2019 FINA World Junior Championships: Day Two Finals Live Recap

7th FINA World Junior Swimming Championships 2019

  • 50-Meter Course
  • Duna Arena, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Pool swimming: Tuesday, August 20 – Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Heats 9:30am GMT+2 (3:30 am EDT / 12:30 am PDT)/ Semifinals and Finals 5:30pm GMT+2 (11:30am EDT / 8:30am PDT)
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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Day Two Finals heat sheets

Men’s 100m Backstroke – Final

  • WR: 51.85 Ryan MURPHY USA 13 AUG 2016 Rio de Janeiro (BRA)
  • CR: 54.07 Thomas CECCON ITA 20 AUG 2019 Budapest (HUN)
  • WJR: 52.53 Kliment KOLESNIKOV RUS 6 AUG 2018 Glasgow (GBR)


  1. Tomas CECCON ITA 53.46 CR
  2. Nikolay ZUEV RUS 53.50
  3. Wyatt DAVIS USA 54.14

Italy’s Tomas Ceccon, who qualified third for the final after having broken the meet mark in heats, won the 100 back with 53.46, lowering his own Championship Record in the process. Russia’s Nikolay Zuev came in second with 53.50, also under the previous meet record. USA’s Wyatt Davis was third (54.14). Mewen Tomac of France, who was in second place at the 50 wall, faded to fourth with 54.17.

Will Grant of USA came in fifth with 54.46. He was followed by Canada’s Cole Pratt (54.63), India’s Srihari Nataraj (54.85), and Canada’s Tyler Wall (55.41).

Women’s 200m Butterfly – Final

  • WR: 2:01.81 LIU Zige CHN 21 OCT 2009 Jinan (CHN)
  • CR: 2:07.74 Emily LARGE GBR 24 AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • WJR: 2:06.29 Suzuka HASEGAWA JPN 13 APR 2017 Aichi (JPN)


  1. Lillie NORDMANN USA 2:08.24
  2. Blanka BERECZ HUN 2:08.93
  3. Charlotte HOOK USA 2:09.00

USA’s Lillie Nordmann and Charlotte Hook traded leads throughout the first half of the race, with Nordmann taking it out in 29.22 to lead the field at the 50. Hook went 29.72 and 32.86 to take over at the 100 with 1:02.33. Nordmann moved back in front at the 150 wall and never lost the lead again. She won the final with 2:08.24, winning by half a body length.

Hungary’s Blanka Berecz, who was fifth at the 50 and third at the 100, surged over the final 50 meters to take the silver medal with 2:08.93. Hook finished third in 2:09.00.

Hungary’s Fanni Fabian finished just off the podium in fourth with 2:09.94. Behind her were Australia’s Elizabeth Dekkers (2:10.42), Turkey’s Zehra Bilgin (2:11.98) and Defne Tacyildiz (2:12.72), and Dune Coetzee of South Africa (2:13.06).

Men’s 200m Freestyle – Final

  • WR: 1:42.00 Paul BIEDERMANN GER 28 JUL 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • CR: 1:46.40 Ivan GIREV RUS 24 AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • WJR: 1:46.40 Ivan GIREV RUS 24 AUG 2017 Indianapolis (USA)


  1. Luca URLANDO USA 1:46.97
  2. Robin HANSON SWE 1:47.03
  3. Murilo SARTORI BRA 1:47.39

Gianluca Urlando of the USA won the 200 free final with 1:46.97, about half a second off his PB of 1:46.51. Sweden’s Robin Hanson swam an excellent race from out in lane 8. He led at the 50, going out in 25.06, and then trailed Urlando at the 100 and 150 walls by .15 and .22, respectively. Hanson nearly pulled off an upset of Urlando in the final 25 meters. He ended up in second place by .06 with 1:47.03.

Brazil’s Murilo Sartori took the bronze medal with 1:47.39. He had the quickest final 50, coming home in 26.94 to Hanson’s 27.12 and Urlando’s 27.28.

Aleksandr Shchegolev was fourth (1:47.43), just ahead of Carson Foster (1:47.43), Thomas Neill of Australia (1:47.66), and Hungary’s Gabor Zombori (1:47.71). China’s Hong Jinquan was eighth with 1:48.91.

Women’s 50m Breaststroke – Final

  • WR: 29.40 Lilly KING USA 30 JUL 2017 Budapest (HUN)
  • CR: 29.86 Ruta MEILUTYTE LTU 27 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • WJR: 29.86 Ruta MEILUTYTE LTU 26 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)


  1. Benedetta PILATO ITA 30.60
  2. Kayla VAN DER MERWE GBR 30.91
  3. Kaitlyn DOBLER USA 30.92

Italy’s Benedetta Pilato led from start to finish in the 50 breast final. She won the gold medal as expected, although her time of 30.60 was not as fast as one might have expected after she went 30.39 in semi-finals and 30.35 in prelims.

Great Britain’s Kayla van der Merwe was runner-up in 30.91, edging USA’s Kaitlyn Dobler by .01 for the silver medal.

South Africa’s Lara van Niekerk went 31.12 to lead the rest of the finishers. Russia’s Anastasia Makarov (31.34), Lithuania’s Kotryna Teterevkova (31.38), Ellie Andrews of USA (31.66), and Thea Blomsterberg of Denmark (31.91) followed.

Men’s 100m Butterfly – Semi-finals

  • WR: 49.50 Caeleb DRESSEL USA 26 JUL 2019 Gwangju (KOR)
  • CR: 51.08 Kristof MILAK HUN 25 AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • WJR: 50.62 Kristof MILAK HUN 29 JUL 2017 Budapest (HUN)

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Andrei MINAKOV RUS 51.35
  2. Josif MILADINOV BUL 52.03
  3. Egor PAVLOV RUS 52.11
  4. Federico BURDISSO ITA 52.25
  5. Joshua LIENDO EDWARDS CAN 52.34
  6. Blake MANOFF USA 52.38
  7. Bernardo BONDRA BRA 52.73
  8. Bjorn KAMMANN GER 52.77

The 200 free-100 fly double proved too much for Luca Urlando. Swimming in the first semi-final he finished sixth with 53.24 and did not qualify for tomorrow night’s final. Andrei Minakov of Russia won the heat with 51.35, almost a full body length ahead of Canada’s Joshua Liendo Edwards (52.34) and USA’s Blake Manoff (52.38).

The second semi-final went to Josif Miladinov of Bulgaria in 52.03. Egor Pavlov of Russia and Federico Burdisso of Italy was right behind with 52.11 and 52.25, respectively.

Women’s 100m Freestyle – Semi-finals

  • WR: 51.71 Sarah SJOESTROEM SWE 23 JUL 2017 Budapest (HUN)
  • CR: 53.63 Taylor RUCK CAN 27 AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • WJR: 52.70 Penny OLEKSIAK CAN 11 AUG 2016 Rio de Janeiro (BRA)

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Gretchen WALSH USA 54.25
  2. Torri HUSKE USA 54.52
  3. Meg HARRIS AUS 54.70
  4. Aimee CANNY RSA 54.87
  5. Ekaterina NIKONOVA RUS 55.07
  6. Mollie O’CALLAGHAN AUS 55.32
  7. Nagisa IKEMOTO JPN 55.35
  8. Zoe VOGELMANN GER 55.36

USA’s Gretchen Walsh took the first semi-final of 100 freestyles with 54.25. Walsh was under meet record pace on her first 50, going out in 25.76. Taylor Ruck was out in 26.18 when she broke the Championship Record in 2017. Behind Walsh were Aimee Canny of South Africa (54.87) and Mollie O’Callaghan of Australia (55.32).

Torri Huske, also of the United States, was the second semi-final winner. She was under record pace at the 50, too, with 26.04. She finished with 54.52 ahead of Meg Harris from Australia (54.70) and Russia’s Ekaterina Nikonova (55.07).

Men’s 100m Breaststroke – Final

  • WR: 56.88 Adam PEATY GBR 21 JUL 2019 Gwangju (KOR)
  • CR: 59.01 Nicolo MARTINENGHI ITA 23 AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • WJR: 59.01 Nicolo MARTINENGHI ITA 23AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)


  1. Vladislav GERASIMENKO RUS 59.97
  2. Josh MATHENY USA 1:00.17
  3. Kevin HOUSEMAN USA 1:00.55

It looked like the battle for the gold medal was happening in the middle lanes of the pool between American teammates Josh Matheny and Kevin Houseman, but Russia’s Vladislav Gerasimenko had other plans. Swimming in lane 7, he crushed the second half of the race and won with the only sub-minute swim of the night. Gerasimenko split 28.15-31.82 for a final time of 59.97. Matheny finished second with 1:00.17, while Houseman got the bronze in 1:00.55 just ahead of Canada’s Gabe Mastromatteo (1:00.69).

There were two ties among the next four finishers. Eoin Corby of Ireland and Great Britain’s Archie Goodburn went 1:01.16 for fifth while Japanese teammates Shoma Sato and Yuta Arai tied for seventh with 1:01.26.

Women’s 100m Backstroke – Final

  • WR: 57.57 Regan SMITH USA 28 JUL 2019 Gwangju (KOR)
  • =CR: 59.11 Regan SMITH USA 28 AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • CR: 59.11 Regan SMITH USA 24 AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • WJR: 57.57 Regan SMITH USA 28 JUL 2019 Gwangju (KOR)


  1. Jade HANNAH CAN 59.63
  2. Claire CURZAN USA 1:00.00
  3. Daria VASKINA 1:00.02

Canada’s Jade Hannah, who was first in heats (59.91) and first in semi-finals (59.97), won the 100 back with 59.63. She was the only sub-minute backstroker in prelims, semis, or finals. USA’s Claire Curzan was second at the 50 and finished with the silver medal, going 1:00.00 on the dot, taking .17 off her previous best time. Russia’s Daria Vaskina finished .02 behind Curzan to grab the bronze medal with 1:00.02. Mollie O’Callaghan of Australia was just off the podium with 1:00.27.

Belarus’s Anastasiya Skhurdai edged USA’s Annabel Crush for fifth place, 1:01.20 to 1:01.24. Israel’s Anastasia Gorbenko finished seventh with 1:01.79, .01 ahead of Portugal’s Rafaela Azevedo.

Men’s 200m Individual Medley – Final

  • WR: 1:54.00 Ryan LOCHTE USA 28 JUL 2011 Shanghai (CHN)
  • CR: 1:59.03 Johannes HINTZE GER 24 AUG 2017 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • WJR: 1:57.06 QIN Haiyang CHN 27 JUL 2017 Budapest (HUN)


  1. Carson FOSTER USA 1:58.46
  2. Finlay KNOX CAN 1:59.44
  3. Apostolos PAPASTAMOS GRE 1:59.62

USA’s Carson Foster destroyed the Championship Record in the final of the men’s 200 IM. From the outset he was under record pace and led the field in clean water. He turned at 25.35 on the fly-to-back wall, already .42 under pace. He was 55.08 at the 100, now 1.63 faster than the Championship Record pace. At the 150 wall he turned at 1:29.79, putting him 1.31 ahead of Johannes Hintze’s 2017 pace. Foster clocked in at 1:58.46 to down the Hintze mark by .57.

Canada’s Finlay Knox scored the silver medal with a superb finish, going from fifth after breaststroke to second at the final wall. His final time of 1:59.44 was .18 faster than Greece’s bronze medalist Apostolos Papastamos (1:59.62).

Ron Polonsky of Israel was fourth in 1:59.84, just ahead of Se-Bom Lee from Australia (2:00.02). Russia’s Ilia Borodin (2:00.72), France’s Léon Marchand (2:01.53), and Ikuru Hiroshima of Japan (2:02.90) rounded out the final.

Women’s 800m Freestyle – Fastest Heat

  • WR: 8:04.79 Katie LEDECKY USA 12 AUG 2016 Rio de Janeiro (BRA)
  • CR: 8:25.22 Delfina PIGNATIELLO ARG 1 JAN 2012 Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • WJR: 8:11.00 Katie LEDECKY USA 19 JUN 2014 Shenandoah (USA)


  1. Lani PALLISTER AUS 8:22.49
  2. Miyu NAMBA JPN 8:27.24
  3. Giulia SALIN ITA 8:28.99

Australia’s Lani Pallister took it out quickly from the get-go, putting a distance between herself and the rest of the pack from the first turn. She was already well ahead of Championship Record pace at the 100 wall with 1:00.12 and continued to build her lead with each 50.

Italy’s Giulia Salin tried to go out with Pallister and was the closest to the leader over the first half of the race but Japan’s Miyu Namba pulled ahead of her at the 400 turn.

Pallister, meanwhile, was splitting 31-highs and increasing the span of clear water between herself and the group battling for second place. She stopped the clock at 8:22.49, taking down Delfina Pignatiello’s 2012 Championship Record by 2.73 seconds. Namba wound up in second place with 8:27.24 while Salin held on for third with 8:28.99.

USA’s Chase Travis came in fourth with 8:30.76

Mixed 4x 100m Medley – Final

  • WR: 3:38.56 United States Of America USA 26 JUL 2017 Budapest (HUN)
  • CR: 3:45.85 Russian Federation RUS 26 AUG 2015 Singapore (SGP)
  • WJR: 3:45.85 Russian Federation RUS 26 AUG 2015 Singapore (SGP)


  1. United States of America USA 3:44.84
  2. Russia RUS 3:48.06
  3. Canada CAN 3:48.20

The mixed medley relay is always exciting because of the strategy involved selecting the combination of gender and strokes that is likely to prevail. This final was no exception, but the Americans’ decision to lead with the two male swimmers meant that Team USA was out in front from the beginning. Will Grant was the fastest 100 backstroker in the final, handing off to Josh Matheny with 53.89. Russia’s Nikolay Zuev led off with 54.27 and Australia’s Joshua Edwards-Smith was 55.33.

Josh Matheny split 59.31 on the breaststroke, by far the fastest in the field. Turkey moved pas Russia and Australia into second place with splits from Mert SATIR (56.44) and Demirkan Demir (1:00.18). USA, Turkey, and Hungary were the only three teams to lead with two male swimmers.

Torri Huske kept the USA in the lead with a monster 58.04 split on the butterfly. Canada’s Joshua Liendo Edwards went 52.33 to move into second place headed into the freestyle. Russia had gone from sixth after breaststroke to third after butterfly with a 51.66 from Andrei Minakov.

Gretchen Walsh anchored for the Americans in 53.60. Russia’s Ekaterina Nikonova went 54.83 to snatch the silver medal away from Canada, whose Hannah Henderson anchored in 55.06.

Final splits:

USA – United States of America 3:44.84 WJ, CR

  • Grant – 53.89
  • Matheny – 59.31
  • Huske – 58.04
  • Walsh – 53.60

RUS – Russian Federation 3:48.06

  • Zuev – 54.27
  • Marakova – 1:07.30
  • Minakov – 51.66
  • Nikonova – 54.83

CAN – Canada 3:48.20

  • Hannah – 1:00.23
  • Mastromatteo – 1:00.58
  • Liendo Edwards – 52.33
  • Henderson – 55.06




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3 years ago

I wonder if jetlag is an issue on these doubles? When my sleep is off, I usually can find the energy for one effort but not a second one.

3 years ago


Ol’ Gator
3 years ago

How can we call Phelps the goat when he never even won a world junior championship?

Reply to  Ol’ Gator
3 years ago

This would be a fun debate: who is the greatest swimmer that HAS won a World Junior Championship?

Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago

I’ll play.
1. Dressel
2. Hagino
3. Regan Smith
4. Hagino
5. Ruta
6. K. Watanabe
7. Milak
8. Mcevoy
9. Horton

Reply to  marley09
3 years ago


Reply to  marley09
3 years ago

Manuel & Muffat won on relays. Bronte Campbell, Chupkov, Quadarella, Ikee.

13 % Chinese person
Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago

Then she grew up physically & mentally then got banned .

Reply to  13 % Chinese person
3 years ago

Lol… what a poor comment. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a career like Phelps/Coughlin/Thompson/etc… Ruta is still young enough where she could make a comeback if she wants.

3 years ago

omg Matheny just put himself on the map for next year in 100 breast

3 years ago

Question: Davis went faster than Grant in the 100 back final, so shouldn’t he have gotten the relay spot over him? Or was it locked up because they had to have already submitted the slots before hand?

Ended up being the right call regardless, as grant was faster than Davis in a time that would have won the bronze over Davis in the final

Reply to  Backstrokebro
3 years ago

Yeah they would have submitted their entries few hours before the whole finals session started and couldn’t be changed.

3 years ago

Bernado Bondra was a good surprise for the ones entered by Brazil
Got here with a PB of 53,74, went 53,03 on prelims now 52,73 on semi.. 1 second drop.. He was not even top 10 on his Age Group now he is 4th.. and without suits 3rd

Big Waves
3 years ago

Bruh what if Andrei Minakov dips under 50 in the 100 Fly Final…
That would be insane.

3 years ago

US sent that relay really really hard

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