2018 M. NCAAs: Seliskar Swims to #7 All-Time with 1:40.4 200 IM


Swimmers stepped up to compete in prelims of the 200 IM on Thursday morning at the 2018 Men’s NCAA Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cal’s Andrew Seliskar busted out a best time this morning as he battled with Stanford’s Abrahm DeVine, breaking 1:41 for the first time in 1:40.40. Seliskar trailed DeVine up front, but closed in on the breast leg and took over on the free leg. DeVine also broke 1:41 for the first time, finishing closely behind in 1:40.78.

Seliskar’s Splits:

  • 50 Fly Split- 21.67
  • 50 Back Split- 25.19
  • 50 Breast Split- 28.85
  • 50 Free Split- 24.69
  • Final Time: 1:40.40

Seliskar’s swim makes him the 7th fastest man in history, bumping Florida’s Mark Szaranek and Auburn’s Hugo Gonzalez (formerly tied for 10th) off the list. It was also the 9th fastest performance of all time. Szaranek, the reigning champion, will swim with Seliskar in tonight’s final. The fastest swim in history is a 1:38.13 done by Florida’s Caeleb Dressel when he smashed the American Record to win the 2018 SEC title. Dressel opted not to swim the event here, instead chasing after his 4th consecutive NCAA title in the 50 free.


Place Swimmer Time
1 Caeleb Dressel 1:38.13
2 David Nolan 1:39.38
3 Will Licon 1:40.04
4 Ryan Lochte 1:40.08
5 Josh Prenot 1:40.14
6 Ryan Murphy 1:40.27
7 Andrew Seliskar 1:40.40
8 Bradley Ally 1:40.49
9 Michael Phelps 1:40.58 (T-9)
10 Marcin Cieslak 1:40.58 (T-9)


Place Swimmer Time
1 Caeleb Dressel 1:38.13
2 David Nolan 1:39.38
3 Will Licon 1:40.04
4 David Nolan 1:40.07
5 Ryan Lochte 1:40.08
6 Will Licon 1:40.09
7 Josh Prenot 1:40.14
8 Ryan Murphy 1:40.27
9 Andrew Seliskar 1:40.40
10 Bradley Ally 1:40.49

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A non-e mouse
3 years ago

Great swim for seliskar, this is looking to be a great meet for him!

Joel Lin
3 years ago

Good on Seli. He’s a huge talent & I’m rooting for him to have a huge meet. He could win 3 individual events.

Reply to  Joel Lin
3 years ago

has anyone ever won 3 individual events and not won swimmer of the meet?

Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
3 years ago

Interesting to note that they both tied for 1 of their 3 wins

Reply to  Bob
3 years ago

I think that had something to do with it actually. Dressel and and Baker won 3 outright last year.

Swammer from Wakanda
Reply to  Bob
3 years ago

My conclusion is it is based on individual points scored. 1st is worth 20 and 2nd is worth 17. However, if you share a win, you each score the same amount of points. Since there are only 37 points allocated to the top two spots, each swimmer scores 18.5 points. Therefore Ledecky and Licon scored 58.5 points each last year whereas Dressel and Baker scored 60 points and secured their Swimmers of the Meet titles.

Reply to  Swammer from Wakanda
3 years ago

It’s not solely on points. In fact, 2013-2016 the winner was not the highest individual point scorer.

I’m not certain, but I believe it’s decided on by a coaches vote.

Reply to  iLikePsych
3 years ago

Pretty sure it’s a vote. Usually placement (or points) is one of the first criteria, and then they factor in relay impact and records.

Joel Lin
Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
3 years ago

Dressel is untouchable in his 3 events. He’ll also wreck the records in at least 2 of them.

But…IF Seliskar wins 3 individual events & is a big relay contributor (he’s already been 1:31.2 in the 2 free leading off the relay yesterday), I think that merits him being co-swimmer of the meet. Frankly, I’m rooting for it.

Reply to  Joel Lin
3 years ago

NCAA records also matter during the voting process. Seliskar probably won’t break any whereas Dressel may break 3. It’s not even a debate.

Steve Nolan
3 years ago

Top 10 performers are now 70% Cal and Florida.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
3 years ago

Top 10 performers/performances are now 100% past or present NCAA swimmers and/or Americans/Internationals

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