swimmers.


Smack Swim Strap, The Goggle Comfort You Need

Goggles are an essential part of all competitive swimmers equipment but often if the straps are too tight or after an extended period of wearing them they can cause “swim goggle headache”.

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What Ryan Lochte Got Right…

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more of Ryan Lochte in the news. Asides from being a multiple Olympic medalist, Ryan’s hit major headlines for some good, some bad, and some very interesting decisions.


Eight Great Gift Ideas for the Swimmer in Your Life

The holiday season has just kicked off this week, which means it’s time to start crossing people off of your list. We know that shopping during the holidays can be overwhelming, so we rounded up a few of our top picks for swim gift ideas to make it a little easier on you. All items are available at

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FINIS Set of the Week: Specialty Training – IM Speed Work

This set can be tailored for any distance of IM Training. The focus here is quality – if quality in technique and transitions begins to slide, take the time to pause workout and refocus on the essentials.

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Funkita Divers Success at Gold Coast FINA Diving Grand Prix

Australian Diver Alysha Koloi at the Gold Coast FINA Grand Prix

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Black Magic: Introducing Sleek, Swim Goggles Designed to Block the Sun

Swimming outside on a sunny day should be thrilling—but too often it’s frustrating. On clear days, the sun can be blindingly strong, and your traditional goggles, even with UV Protection, can add extra stress if you have to pause to clean them, dump water out, and adjust for comfort.

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Happy Thanksgiveaway: Win a Swimnerd Pace Clock

One lucky swimming pool or swim team or swim nerd will receive a brand spanking new swimnerd pace clock + tripod + 8-hour rechargeable battery!

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New in Commit: Resend Invites and Remove Coaches

One of the coolest things about Commit Swimming is how easy it is to invite and collaborate with your coaching staff.

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The Spin Turn for Butterfly and Breaststroke

This spin turn enables the swimmer to shorten his or her diameter slightly by tucking the knees under the chest more than with the vertical turns of the past. The result is an incredibly quick turn-around.

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