2023 Pan American Games: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


We’re at the halfway point of the 2023 Pan American Games already! Day 3 of the meet will be starting shortly, with this morning’s session featuring prelims of nine more events.


  • Women’s 100 free
  • Men’s 100 free
  • Women’s 200 breast
  • Men’s 200 breast
  • Women’s 100 back
  • Men’s 100 back
  • Women’s 800 free
  • Men’s 800 free
  • Mixed 4×100 medley relay

Kicking things off this morning will be Catie DeLoof in the women’s 100 free. DeLoof, an American, comes in as the top seed in the event, entering at 53.75. She’s seeded just ahead of Canadian sprint star Maggie MacNeil, who is the #2 seed at 53.77. A fun little note on this duo: they were teammates at the University in Michigan during the 2018-2019 season, when DeLoof was a senior and MacNeil a freshman.

In the men’s 100 free, Brazil’s Marcelo Chierighini and American Brooks Curry are the only two swimmers seeded under 48 seconds.

Jake Foster (USA) comes in as the top seed in the men’s 200 breast, leading Mexico’s Miguel De Lara.


  • World Record: 51.71 – Sarah Sjostrom, Sweden (2017)
  • Pan American Games Record: 53.83 – Chantal Van Landeghem, Canada (2015)


  1. Amy Fulmer (United States) – 54.78
  2. Ana Vieira (Brazil) – 54.89
  3. Stephanie Balduccini (Brazil) – 54.96
  4. Catie DeLoof (United States) – 55.52
  5. Anicka Delgado (Ecuador) – 55.73
  6. Maggie MacNeil (Canada) – 55.76
  7. Mary-Sophie Harvey (Canada) – 55.77
  8. Andrea Becali (Cuba) – 56.28

The women’s 100 free saw American Amy Fulmer lead the way this morning in 54.78. She swam a well-paced race, splitting 26.64 on the opening 50 then came home in 28.14.

The Brazilian duo of Ana Vieira and Stephanie Balduccini were the only other swimmers to go under 55 seconds this morning. Vieira was 2nd overall, clocking a 54.89, while Balduccini came in 3rd at 54.96. Vieira was out the fastest of anyone, splitting 26.50 on the first 50.

Meanwhile, the top seed coming into the event, American Catie DeLoof, took 4th this morning with a 55.52. She looked very relaxed on the first 50 of the race, where she split 27.33.

Canadian Maggie MacNeil looked similarly relaxed this morning, taking 6th with a 55.76. After breaking the Pan American Games Record in the 100 fly last night, we can expect MacNeil to be quite a bit faster tonight.


  • World Record: 46.86 – David Popovici, Romania (2022)
  • Pan American Games Record: 47.84 – Cesar Cielo, Brazil (2011)


  1. Jonny Kulow (United States) – 48.49
  2. Gui Caribe (Brazil) – 48.63
  3. Marcelo Chierighini (Brazil) – 48.64
  4. Brooks Curry (United States) – 48.65
  5. Andres Dupont (Mexico) – 48.86
  6. Breno Martins (Brazil) – 49.05
  7. Jorge Iga (Mexico) – 49.25
  8. Javier Acevedo (Canada) – 49.26

In a solid prelims of the men’s 100 free, American Jonny Kulow clocked a 48.49 to earn the top seed for tonight’s final. Kulow, who has had a terrific 2023, was just off his career best of 48.45, which he swam leading off the U.S. 4×100 free relay on Saturday evening.

Brazil’s Marcelo Chierighini, the top seed coming into the event, was leading Kulow at the 50m turn in the last heat this morning, where he split 23.27. Kulow then inched past him on the back half of the race and Chierighini ended up with the 3rd fastest time overall )(48.64).

Brazil’s Gui Caribe was 0.01 seconds ahead of Chierighini in the heat before him, swimming a 48.63 for the #2 time of the morning. Brazil managed to put a 3rd man into the final tonight, as Breno Martins clocked a 49.05 for 7th as well.

Andres Dupont posted a new career best of 48.86 to finish 5th this morning. With that swim, Dupont broke the Mexican Record in the event.


  • World Record: 2:17.55 – Evgeniia Chikunova, Russia (2023)
  • Pan American Games Record: 2:21.40 – Annie Lazor, United States (2019)


  1. Kelsey Wog (Canada) – 2:25.96
  2. Gabrielle Da Silva (Brazil) – 2:26.00
  3. Sydney Pickrem (Canada) – 2:28.35
  4. Macarena Ceballos (Argentina) – 2:29.19
  5. Anna Keating (United States) – 2:30.66
  6. Melissa Rodriguez (Mexico) – 2:31.65
  7. Emma Weber (United States) – 2:31.79
  8. Fernanda Jimenez (Mexico) – 2:32.82

Canadian Kelsey Wog clocked the top time of the morning in the women’s 200 breast, swimming a 2:25.96. Wog led the race from start to finish, getting out to a 1:10.94 on the opening 100m, then coming home in 1:15.02 on the back half.

Brazilian Gabrielle Da Silva was just a tick slower than Wog this morning, finishing 2nd overall with a 2:26.00. They were swimming in the same heat and Wog got out about half a second ahead of Da Silva on the first 100m, then began closing the gap on the 2nd 100.

Canadian Sydney Pickrem, racing in her first individual event of the meet, clocked a 2:28.35 for 3rd this morning. Pickrem is a likely medal contender in the final tonight and has put herself in a middle lane.

The Americans were down further in the results this morning, with Anna Keating taking 5th with a 2:30.66 and Emma Weber coming in 7th in 2:31.79.


  • World Record: 2:05.48 – Qin Haiyang, China (2023)
  • Pan American Games Record: 2:07.62 – Will Licon, United States (2019)


  1. Jake Foster (United States) – 2:13.25
  2. Brayden Taivassalo (Canada) – 2:13.40
  3. Roberto Bonilla (Independant) – 2:14.83
  4. Andres Puente (Mexico) – 2:14.83
  5. Xavier Ruiz (Puerto Rico) – 2:15.06
  6. Noah Nichols (United States) – 2:16.05
  7. Raphael Windmuller (Brazil) – 2:16.13
  8. James Dergousoff (Canada) – 2:16.14

American Jake Foster was the top seed coming into the men’s 200 breast this morning and he clocked the top time of the morning, finishing in 2:13.25. Though that time is five seconds off his best, Foster did what he needed to, securing lane 4 for the final tonight.

Canadian Brayden Taivassalo posted a 2:13.40 this morning, finishing just 0.15 seconds off Foster’s time. There was a bit of a gap between Foster, Taivassalo and the field this morning, though we can expect many of these guys to go quite a bit faster in finals tonight.

Mexico continues to swim very well today, seeing Andres Puente take 4th this morning in 2:14.96.


  • World Record: 57.33 – Kaylee McKeown, Australia (2023)
  • Pan American Games Record: 59.05 – Natalie Coughlin, United States (2015)


  1. Josephine Fuller (United States) – 1:00.17
  2. Kennedy Noble (United States) – 1:00.29
  3. Madelyn Gatrall (Canada) – 1:01.79
  4. Miranda Grana (Mexico) – 1:01.97
  5. Carla Gonzalez (Venezuela) – 1:02.09
  6. Danielle Hanus (Canada) – 1:02.14
  7. Isabella Arcila (Colombia) – 1:02.20
  8. Emma Harvey (Bermuda) – 1:02.42

The American duo of Josephine Fuller and Kennedy Noble posted the top two times of the morning in the women’s 100 back by a comfortable margin. Coming into the event as the only swimmers seeded under 1:00, Fuller and Noble were the only swimmers to go under 1:01 this morning. Fuller led the way in 1:00.17, just ahead of Noble’s 1:00.29.

Noble broke the Pan American Games Record in the women’s 200 back last night, winning the race in 2:08.03. She won that race by nearly five seconds, which makes it feel like she and Fuller will probably be out ahead of the rest of the field once again tonight.

Canadian Madelyn Gatrall and Mexico’s Miranda Grana were the only other swimmers to go under 1:02. this morning.

Bermuda earned an ‘A’ finalist in this event, seeing Emma Harvey take 8th this morning in 1:02.42.


  • World Record: 51.60, Thomas Ceccon, Italy (2022
  • Pan American Games Record: 53.12 – Guilherme Guido, Brazil (2015)


  1. Blake Tierney (Canada) – 54.68
  2. Adam Chaney (United States) – 54.71
  3. Guilherme Basseto (Brazil) – 54.75
  4. Chris O’Connor (United States) – 54.96
  5. Ulises Saravia (Argentina) – 55.07
  6. Gabriel Fantoni (Brazil) – 55.21
  7. Omar Pinzon (Colombia) – 55.29
  8. Yeziel Morales (Puerto Rico) – 55.90

The men’s 100 back prelims were pretty tight this morning, seeing 1st and 7th separated by just 0.61 seconds. Canadian Blake Tierney posted the top time of the morning, stopping the clock in 54.68. He was just 0.03 seconds faster than American Adam Chaney and only 0.07 seconds faster than Brazil’s Guilherme Basseto.

Basseto was out the fastest this morning, splitting a speedy 25.73 on the opening 50m. He faded quite a bit on the 2nd 50, however, coming home in 29.02.

Chaney swam almost the opposite of Basseto’s race, getting out to a relaxed 27.13 on the first 50m, then coming home in 27.58 on the back half.


  • World Record: 8:04.79 – Katie Ledecky, United States (2016)
  • Pan American Games Record: 8:27.54 – Sierra Schmidt, United States (2015)


The early heats of the women’s 800 free relay, which is a timed final event, saw Venezuela’s Maria Yegres clock the top time with a 9:01.12. As a timed final event, swimmers this morning will have the ability to move up into the top 8 after tonight’s final heat swims, however, Yegres’ time doesn’t look likely to crack into that top 8.


  • World Record: 7:32.12 – Zhang Lin, China (2009)
  • Pan American Games Record: 7:54.70 – Andrew Abruzzo, United States (2019)


Dylan Porges posted the top time of the morning in the men’s 800 free, swimming an 8:09.87. It was a little over a second off his seed time, though he may still be able to move up into the top 8 after the final heat swims tonight.


  • World Record: 3:37.58 – Great Britain (2021)
  • Pan American Games Record: 3:48.27 – United States (2019)


  1. United States – 3:51.75
  2. Canada – 3:53.39
  3. Brazil – 3:55.72
  4. Colombia – 3:58.46
  5. Mexico – 4:01.12
  6. Argentina – 4:02.60
  7. Panama – 4:04.07
  8. Venezuela – 4:04.56

The United States led prelims of the mixed 4×100 medley relay comfortably this morning. Jack Aikins led the team off in 54.09, which is notable because he didn’t swim the 100 back individually earlier in the session, and it took a 54.68 to earn the top seed for tonight’s final in the 100 back. Arsenio Bustos then clocked a 1:02.69 on the breast leg, followed by Olivia Bray with a 59.48 on fly, then Kayla Wilson with a 55.49 on the anchor. The Americans stopped the clock in 3:51.75.

Canada was 2nd this morning in 3:53.39. Blake Tierney (55.92), James Dergousoff (1:01.87), Katerine Savard (59.95), and Brooklyn Douthwright (55.65) teamed up to make it happen for Canada.

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6 months ago

I noticed the men’s 100fr final includes 3 from Brazil. So I guess this competition is not limited to 2 per country into the final?

6 months ago

Once again, it’s super just seeing some names that normally don’t get attention at the international level, esp. for swimmers from Central and South America. TEAM USA ought to do well again in the finals, and hopefully win that relay – who knows? And, lastly, I’m SO glad the full screen seems to be working on the Panam streaming service; it was not doing so yesterday, and that was annoying.

6 months ago

Surprised Javi didn’t swim the 100 back. I know he was excited to be in Chile as it is his family country of heritage.

Maybe wanting to put together a really strong MMR tonight.
You gotta think the CAN women are going to do the BR and FL tonight since they won both of those individual events, so Javi will probably do BK or FR?

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
6 months ago

Most mixed teams have a man do breast…maybe you’re right…we,ll see.

6 months ago

I think Kulow’s best is 48.45 leading off a 4×100 at this meet.

James Beam
6 months ago

HERE’S JONNY!!! (most people won’t get this reference…)

Reply to  James Beam
6 months ago