2018 Women’s Pac-12 Championships: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


Day 3 prelims from the Women’s Pac-12 Championships will feature heats in the 400 IM, 100 fly, 200 free, 100 breast and 100 back.

After winning the 500 free last night, Katie Ledecky will swim the 400 IM/200 free double today. She’ll face reigning NCAA champ Ella Eastin in the 400 IM, and then Simone Manuel in the 200 free. Manuel won the 50 free on day 2, while Eastin took 2nd to Ledecky in the 500 free (opting to sit out of the 200 IM).

The 100 fly will feature USC’s Louise Hansson and Cal’s Noemie Thomas, both of whom were in the championship final at NCAAs last season. Meet record holder Janet Hu of Stanford, who was also in that final, has opted to swim the 100 back today over the 100 fly. Conversely, Ally Howe, last year’s 100 back champ and American Record holder, will swim the 100 fly instead of the 100 back.

With Howe out, Kathleen Baker is the big favorite in the 100 back. Last year’s NCAA champion won the 200 IM on day 2. The 100 breast will be headlined by ASU’s Silja Kansakoski and USC’s Riley Scott, who went 1-2 last year.

400 IM Prelims

  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 3:57.68, Katie Ledecky (STAN), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 4:04.70
  1. Katie Ledecky, STAN, 4:00.68
  2. Ella Eastin, STAN, 4:02.22
  3. Brooke Forde, STAN, 4:04.27
  4. Allie Szekely, STAN, 4:05.85
  5. Sarah Darcel, CAL, 4:06.56
  6. Leah Stevens, STAN, 4:08.63
  7. Marlies Ross, ASU, 4:08.94
  8. Hannah Kukurugya, STAN, 4:09.15

Stanford’s dominance in this event was on full display this morning, as they took six of the eight spots in the A-final including the top-4. Katie Ledecky cruised to the top seed in 4:00.68, with defending NCAA champion Ella Eastin (4:02.22) 2nd, freshman Brooke Forde (4:04.27) 3rd and sophomore Allie Szekely (4:05.85) 4th. The top three were all under the NCAA ‘A’ standard.

Sarah Darcel was the top non-Cardinal in 5th, clocking 4:06.56 for the Golden Bears. Leah Stevens and Hannah Kukurugya were the other two Stanford swimmers getting through in 6th and 8th, while Marlies Ross gives ASU one swimmer in the final.

100 Fly Prelims

  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 50.38, Janet Hu (STAN), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 51.19
  1. Louise Hansson, USC, 50.39
  2. Noemie Thomas, CAL, 51.01
  3. Ally Howe, STAN, 51.44
  4. Katie McLaughlin, CAL, 51.84
  5. Lindsey Engel, STAN, 52.00
  6. Maddie Murphy, CAL, 52.37
  7. Madison Wright, USC, 52.52
  8. Catherine Sanchez, USC, 52.55

USC’s Louise Hansson posted a quick 50.39 in the 100 fly heats, improving her season best by .02 and missing Janet Hu‘s meet record by .01 to qualify 1st overall. Cal’s Noemie Thomas was a solid 51.01 for 2nd, and Ally Howe of Stanford qualified 3rd in 51.44.

Katie McLaughlin (51.84) and Maddie Murphy (52.37) made it three Bears in the A-final, placing 4th and 6th, and Lindsey Engel (52.00) joins Howe for the Cardinal in 5th. Madison Wright and Catherine Sanchez were both 52.5 for USC to round out the A-finalists.

200 Free Prelims

  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 1:40.37, Simone Manuel (STAN), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 1:43.30
  1. Katie Ledecky, STAN, 1:42.54
  2. Simone Manuel, STAN, 1:42.59
  3. Robin Neumann, CAL 1:44.06
  4. Katie Grover, UCLA, 1:44.68
  5. Kirsten Jacobsen, UA, 1:44.73
  6. Lauren Pitzer, STAN, 1:44.77
  7. Abbey Weitzeil, CAL, 1:44.96
  8. Katie Drabot, STAN, 1:45.20

The dynamic duo of Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel cruised to times of 1:42.54 and 1:42.59 in the last two heats of the 200 free, putting them into lanes 4 and 5 in tonight’s final. Lauren Pitzer (1:44.77) and Katie Drabot (1:45.20) qualified 6th and 8th, putting four Stanford swimmers in the A-final.

Robin Neumann of Cal takes the 3rd seed into tonight at 1:44.06, and UCLA’s Katie Grover won the first circle-seeded heat and advances in 4th at 1:44.68. Arizona’s Kirsten Jacobsen (1:44.73) and Cal sprint specialist Abbey Weitzeil (1:44.96) round out the finalists, qualifying 5th and 7th overall.

Katie McLaughlin put up a time of 1:44.42 as an exhibition swim.

100 Breast Prelims

  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 58.02, Sarah Haase (STAN), 2016
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 58.85
  1. Silja Kansakoski, ASU, 59.22
  2. Maggie Aroesty, USC, 59.53
  3. Kim Williams, STAN, 59.90
  4. Riley Scott, USC, 59.99
  5. Grace Zhao, STAN, 1:00.10
  6. Mallory Korenwinder, UA, 1:00.16
  7. Ali Harrison, CAL, 1:00.34
  8. Maija Roses, CAL, 1:00.94

Arizona State’s Silja Kansakoski, the defending champion, posted the top time of the morning in the 100 breast in 59.22. Freshman Maggie Aroesty (59.53) of USC took 2nd, and Stanford’s Kim Williams (59.90) and another Trojan, Riley Scott (59.99) joined them under a minute.

Two more freshman, Grace Zhao (1:00.10) of Stanford and Ali Harrison (1:00.34) of Cal, made it through in 5th and 7th, while Arizona’s Mallory Korenwinder (1:00.16) and Cal’s Maija Roses (1:00.94) round out the A-finalists.

100 Back Prelims

  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 49.69, Ally Howe (STAN), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 51.16
  1. Janet Hu, STAN, 50.36
  2. Kathleen Baker, CAL, 50.96
  3. Amy Bilquist, CAL, 51.69
  4. Hannah Weiss, USC, 51.81
  5. Keaton Blovad, CAL, 51.90
  6. Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou, CAL, 53.07
  7. Emma Schanz, UCLA, 53.10
  8. Katrina Konopka, UA, 53.18

Stanford’s Janet Hu made a statement in the 100 back prelims, throwing down a time of 50.36 to take over the #2 time in the nation and qualify 1st for the final by six tenths. The woman she passed for that #2 spot, Kathleen Baker, qualified 2nd in 50.96. Both women will look to challenge Ally Howe‘s American Record of 49.69 tonight.

Amy BilquistKeaton Blovad and Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou will join their teammate Baker in the final, as the Golden Bears will occupy half of the championship heat. USC’s Hannah Weiss was just over a tenth behind Bilquist for 4th overall in 51.81, and UCLA’s Emma Schanz and Arizona’s Katrina Konopka were both 53.1 to qualify 7th and 8th.

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2 years ago

Hu skipping her best event in my opinion(100 fly) and Howe skipping her best event 100 back. Interesting.

Reply to  seanswimmer
2 years ago

Eastin swam 500 (very well) instead of 2im. Mixing it up is always good. Remember Katie swam 4im (very well AR) instead of 2 free. Greg knows what his team can do and how to challenge them!

Reply to  seanswimmer
2 years ago

Ledecky is skipping her best event 1650 free too.

Reply to  gigglewater
2 years ago

Doubt Manuel will skip 100 free— it’s her last PAC-12s ever and she missed most of the regular season.

Reply to  gigglewater
2 years ago

I think that the best event of Katie Ledecky at this point of her career is 400m/500y. If we are up to see more world records then I would expect them to be at 400 LCM. And it is not because the exceptional endurance and respiratory abilities fade sooner than sprint ones but because the long distance records she set are extremely exceptional even by her standards.

Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

Maybe you missed the news that the most recent record she broke was in the 1650 in November (15:03).

Reply to  SwimGeek
2 years ago

No, I didn’t miss it. And it is the first time (in my opinion) when her record looked like a record meaning that this is the limit of abilities at contemporary level of development in competitive swimming. I do hope as a devoted fan that reserves are not exhausted and she will find these extra 4 seconds to brake historical 15 min barrier. But if it doesn’t happen I won’t be critical about her for that because it is really doesn’t matter if it is 903 or 900 seconds. All these barriers are very artificial just to create extra excitement to those who are on stands and who likes to play numbers. When I mentioned world records I meant LCM… Read more »

Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

If you looked at long course, Ledecky has at least 3 competitors who are about to break 4 min in the 400 free. I won’t say an event under such a threat is her best event. The next swimmer in the 1500 free was 19 sec away from Ledecky last year. Like 1650 in NCAA, no one is threatening her.

Reply to  gigglewater
2 years ago

I’m not talking about competitors. Ledecky is a very consistent 3:58 swimmer at 400 (6 times). She was under 8:10 only 3 times, she was under 15:30 three times. So which record do you think she is closer to: 4.56.46 or 8:04.79 or 15: 25.48 ? The record at 1500 looks relatively closer but it was done three years ago. Back then in Kazan if it wasn’t consideration about following 200 semi-final she was able to challenge 15:20. But three years later who knows how tough it will take to improve the record. BTW, many great and very great names in swimming were close and very close to break 4 min in 400. It’s never happened. The current generation of… Read more »

Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

I said 1650 free is Ledecky best event because her entry time was over a minute faster than the second place swimmer.

Tammy Touchpad Error
Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

I disagree. 3:56 is faaaaast. 8:04 maybe is too much to ask, but she has more in the tank in 1500 and the 200. Also IMs

Double Arm Freestyle
Reply to  seanswimmer
2 years ago

And Eastin skipped the 2IM. Stanford women hiding something.

Reply to  Double Arm Freestyle
2 years ago

If Manuel skip 100 free Drabot skip 200 fly, Stanford women will complete an unmatched feat.

Reply to  seanswimmer
2 years ago

Some of them overperformed at conference last year and added at NCs (Hu and Howe specifically) maybe this has something to do with trying to avoid that?

tammy touchpad error
2 years ago

I’ll be shocked if Ledecky doesn’t break Katinka’s record tonight. 4:35 to 4:26 last night. 4:00 to 3:55? Doubt it’ll be another 9 second drop tonight..

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  tammy touchpad error
2 years ago

Not a certainty, sorry. She is not tapered. However, she IS KL after all, too, so I’d be the fist to happily be proved wrong. And Ella is right next go her too.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
2 years ago

Sorry for the typos – should read: “Not a certainty, sorry. She is not tapered. However, she IS KL after all, too, so I’d be the first to happily be proved wrong. And Ella is right next to her too.” And then add the following – KL has certainly surprised us before, & hopefully will do it again & again.

2 years ago

Stanford with 6 Women in the A final of the 4 IM… Wow.

Reply to  Friuti
2 years ago

I expect NCAA record, 3:56.54, goes down tonight

About James Sutherland

James Sutherland

James swam five years at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, specializing in the 200 free, back and IM. He finished up his collegiate swimming career in 2018, graduating with a bachelor's degree in economics. In 2019 he completed his graduate degree in sports journalism. Prior to going to Laurentian, James swam …

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