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SwimLabs Story: Fitting Goggles

Working in a store specifically for competitive swimming in Southern California can be an eye opener, even for someone like me who has spent the last 2 decades poolside. It’s like a whole different world of educating parents about swimming. One of the main things (besides learning how a suit should fit) is fitting goggles. Swimming without goggles can seem like a “Truth or Dare” challenge but not having the right pair can be even harder.

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Photographer Erin Reas Visits SafeSplash Swim School In Austin, TX

When a friend needs help, you do your best to help him or her. Before she moves back to Europe next month, my friend Louise worked for a SafeSplash Swim School in Texas.

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Are You Good Enough To Get A Swim Scholarship?

Every year swimmers and their parents contemplate the college journey ahead. What no one tells you is that less than 10% of high school swimmers end up swimming in college.


Video: U.S. Olympic Swim Team Captain On The Phlex Edge

We are 2 weeks into our campaign for the EDGE, a revolutionary swimming fitness tracker that has been met with incredible support by the swimming community.

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FINIS Set Of The Week: Adios to Freestyle

Needing a break from freestyle? This set is a great way to step away from bulky freestyle sets and focus on IM and other strokes.

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How To Talk To Kids About Pool Safety

Taking a few minutes to speak to your child about pool safety on a consistent basis can protect him or her from injury and any unnecessary accidents around swimming pools.

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22 Swim Camps You Will Love This Summer

See 22 “Summer Swim Camps” you will love to attend this summer. These swim camps are headed by some of the best coaches in swimming.

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BioOx Air-Cleaning System: Get To Know Us – From Our Customers

For the past few months, we at BioOx have been telling you all about our air-cleaning system and the work we’re doing to make indoor swimming more comfortable and enjoyable for all.

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656 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

If you don’t like the career you’re in, you might want to work in the swimming community and be a…

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Firebelly: A Revolution in Swim Performance Technology

Firebelly is the world’s first wearable swim device using bone conduction audio that gives you SmartFeedbackTM. Hear key performance feedback as you swim. After you swim, track your performance and identify areas for improvement with the free smartphone app.


Maximizing Swim Lesson Potential

Practice makes perfect! Like any skill, swimming skills are improved when they are practiced often. There are many skills that young swimmers are able to work on at home, even without the use of a pool. For example, some skills that children can do in the bathtub include:

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SwimmersBest Drill of the Month: Powering The Breaststroke With Targeted Drag Resistance

Breaststroke is clearly a blend of ideal technique and timing. However, over-focus on technique and timing can cause swimmers to ‘go through the motions’ and miss power in their kick or pull.

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Video: The 5 Best Exercises For Swimmers

Swimming is a sport that demands you to be in great shape. It forces your body to be fit since it engages with all of your muscles at all times.


FINIS Set Of The Week: The Essentials – Arm & Shoulder Maintenance

Designed to emphasize perfect pull technique, despite fatigue

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How Swimming Lessons Made Family Vacations That Much Better

Every year we still go to Florida and my kids are little fish in my grandparent’s pool swimming from sun up till sun down! It’s great that they know how to swim and enjoy it so much!

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