2015 NCAA DI Zone Diving Championships: Day 2 Invite Updates

Yesterday, most of the Zone’s completed the women’s 3 meter springboard and men’s 1 meter springboard events. The divers had the first chance to earn an invitation the the men’s or women’s NCAA Championships. To see a full list of qualifiers from the first day of competition around the country, click here. Today, most of the Zones competed for the second day in a row to try to earn a spot on their NCAA’s roster.

Zone’s A, B, and E all completed both women’s 1 meter and men’s 3 meter. Zone D completed the women’s 1 meter event, but are still not finished with the men’s 3m diving. The completed prelims and quarterfinals today and will finish with finals tomorrow.

For a refresher on NCAA Diving Qualifying procedures, click here.

Below are the invites from the second day of the 2015 Zone Diving Championships:


Women’s 1 Meter Springboard (7 Invites)

  1. Kaylea Arnett (Virginia Tech)
  2. Caitlin Chambers (Princeton)
  3. Taryn Urbanus (Connecticut)
  4. Kelli Stockton (Virginia Tech)
  5. Rebecca Corbett (Virginia)
  6. Rachel Eckert (Old Dominion)
  7. Addison Walkowiak (Rutgers)

Men’s 3 Meter Springboard (7 Invites)

  1. Michael Mosca (Harvard)
  2. Jakob Kolod (Virginia)
  3. Thomas Shinholser (Virginia Tech)
  4. Dominic Giordano (Pittsburgh)
  5. Mauro Silva (Virginia Tech)
  6. Kyle Butts (Virginia Tech)
  7. Logan Stevens (Virginia Tech)


Women’s 1 Meter Springboard (10 Invites)

  1. Thea Vock (Miami)
  2. Katrina Young (Florida State)
  3. Julia Vincent (South Carolina)
  4. Cheyenne Cousineau (Miami)
  5. Rachel Mumma (NC State)
  6. Shannon Lumbra (Georgia Tech)
  7. Patti Kranz (South Carolina)
  8. Michole Timm (UNC)
  9. Olivia Ball (Georgia)
  10. Wallace Layland (Miami)

Men’s 3 Meter Springboard (8 Invites)

  1. Samuel Dorman (Miami)
  2. Jack Nyquist (UNC)
  3. Briadam Herrera (Miami)
  4. Liam Stone (Tennessee)
  5. Mauricio Robles Rodriguez (Tennessee)
  6. Cole Miller (South Carolina)
  7. Fraser McKean (Auburn)
  8. Justin Youtsey (Auburn)


*Starts Thursday, March 12


Men’s 3 Meter Springboard (6 Invites)

  1. Will Chandler – Texas
  2. Mark Anderson – Texas
  3. Cory Bowersox – Texas
  4. Matt Barnard – Minnesota
  5.  Dylan Zoe – Minnesota
  6. Manny Pollard – Minnesota

Women’s 1 Meter Springboard (8 Invites)

  1. Yu Zhou (Minnesota)
  2. Madison Hudkins (Texas A&M)
  3. Alexandra Bettridge (LSU)
  4. Anna Filipcic (Nebraska)
  5. Emma Ivory-Ganja (Texas)
  6. Meghan Houston (Texas)
  7. Jessica Ramberg (Minnesota)
  8. Joelle Christy (Iowa)

Men’s 3 Meter Springboard (Only completed prelims/quarterfinals. Finals will take place tomorrow)


Women’s 1 Meter Springboard (8 Invites)

  1. Samantha Pickens (Arizona)
  2. Maria Polyoakova (UCLA)
  3. Kassidy Cook (Stanford)
  4. Aimee Harrison (Hawaii)
  5. Lauren Hall (Hawaii)
  6. Haley Ishimatsu (USC)
  7. Michal Bower (Arizona)
  8. Annika Lenz (UCLA)

Men’s 3 Meter Springboard (7 Invites)

  1. Kristian Ipsen (Stanford)
  2. Rafael Quintero (Arizona)
  3. Jacob Crayne (Utah)
  4. Amund Gismervik (Hawaii)
  5. Dashiell Enos (USC)
  6. Dominic Ricotta (Arizona)
  7. Collin Pollard (USC)

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5 years ago

Nice work, Collin! Just a clarification as Collin’s older brother: he got 3rd even though he’s listed at 7th!

Reply to  Justin Pollard
5 years ago

The correct order is listed for Zone E, Pollard did get 7th on the 3m event… He was 3rd on the 1m event from the first day

5 years ago

For Zone E 3 meter results, the 6th place finisher is listed incorrectly.

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