2015 Women’s NCAA Division I Swimming & Diving Championships: Pick ‘Em Contest

The Pick ‘Em Contest for the 2015 Women’s NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships are here! Swimming’s version of basketball’s bracket pools, you can now pick against swim fans around the world for the chance to win prizes.


We’re trying a new scoring methodology this year. Correctly picking the winner of a race will earn you 5 points. Correctly picking a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place finisher will earn 4 points. 1 bonus point will be awarded for each swimmer correctly picked to finish in the top 4


Only 1 entry per person. We will validate that each winner had only 1 entry before awarding any prizes. While everyone can enter, to win a prize you must be a legal resident of the United States. Winners are responsible for how any prizes might accept their amateurism. If any winner is ineligible to win a prize, we will give the prize to the next highest finisher.

The contest will close on Thursday morning, prior to the first races at the 2015 Women’s NCAA Championships.

For full, official rules, click here.

Enter the contest here

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6 years ago

for at least the 200 free relay you don’t have the right top 8 seeds

Reply to  klorn8d
6 years ago

I am guessing the don’t have the right top 8 seeds because the psych sheet doesnt show the relay seeds.

6 years ago

We can’t make any changes once we submit, right?

6 years ago

Stanford isn’t even listed on the 400 free relay….

6 years ago

Also Cal isn’t listed as the top relay for the 800 free relay. Considering they have the NCAA record, I assume they are the top seed.

Coach Chackett
Reply to  DMSWIM
6 years ago

Cal didn’t enter with their record time.

6 years ago

I look forward to submitting my picks and finishing in the bottom 10% as per usual.

Me- no smash.

Reply to  Hulk Swim
6 years ago

Right there with ya

6 years ago

Here’s my strategy: I’ll always pick the Canadians to win. Unfortunately, this is not often a winning strategy but this year, Missy Franklin will be an honorary Canadian in my books.

Reply to  Catherine
6 years ago

I won last year by picking many Canadians! I’ve had the great pleasure of training a couple days at the Vancouver National Centre and got to see how technical they train and it works!

6 years ago

Has it closed already? Racing won’t begin for a few hours.

6 years ago

Im trying to make my selections but i cant find where to make them. Has is closed yet because racing starts at 11?

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 years ago

Any possible way they can be opened up until 11 am so I can make selections?

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