Alexei Sancov, Moldova Olympian, Breaks 2 DAL Records

2017 Diablo Athletic League Swimming Championships

  • May 6th, 2017
  • NCS section
  • SCY

With last year’s graduation of the great Maxime Rooney, along with a host of other veterans, it appeared that this would largely be be a rebuilding year for California’s North Coast Section (NCS) Swimming Championships next weekend.  That outlook changed in September when the family of Moldova Olympian, Alexei Sancov, moved into the area, where he joined the junior class at Northgate High School.

Last year at NCS, Rooney broke the national HS record in the 200 free, posting a 1:33.70 (which was then broken six hours later by Grant Shoults).  Rooney would finish his career with NCS records in the 500 Free (4:20.6), 100 Free (43.81), and 100 Fly (47.17).   Those records seemed beyond reach for years to come.

Now some of those Rooney records could be challenged as early as next week.  

At the end of April, Sancov became eligible to swim his first high school meet, and today he swam in the first Diablo Athletic League Swimming Championships (This year DFAL and DVAL merged to form the DAL, with records carried forward).

In his first individual event, Sancov pulled away from the field, finishing in a new meet record of 1:35.71, breaking the old record of 1:36.16 set in 2013 by Jackson Miller.

Ray Miller, Sancov’s club coach, says that short course has been an adjustment, and Sancov is still learning.  This was apparent in his alligator arms finish of the 100 fly.  Still, Sancov posted a 48.02, breaking the old record of 49.14 set by Stephen Stumph in 2013 – All while leaving an impression of more upside potential.

After the fly, Sancov graciously spoke with SwimSwam for a few minutes (he still had two relays to swim – He led of the 200 FR in 20.52, and led off the 400 FR in 44.51 – Both unofficial at the time of this writing).  He said he really liked living in the United States.  When asked about swimming next weekend, he said he was excited, and had some very nice words about what a great swimmer Maxime Rooney is.  One gets the sense that Sancov has set some goals for himself…

In the Rio Olympics last summer, Sancov finished 34th in the 200 Free (1:48.85).  At the 2016 Winter Juniors West in December, Sancov won the 200 Free in 1:34.06, placed second in the 100 free with a 43.46, and finished ninth in the 500 free with a 4:19.85.

One gets the sense that Sancov’s goals are well within reach…

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6 years ago

We watched Sancov’s crazy reaction when he missed breaking Maxime’s national record in the 200 free at NCS, which included refusing to take the rose that is given to winners. Sancov has a few things to learn about sportsmanship.

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