2022 ACC Champs Day 4 Scratches: No Individual Swims for Alex Walsh or Douglass

by Robert Gibbs 16

February 18th, 2022 ACC, College, News, Previews & Recaps


Heat sheets are out for this morning’s prelims sessions, and while there doesn’t appear to be anything too surprising, they did confirm that we don’t see two of the biggest stars of this meet — UVA’s Kate Douglass and Alex Walsh — this morning, at least not individual competition.

Walsh, who has won the 200 IM and 200 free so far, was actually entered in all three events today. She was seeded #1 in the 200 fly, #8 in the 100 back, and #4 in the 100 breast. Instead, she’ll take advantage of the expanded schedule to use today as a rest day. She’s entered in both the 200 breast and the 100 free tomorrow, but she indicated in a tv interview yesterday after winning the 200 free that she’s planning on swimming the 200 breast tomorrow.

Douglass is also 2-2 this meet, winning both the 50 free and the 100 fly. Like Walsh, she’s incredibly versatile and was initially entered in a bunch of events. She held the #4 seed in the 100 back and the #5 seed in the 100 breast today, but won’t race individually today. Like Walsh, she’s entered in the 200 breast and the 100 free tomorrow, and she’s the top seed in each event, although she’ll have to pick one of the two to race.

Douglass and Walsh could each still make an appearance today in the 400 medley relay. As our editor Braden Keith pointed out, the Cavaliers have such incredible depth that they could actually make a run at the NCAA record in that event without using either swimmer, although chances are we’ll see at least one, if not both, of them tonight.

There don’t appear to be too many other big-impact scratches today.

Louisville’s Gabi Albiero is opting out of the 200 fly, where she holds the #6 seed. She will presumably swim the 100 free, where she’s the #4 seed, tomorrow. She’s finished 6th in the 50 free and 3rd in the 100 fly so far this week,

Sarah Foley of Duke has scratched the 100 breast today, where she was seeded 8th. The Blue Devil has taken 2nd to Walsh in the 200 IM and the 200 free the last two days, and she will likely get another chance to race the Cavalier in the 200 breast tomorrow, where she’s the #4 seed.

On the men’s side, the biggest scratch comes from Louisville’s Nick Albiero, who’s out of the 100 back in one of the complications due to the new scheduled. Albiero has raced the 100 fly and 100 back on day four each of the last four years, but with the 100 back now occurring after the 200 fly today, Albiero will forgo that to focus on the 200 fly, where he’s the four-time defending champion. Albiero is entered in both the 200 back and the 100 free tomorrow,

NC State’s Zach Brown held the #7 seed in the 200 fly, but he hasn’t competed yet this week, and doesn’t appear on today’s heat sheet. Brown’s teammate Aiden Hayes is out of the 100 back, where he held the #10 seed. Instead, he’ll race the 200 fly, where he’s seeded 4th.

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1 year ago

Lot of powerful sister duos in swimming at the moment, and pretty cool for A. and G. Walsh to share an American record. Are there any other siblings that share a national record? The Campbells and Hanssons come to mind. I can’t think of any brothers.

1 year ago

Kate Douglass does the 1650 and goes 15:34… Alex Walsh decides to swim an EXH 100 IM and goes a 49.9. Gretchen Walsh decides to swim the 25 backstroke in 7 seconds. Just some hot takes for tomorrow

1 year ago

I hope to see Alex Walsh on the breaststroke leg. She was 58.1 back in 2017

1 year ago

Really excited for this session.

Look, UVA girls are going to win this meet – kudos to Todd, a world class coach…. The NCSU girls are performing at an elite level as well. The ACC on the women’s side is becoming a rival of the PAC12- there use to be a HUGE gap, but since the arrivals of Holloway, DeSorbo, Albeiro – the conference has just about caught PAC12.

On the men’s side – we are watching the NCSU Wolfpack continue to dominate. I am nearly certain that the NCSU Men’s swim team have the most team conference titles in ACC history (any sport, men or women). Pretty neat.

Not-so-Silent Observer
Reply to  I_can_dunk
1 year ago

I believe Texas, with its non-conference, conference championship meet that they treat like a duel meet… Has more overall title wins than NC State. I believe there was even an article on it earlier this week.

Learn to read
Reply to  Not-so-Silent Observer
1 year ago

It said *ACC history* …….not NCAA history. Last I checked, Texas isn’t in the ACC.

Just trying to help out
Reply to  Learn to read
1 year ago

Per wikipedia, yes, NCSate mens swimming have won 30 conference titles which is the most by school/sport. Maryland would have given them a run for their money with 4 sports above 24 conference championships when they left 8 years ago in 2014

Not-so-Silent Observer
Reply to  Learn to read
1 year ago

My bad. I concede that I missed the “in ACC history”

Then yeah, go wolfpack!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Not-so-Silent Observer
1 year ago

Douglass has only swam the 2 medley and 2 free relay – why wouldn’t she swim the remaining two relays?

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
1 year ago

Douglass has only been on 2 relays so far, she didn’t swim the 800 free relay.

Wave 1.5 Qualifier
1 year ago

I hope this means we’re in for a 200 BR Douglass / A.Walsh showdown on the final day.

Look then at these Seliskar-style event line-ups:
KD: 50 FR – 100 FL – 200 BR
AW: 200 IM – 200 FR – 200 BR


Reply to  Wave 1.5 Qualifier
1 year ago

200 BR Douglass / A.Walsh showdown 😂😂😂😂

tea rex
Reply to  Breezeway
1 year ago

Douglass / Walsh / Nelson / Hansson. It takes a lot to make me care about the 200 breast, but that lineup actually tickles my fancy.

Reply to  tea rex
1 year ago

How can people not like the 2 breast 😩

Reply to  Virtus
1 year ago

No one dislikes the 2Breast but to pretend its a 2 person race is laughable

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