2022 NAIA National Championships: Day 4 Prelims Recap

2022 NAIA National Swimming and Diving Championships

On the final morning of the meet, we’ll see the 200s of back, breast, and fly as well as the 100 and the 1650 freestyle. It’s time to see whether the excitement of the last day will be enough to help our competitors overcome the exhaustion of a long week of swimming.


  • NAIA Record: 1:56.87 – Amanda Moran, Olivet Nazarene (2017)
  • 2020 Champion: 2:03.25 – Allie Rassenfoss, SCAD

Top 8:

  1. Maaike Broersma (Lindsey Wilson) – 2:00.34
  2. Marine Lecomte (Keiser) – 2:01.34
  3. Maria Basto (Cumberlands) – 2:02.93
  4. Tyler Cates (Milligan) – 2:05.50
  5. Bonnie Dixon (Keiser) – 2:05.76
  6. Olivia Cummins (Indiana Wesleyan) – 2:07.02
  7. Dora Reizinger (Life) – 2:07.36
  8. Haley Vanbuskirk (SCAD) – 2:07.39

Annissa Koekemoer and Sydney Jones went toe to toe in the opening heat as Kowkemoer shaved two seconds from her seed time to win the heat. Her time of 2:13. 21 probably won’t get her back to finals, but it was a good race. The middle lane of heat two went to Marine Lecomte, whose backstroke prowess was on full display last night in the 400 IM. To her left was defending champion, Allie Rassenfoss, but it was Lecomte who dominated the race, touching in a time of 2:01.34. Rassenfoss finished third in the heat as Bonnie Dixon also outpaced her with a 2:05.76 for second.

Maria Basto dominated the third heat with a 2:02.93, good enough for second overall behind Lecomte. Haley Vanbuskirk and Paige Howell both swam 2:07s to claim second and third place in the heat. Top seed and 100 back champion Maaike Broersma headlined the final heat and staked her claim to the top time for the day, putting down a 2:00.34. Milligan’s Tyler Cates hung in on Broersma’s heels through most of the race and posted a 2:05.05, which will be good enough for fourth seed tonight. Olivia Cummins and Dora Reizinger rounded out the top eight, relegating Rassenfoss and Howell to the B final.


  • NAIA Record: 1:45.61 – Ryan Searles, SCAD (2012)
  • 2020 Champion: 1:46.17 – Jan Suchan, Keiser

Top 8:

  1. Marti Ranea Vila (Keiser) – 1:47.46
  2. Nicholas Klenner (Olivet Nazarene) – 1:49.99
  3. Alex Kusik (Keiser) – 1:50.36
  4. Fynn Kunze (Keiser) – 1:50.63
  5. William Thilwind (Lindsey Wilson) – 1:50.81
  6. Stephen Gilbert (Milligan) – 1:51.02
  7. Alex Marrero (St. Thomas) – 1:52.30
  8. Oier Fernandez (St. Thomas) – 1:53.01

There were only twenty-one swimmers contesting the men’s backstroke this morning, so lane eight was vacated to create three heats of seven and in the first heat Alex Kusik and William Thilwind both logged 1:50s to take first and second, followed by Ryan Joehl’s 1:53.41.

Fynn Kunze landed in between Kusik and Thilwind, posting a 1:50.63 to win the heat and advance to the top eight for tonight. Alex Marrero took second place with a 1:52.30 and Oier Fernandez touched the wall in third.

Top seed in the event Stephen Gilbert found himself flanked by Nicholas Klenner and Marti Ranea Vila, who both broke 1:50 to take the top two times for the morning. Gilbert’s 1:51.02 was good enough for sixth overall and they’ll have another go at it tonight.


  • NAIA Record: 49.24 – Julie Woody, SCAD (2017)
  • 2020 Champion: 50.45 – Mendy De Rooi, Cumberlands

Top 8:

  1. Sloan Sizemore (SCAD) – 50.93
  2. Spencer Sheridan (SCAD) – 51.93
  3. Camryn Hudson (Keiser) – 52.00
  4. Timea Aspegren (Keiser) – 52.04
  5. (tie) Hanne te Velthuis (Cumberlands) / Emma Sofie Augustsson (Keiser) – 52.29
  6. Danai Sofoulis (Keiser) – 52.55
  7. Anastasiia Shatalova (Cumberlands) – 52.78

The top two times in heat one of the women’s hundred free came from the outside lanes as Amani Gable and Ulrike Tovilla posted a 54.71 and 54.94, respectively. Heat two’s highlight was Sydney Schmidt’s 52.85, which won the heat handily and could potentially crack the top eight. Cloe Barthelemy took first in the third heat with a 54.22, ahead of Riley Cerquiera’s 54.64.

The women in the circle-seeded heats found another gear as Spencer Sheridan led the way with a 51.93 to take the top time, followed by a duo from Cumberlands: Hanne te Velthuis (52.29) and Anastaslia Shatalova (52.78). Keiser teammates Camryn Hudson and Timea Aspegren dueled to a photo finish with Hudson taking the heat five win. Eight tenths of a second later, Karina Braathen and Bayley Blackmon provided a second dramatic finish to the heat, with Braathon earning third place by 0.01 seconds.

And the top seed for tonight came from the final heat as Sloan Sizemore blasted a 50.93 to be the only swimmer under 51 seconds. Keiser added two more swimmers to the top eight as Emma Sofie Augustsson and Danai Sofoulis swam 52s to claim their spot.


  • NAIA Record: 42.53 – Daniel Ramierz, Oklahoma Baptist (2014)
  • 2020 Champion: 48.56 – Gio Zachar, SCAD

Top 8:

  • Scott Cain (Midland) – 44.75
  • Alberto Garcia (Keiser) – 44.90
  • Miles Kredich (SCAD) – 45.75
  • Samuel Page (SCAD) – 45.85
  • Ruben Gonzalez De Oliveira (Cumberlands) – 45.89
  • Donat Fabian (WV-Tech) – 45.92
  • William Birkett (St. Thomas) – 45.98
  • Chadd Maurer (Simpson) – 46.03

AJ Stewart won the opening heat of seven with a 47.63. Ignacio Vinagre took the challenge and went 47.17 to win the second heat. Heat three went to Ryan Warrick in a time of 46.80, while heat four produced three more 46s from Ian Lopez (46.62), Victor Del Rio Foces (46.90), and Zac Robinson (46.98).

Donat Fabian led the way in heat five with a 45.92 as William Birkett followed closely behind with a 45.98. James de Goede took third in the heat with a 46.16.

The next heat saw Scott Cain dip below 45, posting a 44.75 to outpace Samuel Page and Ruben Gonzalez De Oliveira who crashed the wall at 45.85 and 45.89. Chadd Maurer also landed a top eight time with a 46.03.

Alberto Garcia broke 45 to close out the event, but his 44.90 wasn’t enough to dislodge Cain from the top of the results. They will go head-to-head tonight along with Miles Kredich, whose 45.75 was good enough to land the third seed.


  • NAIA Record: 2:14.90 – Lourette Hakansson, Drury (1993)
  • 2020 Champion: 2:19.71 – Isabella Song, SCAD

Top 8:

  1. Nikoline Biltoft-Jensen (Keiser) – 2:19.45
  2. Lily Robinson (Keiser) – 2:20.15
  3. Alexandra Giourtzidou (Keiser) – 2:20.65
  4. Julie Vega (Olivet Nazarene) – 2:22.76
  5. Payton DeZur (Olivet Nazarene) – 2:23.84
  6. Mikayla DePover (St. Thomas) – 2:24.24
  7. Vivienne Kunkler (Bethel) – 2:24.70
  8. Ella Chaisson (Westmont) – 2:25.17

A 2:33.67 from Julia Secanell Tico set the pace for the women’s 200 breaststroke as she claimed the win in heat one. Lily Robinson lowered that time to beat quite a bit in the following heat, with a 2:20.15, followed by Vivienne Kunkler (2:24.70) and Kenzie Pennington, who posted a 2:27.79.

Heat three featured a relatively close race for first place as Nikoline Biltoft-Jensen out-dueled teammate Alexandra Giourtzidou to go 1-2 in the heat. Mikayla DePover finished third with a 2:24.24. Julie Vega took the final heat with a 2:22.76, followed by teammate Payton DeZure (2:23.84) and Ella Chaisson (2:25.17).


  • NAIA Record: 1:56.96 – Fernando Morillas, Oklahoma Baptist (2015)
  • 2020 Champion: 1:59.10 – Tyler Penney, Midland

Top 8:

  1. Emerson Zaplatar (Keiser) – 1:58.83
  2. Theodor Myklebusthaug (Keiser) – 2:01.15
  3. Inigo Marina (St. Thomas) – 2:01.76
  4. Caleb Berrong (Bethel) – 2:02.05
  5. Zander Livingston (Midland) – 2:02.42
  6. Daniel Chevere (SCAD) – 2:03.55
  7. Mikolaj Kala (Cumberlands) – 2:03.64
  8. Simon Ulich (WV-Tech) – 2:04.14

With only three heats for the men’s side, we jump right into the circle seeding. Theodor Myklebusthaug posted the top time in heat one with a 2:01.15. Caleb Berrong and Eduardo Ojeda came in second and third with times of 2:02.05 and 2:04.36, respectively.

Heat two saw Inigo Marina add another 2:01 to the fray, followed by Mikolaj Kala (2:03.64) and Simon Ulich (2:04.14). Emerson Zaplatar created a class of his own, posting a 1:58.83 in the final heat, six and a half seconds ahead of Zander Livingston’s 2:02.42. Daniel Chevere took third in the heat, sixth overall.


  • NAIA Record: 2:00.89 – Christine Tixier, Biola (2015)
  • 2020 Champion: 2:03.25 – Allie Rassenfoss, SCAD

Top 8:

  1. Camryn Hudson (Keiser) – 2:05.34
  2. Ashley Parry (Olivet Nazarene) – 2:06.99
  3. Allie Rutherford (Lindsey Wilson) – 2:07.15
  4. Gabby McPherson (Milligan) – 2:07.75
  5. Noelia Garzon (Keiser) – 2:08.54
  6. Karlie Rimat (Keiser) – 2:08.78
  7. (tie) Anna Herbst (Keiser) / Mia Thatcher (SCAD) – 2:09.87

Milligan’s Gabby McPherson dominated the opening heat of the 200 butterfly with her time of 2:07.75. Jenna Copes scored a second place finish in 2:10.12.

The second heat went to Ashley Parry and her 2:06.99 took the top time honors. Noelia Garzona and Karli Rimat both posted 2:08s to finish second and third.

Camryn Hudson retained her top seed with a 2:05.34 to win the final heat. Allie Rutherford (2:07.15) took second, while Anna Herbst and Mia Thatcher swam to a tie for third, seventh overall. They will meet again in the A final tonight.

Hudson will have a tough double tonight with the 100 free and 200 fly finals.


  • NAIA Record: 1:45.27 – Iran Cacalcante-Almeida, Olivet Nazarene (2018)
  • 2020 Champion: 1:49.29 – Miles Kredich, SCAD

Top 8:

  1. Kacper Sobieszuk (Cumberlands) 1:50.22
  2. Miles Kredich (SCAD) – 1:50.88
  3. Andre Bazanna (Milligan) – 1:51.59
  4. Gergo Zachar (Keiser) – 1:51.64
  5. Brandon Vives (SCAD) – 1:52.29
  6. Gaetano Zapata (Keiser) – 1:52.66
  7. Niklas Nyblom (Keiser) – 1:53.11
  8. Juan Gomez (St. Ambrose) – 1:53.34

Trent Dungey won the opening heat of the men’s butterfly with a 1:55.31, a three-second drop from his seed time. SCAD’s Brandon Vives stole the show in heat two, with a top time of 1:52.29, followed closely by Gaetano Zapata’s 1:52.66. Third place went to Ethan Kilgore with a 1:54.56.

Heat three was led by Miles Kredich, who swam to a 1:50.88 while keeping Andre Bazanna (1:51.59) at bay. Siaka Weidenbaum took third in the heat. Kredich will swim in both the 100 free and 200 fly finals tonight.

Top seed Kacper Sobieszuk retained his position by dropping a 1:50.22 to close out the event for the morning. Gergo Zachar landed second with a 1:51.64, followed by Niklas Nyblom and Juan Gomez to round out the top eight.


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