2018 European Championships: Day 7 Prelims live recap

by Daniela Kapser 9

August 09th, 2018 Europe, International, News


The last preliminary session ot the 2018 European Swimming Championships features the men’ s 400m IM, 4x100m medley relay and the women’s 400m freestyle and also the 4x100m medley relay.


Men’s 400m IM, Preliminaries

  • World Record (WR): 4:03,84, Michael Phelps, 2008
  • World Junior Record (WJ): 4:14,00, Sean Grieshop, 2016
  • European Record (ER): 4:06,16, Laszlo Cseh, 2008
  • European Junior Record (EJ):  4:10,79, Target Time
  • Championship Record (CR): 4:09,59, Laszlo Cseh, 2008

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. VERRASZTO David            HUN     4:14.18
  2. LITCHFIELD Max                GBR      4:14.91
  3. SHEMBEREV Maksym     AZE       4:15.33
  4. VITAL Joao Alexandre     POR      4:15.87
  5. HINTZE Johannes             GER      4:16.18
  6. PONS RAMON Joan Lluis                ESP       4:17.01
  7. STUPIN Maxim  RUS       4:17.60
  8. HEIDTMANN Jacob          GER      4:17.77

The defending champion, Dávid Verrasztó, will start in heat 4/4. He also is the hightest ranked European swimmer in the FINA World Ranking on 6 with a time of 4:11,98. Great Britain’s Mark Szaranek sits on the 9th spot in the World Ranking (4:13,72), he’ll start in heat 3. Switzerland’s Jeremy Desplanches won the 200m IM on day 4, he is the third fastest European in 2018.

A competition schedule with the 400m IM on the last is day is really tough – even for professional swimmers. Three did not show up in the first heat: Turkey’s Batuhan Hakan and Metin Aydin and Armin Evert Lelle (EST). The first heat was won by Turkey’s Alpkan Ornek in 4:27,71. He missed his personal-best time by 5 seconds.

Great Britain’s Brodie Williams didn’t participate in heat 2. It was Maksym Shemberev (AZE) who had his hands at the wall first, he was clocked at 4:15,33. He improved his personal-best time by 5 seconds.

Max Litchfield picked up a little bit more speed in heat 3 and finished the race in the first position with a time of  4:14,91. He was followed by two Germans: Johannes Hintze in 4:16,18 and Jacob Heidtmann in 4:17,77. In the intermediate results, two swimmers from heat 2 stood after heat 3 on place 2 and 3 in front of the Germans: Maksym Shemberev (AZE) and Joao Vital (PORT).

David Verraszto got the job done in the last heat. The clock stopped at 4:14,18 for the defending champion. He was followed by Spain’s Joan Pons Ramon (4:17,01) and Russia’s Maxim Stupin (4:17,60).

Jeremy Desplanches, the winner of the 200m IM, didn’t advance into the final, he placed only 17th in 4:20,89.


Women’s 400m Freestyle, Preliminaries

  • World Record (WR): 3:56,46, Katie Ledecky, 2016
  • World Junior Record (WJ): 3:58,37, Katie Ledecky, 2016
  • European Record (ER): 3:59,15, Federica Pellegrini, 2009
  • European Junior Record (EJ): 4:05,61, Ajna Kesely, 2018
  • Championship Record (CR): 4:01,53, Federica Pellegrini, 2008

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. KESELY Ajna        HUN     4:08.77
  2. HIBBOTT Holly    GBR      4:09.41
  3. KOEHLER Sarah  GER       4:09.85
  4. QUADARELLA Simona     ITA        4:09.97
  5. EGOROVA Anna                RUS      4:10.77
  6. HASSLER Julia     LIE         4:12.03
  7. DURAES Diana Margarida              POR      4:12.16
  8. FAULKNER Eleanor           GBR      4:12.85

The fastest Europeans in 2018 are: Holly Hibbott (GBR) with a season-best time of 4:05,31, Ajna Kesely (HUN) in 4:05,61, Simona Quadarella (ITA) in 4:05,68 and Sarah Köhler (GER) in 4:05,74. Quadarella already won the 800m and 1500m freestyle in the last few days. Köhler grabbed the bronze medal in the 800m freestyle while Ajna Kesely took bronze in the 1500m free and silver in the 800m free.

Poland’s Daniela Georges took the win in the first heat clocking a 4:27,15. Irina Krivogonova won heat 2, she set a time of 4:16,06 ahead of Denmark’s Laura Jensen (4:16,92) and Turkey’s 14-year old youngster Beril Boecekler (4:17,92). Krivonogova improved her lifetime-best by four seconds.

Hungary’s Ajna Kesely dominated the third heat. The 16-year-old showed a fast morning perfomance with a time of 4:08,77 ahead of Great Britain’s Eleanor Faulkner (4:12,85). Kesely is the European Junior Record holder in the event.

Three ladies also stayed under 4:10 in the last heat: Holly Hibbott was clocked at 4:09,41, Sarah Köhler at 4:09,85 and Simona Quadarella at 4:09,97. The defending champion Boglarka Kapas didn’t make it into the final (10., 4:14,23).


Men’s 4x100m Medley, Preliminaries

  • World Record (WR): 3:27,28, USA, 2009
  • World Junior Record (WJ): 3:25,24, Italy, 2017
  • European Record (ER): 3:28,58, Germany, 2009
  • European Junior Record (EJ): 3:35,24, Italy, 2017
  • Championship Record (CR): 3:31,32, France, 2012

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. RUSSIA  3:33.08
  2. HUNGARY           3:35.50
  3. GREAT BRITAIN                 3:35.52
  4. GERMANY          3:35.64
  5. NETHERLANDS  3:35.88
  6. BELARUS             3:36.06
  7. LITHUANIA         3:36.19
  8. SWEDEN              3:36.77

The Russian’s took the top spot for tonight’s final. The Italian team surprisingly didn’t make it into the final. Ireland was disqualified.


Women’s 4x100m Medley, Preliminaries

  • World Record (WR): 3:51,55, USA, 2017
  • World Junior Record (WJ): 3:58,38, Canada, 2017
  • European Record (ER):3:53,38, Russia, 2017
  • European Junior Record (EJ):4:01,05, Target Time
  • Championship Record (CR): 3:55,62, Dennmark, 2014

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. DENMARK          3:58.40
  2. GREAT BRITAIN                 3:59.98
  3. ITALY     4:00.52
  4. NETHERLANDS  4:01.50
  5. FRANCE               4:01.52
  6. RUSSIA  4:02.14
  7. GERMANY          4:02.40
  8. HUNGARY           4:03.92

The Danish ladies made it on top of heat 1. Pernille Blume swam her 100m freestyle part in 52,27. Hungary outperformed Sweden by 0,02 seconds in the second heat.



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2 years ago

Lots of surprises in the IM heats.

2 years ago

So far…

Men free
100 – ITA
200 – GBR
400 – UKR
800 – UKR
1500 – GER
2 UKR, 1 GBR, 1 GER, 1 ITA

Women free
50 – SWE
100 – SWE
200 – FRA
800 – ITA
1500 – ITA
2 ITA, 2 SWE, 1 FRA

Men fly
200 – HUN

Women fly
100 – SWE
200 – HUN
1 HUN, 1 SWE

Men back
100 – RUS
200 – RUS

Women back
100 – RUS

Men breast
100 – GBR
200 – RUS
1… Read more »

Love to Swim
2 years ago

Italian men are out. Shocking!
Just like GBR earlier in the week, Italy made grave mistake by resting all their top swimmers and paid for their arrogance.

Reply to  Love to Swim
2 years ago

You are right and imo is even worst than uk in the 4×100 because Italian medley relay have legit chance for a medal (and dotto yesterday was really bad so it is not unexpected).

Reply to  Emanuele
2 years ago

UK had a legit chance – probably would have got bronze.

You are right though that Italy had a better chance. On bests from this meet they were onl about a second behind UK & Russia, but 3 seconds ahead of Germany in fourth. Makes the battle for bronze very interesting.

2 years ago

Sweden’s women miss out again on a relay final. If they’re going to rest Sjostrom in heats they need to have Michelle Coleman back.

Reply to  Boknows34
2 years ago

They didn’t rest her. She is at the hospital after the 100m freestyle final where she broke her thumb.

Future Tense
2 years ago

Only a sprained thumb. Heavy perhaps, but at least the thumb isn’t broken 🙂
Coleman, I believe, was injuried earlier and didn’t feel she would do herself justice lacking the training she needs.

Reply to  Boknows34
2 years ago

Where is Coleman?