2021 NCSA Spring Invite: Day 4 Live Recap

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March 19th, 2021 Club, National, News, Press Releases



On the second last night of racing at the 2021 NCSA Spring Invite, we’ll start with the women’s 500 freestyle in which Claire Dafoe goes in as top seed with a 4:44.22. On the men’s side, Trey Dickey claimed the fastest time of the morning in a 4:24.95.

Letitia Sim meanwhile swam the fastest time in both the 100 breaststroke and butterfly, hitting a 59.62 and 53.48, respectively. In the men’s 100 breast, Daniel Worth will look to keep his seed and win the event, having hit a 53.87 this morning while Holden Smith does the same in the 100 fly, having swum a 47.43 this morning.

After the individual events take place, teams will contest the 4×100 freestyle relay.

Women’s 500 Freestyle – Final

Top 3

  1. Lucy Malys – 4:42.55
  2. Claire Tuggle – 4:42.57
  3. Claire Dafoe – 4:43.57

It was down to the absolute wire in tonight’s women’s 500 freestyle A final. Lucy Malys and Claire Tuggle both successfully upset top seed Claire Dafoe by touching in first and second respectively. Ending with a photo finish, Malys was a 4:42.55 while Tuggle was just 0.02 seconds slower with a 4:42.57 for silver. Dafoe touched just a second later with a 4:43.97.

That was a major best time for Malys who had a PB of 4:47.98 going into the meet and was a 4:46.95 this morning in prelims. Tuggle on the other hand trailed her PB of 4:41.36. For third, Dafoe also recorded a new PB, having hit a 4:44.22 this morning, having had a prior PB of 4:45.53.

A solid battle for 4th broke out as well with the 4th through 6th place finishers touching within 0.40 seconds of each other. Caroline Sheble was a 4:49.49 for fourth while Sanna Peterson was a 4:49.59 and Sydney Stoll followed in a 4:49.89.

Nina Mollin and Allison Danko rounded out the top 8 with 4:51.29 and 4:56.61, respectively.

Men’s 500 Freestyle – Final

Top 3

  1. Trey Dickey – 4:23.66
  2. Giovanni Linscheer – 4:25.04
  3. Mason Mathias – 4:25.99

Trey Dickey was able to retain his top seed tonight in the men’s 500 freestyle, swimming a 4:23.66 PB, quicker than his 4:23.93 in February 2020. It’s Dickey’s second medal of the meet thus far, having picked up a 1650 silver earlier on with a 15:10.03.

Giovanni Linschheer and Mason Mathias put up a pair of 4:25s for silver and bronze, each quicker than their morning swims of 4:28.30 (Linscheer) and 4:27.09 (Mathias).

Juancarlos Castrillon was shut out of the top 3, hitting a 4:26.70 for fourth. Levi Sandidge and Toby Barnett fought for fifth with Sandidge getting the upper hand in 4:28.13 to Barnett’s 4:28.51.

Women’s 100 Breaststroke – Final

Top 3

  1. Letitia Sim – 59.18
  2. Zoe Skirboll – 1:00.19
  3. Lucy Thomas – 1:00.22

While Letitia Sim was the only one in the field under a minute, she was just shy of her best time in the event of 59.01. The 100 breast marks her first win of the night and she’ll have a few minutes to recuperate until she tries to pick up another gold in the 100 butterfly.

A second after Sim, Zoe Skirboll was a 1:00.19, quicker than her PB of 1:00.78 from this morning. Behind her, Lucy Thomas claimed bronze in a 1:00.22, just off her best-ever swim of 1:00.15. The 100 breast podium consists of the exact same 3 as the 50 breast where Lucy Thomas was gold (27.12), Letitia Sim was silver (27.64), and Zoe Skirboll was bronze (27.92).

Grace Sheble and Ella Bathurst weren’t too far off, touching with a 1:01.00 for 4th and 1:01.58 for 5th, respectively.

Men’s 100 Breaststroke – Final

Top 3

  1. Ty Spillane – 53.57
  2. Daniel Worth – 53.65
  3. Luke Barr – 54.18

Ty Spillane took over Daniel Worth’s top seed heading into the 100 breast final, touching in a 53.57 to win the event. Worth was only a touch away from, swimming a 53.65 for silver. The duo also went 1-2 in the 50 breast earlier in the meet as Worth took gold with a 24.42 while Spillane was a 24.47.

200 breaststroke silver medalist Luke Barr took bronze here, swimming a 54.18 100. That’s a bit off his best time in the event of 52.81. 4th place went to Kael Mlinek as he touched in a 54.40.

5th – 8th place was rounded out by 4 swims between 55.41 and 55.73 as Joshua Cunningham was a 55.41, Ben Wiegand was a 55.42, Tyler Lentine was a 55.56, and Aidan Duffy was a 55.73.

Women’s 100 Butterfly – Final

Top 3

  1. Letitia Sim – 52.77
  2. Campbell Stoll – 52.81
  3. Levenia Sim – 53.17

Letitia Sim managed to pull of the 100 breast / fly double win tonight, posting a 52.77 fly swim to out-touch Campbell Stoll’s 52.81 and Levenia Sim’s 53.17. That swim for Letitia was just 0.01 seconds off her 52.76 PB from December 2020.

Campbell Stoll on the other hand notched a new best time, getting under 53 for the first time to improve upon her 53.01 swim from earlier this month. Levenia Sim dropped her fastest-ever time as well from a 53.17.

Also cracking 54 in the final, Joanie Cash (53.54), Alexis Mulvihill (53.74), and Zoe Dixon (53.90) claimed 4th through 6th.

Men’s 100 Butterfly – Final

Top 3

  1. William Hayon – 47.21
  2. Holden Smith – 47.68
  3. Mateo Miceli – 47.92

Following a second-place finish in the 100 freestyle, William Hayon delivered a gold medal-winning swim on 47.21 in the 100 fly. That was enough to out-swim Holden Smith’s 47.68 and Matteo Miceli’s 47.92 for second and third.

Unable to get under the 48-second mark, Nathaniel Germonprez was a 48.03 for fourth, 1.03 seconds faster than his prelim swim of 49.06. Joshua Zuchowski and Tiago Pereira were within 0.01 seconds of each other, hitting 48.10 for 5th and 48.11 for 6th, respectively.

Women’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay – Final

Top 3

  1. NOVA – 3:20.80
  2. Elmbrook – 3:21.57
  3. Oly Swimming – 3:23.89

NOVA’s Grace Sheble opened things up here with a 50.65 split and was followed by a pair of similar splits from teammates Zoe Dixon (50.30), and Caroline Sheble (50.44). Josephine Fuller threw down a 49.41 anchor split for the team, giving NOVA a winning time of 3:20.80.

Elmbrook and Oly Swimming joined NOVA on the podium with a 3:21.57 and 3:23.89, respectively.

Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay – Final

Top 3

  1. Saint Andrew’s Aquatics / Hinsdale Swim Club – 2:59.46
  2. Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers – 3:00.79

The Hinsdale Swim Club men’s team got out to an early lead as Grant Bochenski opened the race up with a 43.93 to Saint Andrew’s 45.18. From there, Hinsdale’s Nicholas Tommasone and Erkan Ozgen were 44.54 and 46.02 while Saint Andrew’s had Michael Fernandez go a 45.86 and Ryan Nordheim a 44.54.

Tiago Pereira for Saint Andrew’s took it home with a 43.88 to catch Hinsdale’s 44.97 allowing the two teams to exactly match with a 2:59.46. Rounding out the top 3, the Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers were a 3:00.79.

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