2023 Ivy League Men’s Championships: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

2023 Men’s Ivy League Swimming & Diving Championships


Harvard and Princeton head into Day 2 tied with 120 points each. Yale is in third place with 106, while Brown and Cornell are tied for fourth with 100. Thursday morning will feature heats of the 500 free, 200 IM, and 50 free.

Yale’s Noah Millard tops the qualifiers in the 500 free by 4 seconds, but 7 of the 8 championship finalists from 2022 are also entered in this event. Ivy League record-holder Raunak Khosla of Princeton is the number one seed in the 200 IM. Harvard’s Umit Gures and Yale’s Joe Page are the fastest entrants in the 50 free; five more swimmers come in with sub-20s.

Men’s 500 Freestyle – Prelims

  • Ivy League Record: 4:13.34 – Brennan Novak, Harvard (2018)
  • Pool Record: 4:13.34 – Brennan Novak, Harvard (2018)
  • NCAA A Standard: 4:11.40
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time: 4:14.96

Top 8:

  1. Noah Millard, Yale – 4:16.34
  2. Yu Tong Wu, Columbia – 4:16.94
  3. John Ehling, Princeton – 4:18.24
  4. Mitchell Schott, Princeton – 4:18.41
  5. Cole Kuster, Harvard – 4:18.57
  6. Ben Littlejohn Harvard – 4:19.40
  7. Nicholas Lim, Princeton – 4:20.18
  8. Dylan Porges, Princeton – 4:20.51

Penn’s Matt Fallon won heat 1 with 4:22.10, an 11-second improvement from his entry time. Fallon was entered in both the 500 free and 200 IM on Day 1, but was need more in the 500, where Penn’s highest-ranked entrant was 24th. While he gave up his #2 seed spot in the 200 IM, Penn has more depth in that event, with seeds #10, #11, #12, and #17. Brown’s Andrew Berzolla was second in the heat (4:23.94), followed by Fallon’s teammate Truman Armstrong (4:27.48). Note of interest: Fallon’s older brother, Billy Fallon, was a distance swimmer for Penn.

Columbia’s Yu Tong Wu won heat 2 in 4:16.84, holding off Harvard’s Cole Kuster (4:18.57) and Ben Littlejohn (4:19.40).

Princeton went 1-2 in the penultimate heat, with John Ehling taking the win in 4:18.24. Dylan Porges (4:20.51) was followed by Brown’s Aidan Wilson (4:22.28).

The final heat featured a good race between top-seeded Noah Millard of Yale and Princeton’s Mitchell Schott over the first half before Millard pulled away. Millard won the heat in 4:16.34. Schott went 4:18.41 for second, while his teammate Nicholas Lim held off the rest of the field for third (4:20.18). Lukas Scheidl came back from 1 second behind Harvard’s Simon Lamar in the battle for 4th/5th to get the touch at the end in 4:23.50.

Men’s 200 Individual Medley – Prelims

  • Ivy League Record: 1:41.88 – Raunak Khosla, Princeton (2022)
  • Pool Record: 1:42.80 – Raunak Khosla, Princeton (2019)
  • NCAA A Standard: 1:41.22
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time: 1:43.36

Top 8:

  1. Raunak Khosla, Princeton – 1:43.34
  2. Gunner Grant, Harvard – 1:44.39
  3. Jared Simpson, Harvard – 1:44.97
  4. Jack Kelly, Brown – 1:45.24
  5. Max Kreidl, Princeton – 1:45.40
  6. Alexander Hazlet, Yale – 1:45.60
  7. Sebastian Wolff, Cornell – 1:45.65
  8. Tyler Hong, Princeton – 1:45.91

Alan Cherches of Penn, entered with no time, won heat 1 in 1:48.88. Dartmouth’s Alexander Ye dropped nearly 4 seconds to come from behind to touch out Columbia’s Andrew Fouty, 1:48.82 to 1:49.10.

Dartmouth’s Joe Moll had the lead through the first half of heat 3, but Columbia’s Michael Chang and Jacob Bass of Cornell took over the lead on the breaststroke and looked to have wrapped up the heat. But Moll wasn’t done, and he came charging back on the breaststroke to win the heat with 1:47.60. Bass (1:47.85) and Chang (1:48.10) were second and third.

Harvard’s Gunner Grant claimed the first circle-seeded heat with 1:44.39. Princeton’s Max Kreidl and Yale’s Alexander Hazlett battled for second place, with Kreidl getting his hand to the wall .20 ahead of Hazlett, 1:45.40 to 1:45.60. Princeton’s Lukas Strobek overtook several swimmers to touch fourth in 1:46.67.

Harvard’s Jared Simpson prevailed in heat 5, going 1:44.97. Brown’s Jack Kelly (1:45.24) touched out Cornell’s Sebastian Wolff (1:45.65) for second.

Ivy League record-holder and defending champion Raunak Khosla of Princeton cruised to an easy win in the final heat, registering a field-leading 1:43.44. Next to him, teammate Tyler Hong came to the wall in 1:45.91 for second, while Cornell’s Paige Dacosta placed third with 1:46.08.

Men’s 50 Freestyle – Prelims

  • Ivy League Record: 18.90 – Alex Righi, Yale (2009)
  • Pool Record: 19.37 – En-Wei Hu-Van Wright, Princeton (2016)
  • NCAA A Standard: 18.88
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time: 19.28

Top 8:

  1. Marcus Holmquist, Harvard – 19.52
  2. Umit Gures, Harvard – 19.56
  3. Joe Page, Yale – 19.59
  4. TIE Ryan Linnihan, Harvard / Zion James, Columbia – 19.67
  5. Max Walther, Princeton – 19.76
  6. Brett Feyerick, Princeton – 19.77
  7. Marcus Hodgson, Yale – 19.91

Dartmouth’s Colton Rasmussen started off heats of the 50 free with a win in 21.27. Princeton’s Conor McKenna dropped a full second en route to victory in heat 2 with 20.12, ahead of Columbia’s Brian Lee (20.35) and Brown’s Nathan Depiero (20.42).

Yale’s Connor Lee took seven-tenths off his entry time to win heat 3 in 20.02. He was followed by Dartmouth’s Tim Cushman (20.38) and Penn’s Mark McCrary (20.48).

Harvard’s Ryan Linnihan (19.67) edged Yale’s Marcus Hodgson (19.91) and Penn’s Benjamin Feldman (20.03) to win heat 4. Joe Page of Yale emerged victorious in heat 5 ahead of Princeton’s Brett Feyerick (19.77) and Lucas Tudoras (19.94), stopping the clock at 19.59.

Harvard went 1-2 in the final heat with Marcus Holmquist (19.52) touching out Umit Gures (19.56). Columbia’s Zion James (19.67) got to the wall just ahead of Princeton’s Max Walther (19.76).

Men’s 1-Meter Diving – Prelims

  • Ivy League Record: 398.25 – Jonathan Suckow, Columbia (2022)
  • Pool Record:
  • NCAA A Standard:

Top 8:




Team Scores After Day 1

  1. Harvard / Princeton – 120
  2. Yale – 106
  3. Brown / Cornell – 100
  4. Columbia – 54
  5. Dartmouth – 46
  6. Penn – 0


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Helber Watch
1 year ago

FYI – ALL DQs from yesterday were reversed. Wild to do that 24 hours after the event. Updated on MM

1 year ago

Insane reaction times –sub 0.5 are common, even a 0.22!!! Or perhaps a problem with the timing system. Anything to do with the relay DQs last night?

Last edited 1 year ago by swim4fun
Cornell Big Magenta
1 year ago

Sebastian Wolff, not only my favorite swimmer but the best vlogger!

Reply to  Cornell Big Magenta
1 year ago


1 year ago

It is insane how much faster men’s ivies is than women’s, why is that? A futures cut will get into finals in most events at women’s and that doesn’t even come close to break the top 30 in men’s. Almost as fast as Big 10 now, unreal.

Reply to  Sharkfish
1 year ago

Most D1 men’s swimming not in the power 5 conferences are much faster than women’s given that women have more scholarship opportunities for swimming

Konner Scott
1 year ago

Wow, this meet is getting fast. A final times only slightly slower than Big 10.

1 year ago

Fallon swimming 500 not 2IM. First heat so he has no real time.

Reply to  Nick
1 year ago

This is a stupid move IMO

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