2021 Pro Swim Series Indy – Day 2 Prelims Live Recap


The second day of the final Pro Swim Series Meet for 2021 is set to kick-off in Indy.

Women’s 100 Free

Out of heat 5, Linnea Mack posted a time of 53.78, the fastest time of the morning. With her performance, she dropped exactly a second off of her seed time. Kate Douglass finished second in the heat, after taking out the race with the fastest 50 split of the morning. She posted a time of 54.30, knocking almost a second off of her seed time as well. 

In the final heat, veteran Allison Schmitt finished in a time of 54.84 to take the 4th qualifying spot for finals, followed by Erika Brown (54.87). Notably, Beata Nelson, who entered the meet seeded 16th dropped 10 spots to qualify 6th for finals, touching in 55.04. 

Mallory Comerford, the top seed entering the meet, squeaked into the A-final, qualifying 8th with a time of 55.47, adding 2.5 seconds on to her best time. 

Top 8: 

  1. Linnea Mack 53.78
  2. Kate Douglass 54.30
  3. Catie Deloof 54.32
  4. Allison Schmitt 54.84
  5. Erika Brown 54.87
  6. Beata Nelson 55.04
  7. Chole Stepanek 55.13
  8. Mallory Comerford 55.47

Men’s 100 Free

In heat 6, Blake Peroni touched first in a time of 48.78, which stood as the best time of the morning through the remaining heats. Peroni now ranks 27th in the world for the season, wedging himself between Nathan Adrian and Caeleb Dressel for second in the American rankings.

Top seed Ryan Held finished first in the final heat with a time of 49.03 to take the second seed for finals, followed by Michael Chadwick (49.29) and Alberto Mestre (49.31). 

Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian came in 5th for the morning, swimming a time of 49.35. Adrian holds the fastest time in the country with his time of 48.74 from the PSS Mission Viejo. 

Jorge Iga dropped a half second off of his seed time to take the 6th seed, finishing in 49.36, with Zach Apple (49.57) and Bowe Becker (49.67) rounding out the A-final. 

Top 8: 

  1. Blake Peroni 48.78
  2. Ryan Held 49.03
  3. Michael Chadwick 49.29
  4. Alberto Mestre 49.31
  5. Nathan Adrian 49.35
  6. Jorge Iga 49.36
  7. Zach Apple 49.57
  8. Bowe Becker 49.67

Women’s 100 Breast

World Record holder Lilly King cruised to the top spot with a time of 1:07.59. King holds the top time in the world this season with her 1:05.32 that she swam at the Central Zone Sectional meet back in March. 

Miranda Tucker qualified second with a time of 1:08.13, coming in just ahead of Emily Escobedo’s time of 1:08.35. 

Jinq En Phee finished 2nd in heat 5 behind King, qualifying 4th for finals with a time of 1:09.26. Bethany Galat was just off of her season best time to qualify 5th in 1:09.52. 

Ella Nelson cut a second off of her seed time, dipping under 1:10 to qualify 6th in 1:09.75. Hannah Bach (1:10.03) and Lindsey Kozelsky (1:10.12) qualified 7th and 8th, respectively. 

Notably, NCAA Champion Alex Walsh dropped almost 3 seconds off of her seed time to qualify for the B-final in 12th, swimming a time of 1:10.26.

King’s teammate Annie Lazor was a no-show this morning.

Top 8 

  1. Lilly King 1:07.59
  2. Miranda Tucker 1:08.13
  3. Emily Escobedo 1:08.35
  4. Jinq En Phee  1:09.26
  5. Bethany Galat 1:09.52
  6. Ella Nelson 1:09.75
  7. Hannah Bach 1:10.03
  8. Lindsey Kozelsky 1:10.12

Men’s 100 Breast

Michael Andrew posted a statement swim ahead of the US Olympic Trials, taking the top seed out of prelims in a new Pro Swim Series record of 58.82. With his performance, Andrew chopped over three tenths of a second off of his best time of 59.14 from March 2020. Andrew’s time moves him to 5th in the world this season, and makes him the fastest American by almost a full second, ahead of Nic Fink’s time of 59.74. 

Behind Andrew, none of the other qualifiers dipped under the 1:00-barrier. Jorge Murillo came in with the second-fastest performance of the morning to finish in 1:00.74. Tommy Cope touched 3rd in 1:01.11, closely followed by Valdas Abaliksta (1:01.21).

Alex Evdokimov (1:01.63), Luke Rodarte (1:01.89), Miguel Chavez (1:01.92), and Ben Cono (1:01.97) rounded out the top 8. 

Notably, Olympic bronze medalist Cody Miller was a no-show out of heat 4. 

Top 8: 

  1. Michael Andrew 58.82
  2. Jorge Murillo 1:00.74
  3. Tommy Cope 1:01.11
  4. Valdas Abaliksta 1:01.21
  5. Alex Evdokimov 1:01.63
  6. Luke Rodarte 1:01.89
  7. Miguel Chavez 1:01.92
  8. Ben Cono 1:01.97

Women’s 200 Fly

Regan Smith and Hali Flickinger set themselves up for another 200 butterfly battle ahead of the 2021 US Olympic Trials, taking the top 2 seeds for finals. Smith won heat 3 in a season best of 2:07.95, making herself the second-fastest American for the season in the process. One heat later, Flickinger touched in a time of 2:07.41 to claim the top spot for finals. Flickinger is currently the fastest American in the world this season with her best of 2:06.68 from the PSS Mission Viejo. 

Charlotte Hook was slightly off of her season best to take the 3rd qualifying spot for finals in 2:10.87, followed by Jing Quah (2:11.10) and Olivia Carter (2:11.12). 

16-year-old Tess Howley finished in a time of 2:11.28 for 6th, with Kelly Pash (2:12.33) and Lindsay Looney (2:13.12) rounding out the A-final. 

Top 8 

  1. Hali Flickinger 2:07.41
  2. Regan Smith 2:07.95
  3. Charlotte Hook 2:10.87
  4. Jing Quah 2:11.10
  5. Olivia Carter 2:11.12
  6. Tess Howley 2:11.28
  7. Kelly Pash 2:12.33
  8. Lindsay Looney 2:13.12

Men’s 200 Fly

Out of heat 2, Hector Ruvalcaba Cruz posted a personal best of 1:57.91 to take the top seed for tonight’s final. Coming into the meet, Cruz was seeded 15th with a time of 1:59.31. 

Indiana Swim Club’s Corey Gambardella qualified second with a time of 1:58.14, with Miles Smachlo coming in close behind with his time of 1:58.27.

Zach Harting, the top seed entering the meet, finished 4th this morning with a time of 1:58.34, finishing ahead of his season best of 1:59.16 from the PSS San Antonio.

Angel Martinez came in with a new personal best of 1:58.84 to qualify 5th, followed by Zheng Quah (1:58.91).

Nicolas Albiero, the top ranked American this season, qualified 7th in a time of 1:59.19, about 1.5 seconds shy of his season best of 1:57.86. Jarod Arroyo rounded out the A-final with a time of 1:59.36. 

Top 8: 

  1. Hector Ruvalcaba Cruz 1:57.91
  2. Corey Gambardella 1:58.13
  3. Miles Smachlo 1:58.27
  4. Zach Harting 1:58.34
  5. Angel Martinez 1:58.84
  6. Zheng Quah 1:58.91 
  7. Nicolas Albiero 1:59.19
  8. Jarod Arroyo 1:59.36 

Women’s 400 Free

Olympic bronze medalist Leah Smith upheld her top seed by posting a time of 4:07.13. Smith currently ranks as the 2nd-fastest American this season with her time of 4:06.37 from Mission Viejo. Emma Nordin, the 3rd fastest American this season, finished 2nd this morning in 4:07.78, only .06 off of her best time. 

Jonah Evans dropped a second off of her seed time to finish 3rd in 4:07.95, followed by Paige Madden (4:09.23) and Ally McHugh (4:10.29). 

16-year-old Cavan Gormsen came in 6th overall, swimming to a personal best of 4:10.84. 

Following the 200 butterfly, Sierra Schmidt qualified 7th in a time of 4:11.97, about 4 seconds off of her best time. Allison Schmitt, also swimming a double with the 100 freestyle, rounded out the A-final, qualifying in 4:12.57. 

Top 8: 

  1. Leah Smith 4:07.13
  2. Emma Nordin 4:07.78
  3. Joanna Evans 4:07.95
  4. Paige Madden 4:09.23
  5. Ally McHugh 4:10.29
  6. Cavan Gormsen 4:10.84
  7. Sierra Schmidt 4:11.97
  8. Allison Schmitt 4:12.57

Men’s 400 Free

19-year-old Alfonso Mestre posted the top time of the morning by 3 seconds, finishing in a personal best of 3:50.76. 

Patrick Callan and Chris Wiesner claimed the new two spots, finishing with times of 3:53.61 and 3:53.99, respectively. Callan is currently ranked as the 3rd-fastest American this season with his time of 3:51.81 from Mission Viejo. 

Zane Grothe, the top seed entering the meet, added 8 seconds on to his seed time to finish 5th this morning in 3:54.42. Grothe’s season best currently stands at a 3:53.07 from San Antonio, ranking him as the 7th-fastest American this season.

Mitch D’Arrigo (3:54.47), Will Roberts (3:55.46), and Josh Dannhauser (3:55.82) also qualified for tonight’s A-final. 

Top 8: 

  1. Alfonso Mestre 3:50.76
  2. Patrick Callan 3:53.61
  3. Chris Wieser 3:53.99
  4. Marwan El Kamash 3:54.28
  5. Zane Grothe 3:54.42
  6. Mitch D’Arrigo 3:54.47
  7. Will Roberts 3:55.46
  8. Josh Dannhauser 3:55.82

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4 months ago

Great swims by Mack and Douglass.

4 months ago

Linnea macks 53.78prelims wow can’t wait for finals

Reply to  Swimfan
4 months ago

Could she challenge for an Olympic spot?

Reply to  swimfan210_
4 months ago

53 anything gets back to semis for sure. Making finals likely takes a 53 something to make. Reckon it takes a 53 low-mid to make the relay?

Reply to  NCSwimFan
4 months ago

I hope the top 4 Americans at trials go under 53… I don’t care who they are as long as we can get 4 under 53 which would give us a chance to beat the Aussies

Reply to  Swimfan
4 months ago

You won’t beat the Aussies in 4×100 free.

Reply to  Joel
4 months ago

Maybe you will in 2024, but not yet

Reply to  Joel
4 months ago

At gwangju the aussie only beat the American women by .75 seconds. So it’s possible to make the assumption that the American woman can be in Australia they just need to make up .75 seconds

4 months ago

Where is Annie Lazor?

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 months ago

Same with Cody, yet King swam!?!?

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 months ago

I think Annie didn’t swim this meet because of her dad’s passing. IDK about Cody

Reply to  TimmyG
4 months ago

Will keep her in my thoughts. Am I wrong or didn’t she have to leave SC worlds a few years back due to a family death? So tough to have to deal with

Reply to  Joe
4 months ago

That was Molly Hannis

4 months ago

Is Mack time the fastest ever for non-national team member??? Just curious

4 months ago

Ok so why isn’t Cody swimming this is just dumb…

Troll in the Dungeon
Reply to  Hswimmer
4 months ago

He realised he can’t break 62 seconds without taking 15 extra dolphin kicks.

Reply to  Troll in the Dungeon
4 months ago

Facts lol

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 months ago

He’s filming a YouTube video

Reply to  Jpsteady
4 months ago

Yeah on why he isn’t there when he lives down the street

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 months ago

If he touches anything TYR, he will melt?

Rowdy Gaines
Reply to  Hswimmer
4 months ago

Cody Miller’s next vlog: I MISSED MY RACEEE!!!?!

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 months ago

Its not dumb. Olympic trials in a month only so maybe he didnt want to go. This meet is good for a last race if people want it or feel like they need it, but also some just want to keep training consistent. Not a big deal

Reply to  Troy
4 months ago

It’s dumb because he said he was going in his video

4 months ago

sub 59 for MA!!

Troll in the Dungeon
4 months ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat MA just went 58.8

4 months ago

Hate on Ma all you want but that 100 breast looked reallllly good

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