2018 A Finalist Sarah Darcel Out of NCAAs; Teammate In As Next Alternate


Sarah Darcelwho scored 12 points as a freshman last year, is scratched out of the 2019 NCAA Championships. Her teammate Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou is the next alternate, and has been added to the meet, NCAA documents indicate.

Darcel was 8th in the 400 IM last year and 16th in the 200 IM, scoring 12 points. She also competed in the 200 fly, taking 29th. This year, she was projected to score 12 more, coming in with the 12th seed in the 200 IM and the 10th seed in the 400 IM, along with 27th in the 200 fly.

New psych sheets were uploaded to USA Swimming’s NCAA information page at some point today before the meet began. Darcel no longer appears on the updated psych sheets, and in her place is Krivokapic-Zhou. A new alternates list now shows Krivokapic-Zhou as a selected swimmer.

Though Cal’s roster ultimately remains the same size, the scratch is a blow to their scoring chances. Krivokapic-Zhou is a longshot to score: the sophomore is seeded 38th in the 100 back, 53rd in the 200 back and 60th in the 100 fly. Fortunately, Darcel wasn’t on any of Cal’s A relays at Pac-12 and shouldn’t affect their relay lineups at all.

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Bearly Breathing
2 years ago

So what happened?

Reply to  Bearly Breathing
2 years ago

We’ve reached out to Cal for more information.

2 years ago

Disappointed for Sarah, but also excited for Sophie to get the experience after being an alternate last year.

2 years ago

What would have happened if it was another team,
For example, the alternate from Villanova, and this change happened the first day of the meet? How could they expect that alternate to be there?

Reply to  Concerned
2 years ago

I think it was just a coincidence that a cal swimmer was next up

2 years ago

Wonder if they would have scratched her if the alternate swimmer was from Stanford or Texas? Asking for a friend

Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

I doubt they would have scratched a scoring contender for an alternate who won’t score without good reason.

As for your reference for Stanford, that school has already had to cut two swimmers from the meet.

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