Anthony Ervin Meets $10000 Indiegogo Fundraiser Goal for World Cup Series

UPDATE: Anthony Ervin has met his $10,000 indiegogo fundraiser goal! Here’s his thank you video:

SwimSwam participated by donating $250 for an Anthony Ervin written SwimSwam-theme song. We will share the song when Anthony delivers. 

Below is the first SwimSwam report on Anthony’s fundraiser explaining the details:

Anthony Ervin is not leaving the sport. He’s staying, and he’s bringing all of his creativity to the table to make it happen, but he needs our help.

Indiegogo is one of the go-to sites for individuals raising funds for their endeavors. For Ervin, it’s the 2012 FINA World Cup Series. Ervin is not getting support from USA Swimming as this is an international series. The costs come out of his pocket.

Ervin needs $10,000 in support, and he’s giving back in Ervin-esque style. Go here for details, but one of the cooler items on the table is his “rock ‘n roll themed” World Cup Tour T-shirt:

If Anthony exceeds his $10,000 goal, he will give 50% of the funds over 10k to Mamade,  whose “Water to the Thirsty” project is providing clean water to those in the world who need it most.

Here’s the full image of Ervin getting in the World Cup Series mindset from SwimSwam photographer, contributor and artist, Mike Lewis (

Anthony Ervin, Olympic Gold Medalist, 2012 FINA World Cup Series competitor (Swim Photo Credit: Mike Lewis,

Ervin is in fighting-shape. He recently competed at the 2012 RCP Tiburon Sprint Classic, putting down a 19.61 in the 50 free heats, barely missing the final, a great swim considering the pool was 3 feet deep at one end. In short, expect Ervin to do well on the Would Cup Circuit.

Here’s an image of Ervin in 5th-gear during his Tiburon Sprint races:

Anthony Ervin, RCP Tiburon Sprint Classic, 50 freestyle (Swim Photo Credit: Mike Lewis,

Melissa Lundie ( captured several great photos from the Tiburon competition, which will be included in the 2012 RCP Tiburon Sprint television show (air-date tba in the next 7 days):

Anthony Ervin, warmup, Tiburon Sprint Classic (Swim Photo Credit: Melissa Lundie,

Anthony Ervin, warmup, Tiburon Sprint Classic (Swim Photo Credit: Melissa Lundie,

Anthony Ervin, Tiburon Sprint Classic, 50 freestyle heat winner, 19.61 (Swim Photo Credit: Melissa Lundie,

Follow Anthony Ervin on Twitter here. 

Anthony Ervin is represented by Emily White, founder of Whitesmith Entertainment.

The message directly from the Anthony Ervin Team for the Indiegogo campaign: 

Two-time U.S. Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Anthony Ervin is going on tour to compete on the World Cup circuit this fall. However, he needs your help! Watch how you can help Anthony on his journey and find out more details at

Half of all funds raised beyond Anthony’s goal will go to the amazing people at Mamade, who are helping to provide clean water to those in the world who need it most. 

Thanks so much for the support! — Anthony & Team AE


Video editing by James Holland

Artwork by Frank Zio

Photo credits: 
Vladimir Yaitskiy 
Ahmad S. Dalloul – [email protected] 
Erik Söderström –
Dennis G. Jarvis
Bill Tyne
Philip Larson
OiMax – Toshihiro Oimatsu

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Jean Michel
9 years ago

This guy has a lot of creativity , that’s the main point ! Where did we see that anywhere from any great swimmer on the planet ??? Thumbs up for his world cup races . I ordered a signed swimming cap . Happy

9 years ago

best thing ever…ANTHONY ERVIN WRITES YOU A SONG!!!! love this guy! such an inspiration!

9 years ago

I will give you money if you come do a clinic for my team 🙂

Reply to  completelyconquered
9 years ago

CC: For AE clinic inquires, please reach out to [email protected]. Thanks!

Reply to  Emily
9 years ago


9 years ago

This is what makes America great! Innovation! Allowing ordinary individuals (fans) to share in his experience by supporting him through his art, music, teaching… Very creative! Best of luck Anthony! Glad to be part of Team AE!

9 years ago

Please do not tell me an athlete such as Anthony Ervin doesn’t have a single sponsor, someone who can pay $10,000 and help him?! After all, I think FINA should grant all the Olympic Champions a “wild card”, something tennis tournaments do for their champions.

Reply to  Liliana
9 years ago

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