2019 Men’s NCAA Championships Pick’em Contest: Day 1&2 Update


The rules


Townley Haas was a relatively popular pick to win the 500 free. 60% of entries had him first. The other popular choice to win, Felix Auboeck of Michigan, failed to make finals. Sean Grieshop of Cal wasn’t picked by anyone to finish 2nd. Brooks Fail of Arizona (17%) and Jacobo Vargas of Michigan (23%) were relatively popular choices in 3rd and 4th.

The 200 IM saw another favorite deliver. Andrew Seliskar of Cal, the pick of 87% to win, took the title. Andreas Vazaios of NC State (picked by 42% 2nd), John Shebat of Texas (7%), and  Vini Lanza of Indiana (21%) were next.

The 50 free saw the first upset winner of the night. Ryan Hoffer of Cal was picked by only 3% to win the 50 free. Pawel Sendyk of Cal (15%), Robert Howard of Alabama (20%) and Bowen Becker of Minnesota (14%) were popular choices for the minor places.

How Everyone Did

The day 1&2 winner and therefore overall leader was Thatonemoflo with 83 points. Kwazii was next with80. SHUstork was 3rd with 80. The top 10 are below. If you didn’t make the top 10 you can see how your picks did in the spreadsheet.

Entry Day 1 & 2 Points
1 Thatonemoflo 83
2 Kwazii 81
3 SHUstork 80
4 JoshyD 79
4 Robby 79
6 Jacobson 78
6 ashao 78
6 0SU39 78
6 Chlorine Machine 78
6 Chaitha D. 78

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2 years ago

I think there is a problem with code you are using in the excel spreadsheet. the code you have for both the running total and day total

but I think it needs to be sumproduct(D$4:DP$4=D8:DP8) and sumproduct(D$4:AA$4=D8:AA8) instead of sumproduct(D$3:DP$4=D8:DP8) and sumproduct(D$3:AA$4=D8:AA8)
I think the way it is set up it might be double counting some people’s entries, as I think I have 5 more points than i should and some of the others as well

2 Cents
2 years ago

Haha, dang. I picked every single winner correct (including Hoffer) but am still in like 375th place.

2 years ago

I chose Texas a&m in medley relay accidentally instead of Texas lmfao missing out on first place

Reply to  Robby
2 years ago

200 free relay*