Ella Eastin Blasts 1:49.5 200 Fly; Breaks 9-Year-Old NCAA, American Record


Stanford’s Ella Eastin put on a show on the final night of competition at the 2018 Pac-12 Championships. Eastin dominated the 200 fly, taking down the American and NCAA Records in the process. She flipped in a quick 53.51 as she trailed USC’s Louise Hansson, who was out in a blistering 51.81. Eastin outsplit her by a full 2 and a half seconds on the final 50 alone, however, finishing with a big margin of victory.

Eastin’s Splits By 50:

  • 1st 50 split- 25.27
  • 2nd 50 split- 28.24
  • 3rd 50 split- 27.87
  • 4th 50 split- 28.13
  • Final time- 1:49.51

Eastin’s Splits By 100:

  • 1st 100 split- 53.51
  • 2nd 100 split- 56.00
  • Final time- 1:49.51

With her swim tonight, Eastin is now the first and only women to break 1:50 in a textile suit. That was a lifetime best by a second and a half, and over a second and a half faster than anyone else in the field tonight. USC’s Hansson, who put up a 1:51.13 for 2nd place, had the 9th fastest performance in history and is now the 5th fastest performer ever in the event.


Place Swimmer Time
1 Ella Eastin 1:49.51
2 Elaine Breeden 1:49.92
3 Kelsi Worrell 1:50.61
4 Katinka Hosszu 1:51.02
5 Louise Hansson 1:51.13
6 Kathleen Hersey 1:51.18
7 Mary Descenza 1:51.28
8 Katie Drabot 1:51.74
9 Natalie Coughlin 1:51.91
10 Christina Bechtel 1:52.08


Place Swimmer Time
1 Ella Eastin 1:49.51
2 Elaine Breeden 1:49.92
3 Kelsi Worrell 1:50.61
4 Kelsi Worrell 1:50.96
5 Katinka Hosszu 1:51.02
6 Katinka Hosszu 1:51.03
7 Ella Eastin 1:51.04
8 Kelsi Worrell 1:51.11
9 Louise Hansson 1:51.13
10 Kathleen Hersey 1:51.18

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samuel huntington
3 years ago

wow, wow, wow. totally unexpected by Ella. amazing swim.

and what a gutsy swim by Hansson. what a race.

Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

Thanks to Hansson actually that took it out so fast. Easton did a great job to stay relaxed and brought it home. Congratulation!

Drabot also has been consistent it 1:51-1:52 range. Hopefully, she can bring it down to 1:50s at NCAA.

Frequent flyer
3 years ago

Unbelievably fast!!!

3 years ago

How long has the record been held by a Stanford swimmer?

3 years ago

Eastin had a faster final 50 than Schooling: 28.13 to 28.18.

3 years ago

You know when I saw her prelims time, and how good they were swimming, I almost predicted it what with the momentum from Hu’s swim yesterday. I’m glad she took down the time and is swimming so well. There’s hope for our LCM 200 fly yet.

3 years ago

Ella Easton is the REAL DEAL!! This is crazy… in my opinion… one of the hardest records to break… never thought I’d see it. Easton just wow wow just wow RACE VIDEO PLEASE

bobo gigi
3 years ago

Wow! Never expected to see that record made in magical suit fall. Amazing swim by Ella Eastin. She had a great rabbit ahead of her with Louise Hansson who has more speed but less endurance. Ella had shown with her 400 free and 400 IM earlier in the meet that she was stronger than ever but here she destroys her best time. Last 50 in 28.13! Again, hopefully she hasn’t peaked too early and can repeat that kind of performances at NCAAs or even go faster. And I really hope we can finally watch the best of Ella in long course in the years to come. I want to see her peak in the big pool in 2020.

bobo gigi
Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

1.42.77 split in the 4X200 free relay
4.34.04 in the 500 free
3.57.32 in the 400 IM
1.49.51 in the 200 fly
What a week!

Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

Her 200 free split on the relay was about a second slower than what she split at NCAAs last year (1:41.89) which makes me think she is not fully tapered for this meet

bobo gigi
3 years ago

Lauren, final time 1.49.51

By the way that 28.13 in the last 50…. I’m speechless.
I presume that her last underwaters were crazy. Race video please.

Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

she apparently went faster than Schooling on that last 50 as Kwabbit mentioned above : WOW !!! Usa’s 200 fly is maybe fully reborn on the international scene .

3 years ago

Her underwaters are just so good. She went a full 12 meters off that last wall and blew past Hansson. Long Course 200 Fly doesn’t really play to her strengths, but she is apparently an amazingly hard worker. I could see her buckling down for 2020 and pulling a Misty Hyman.

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