2014 US National Championships: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

Day two features the 200 freestyle, 200 breaststroke, 200 backstroke, and the 50 butterfly. Click here for the full prelims recap for day two.


Women’s 200 Freestyle – Prelims

Katie Ledecky of Nation’s Capital will be the top seed tonight by two full seconds ahead of California’s Missy Franklin. Ledecky had the fastest time of the day at 1:55.75. That time will stand as the new Junior World Record. She had a strong first 200 during her 800 last night, breaking two minutes to the feet with her 200 split. Franklin finished second with her time of 1:57.83. Leah Smith had the third fastest time at 1:58.35 and Shannon Vreeland was fourth in 1:58.75.

Cierra Runge finished fifth at 1:58.63, followed by Chelsea Chenault in sixth at 1:58.66. Rounding out the top 8 is Elizabeth Beisel and Simone Manuel at 1:58.89 and 1:59.05.

Sarah Henry had the ninth fastest time at 1:59.19 and Lindsay Vrooman finished in 16th at 2:00.37.

Men’s 200 Freestyle – Prelims

Twenty-four swimmers broke 1:50 this morning in the men’s 200 freestyle, and it took 1:48.4 to make it into the A-final. Matt McLean had the fastest time of the morning, touching the wall at 1:46.90. His NBAC teammate, Conor Dwyer, finished second with a 1:47.18. Ryan Lochte reached in for third at 1:47.41. Reed Malone was fourth at 1:47.78.

Clay Youngquist finished fifth with his time of 1:47.93, followed by Michael Weiss in sixth at 1:47.97.

There was a jump up to mid 1:48 for 7th and 8th. Michael Klueh finished seventh at 1:48.44 and Drew Cosgarea was eighth at 1:48.49.

Michael Wynalda had the ninth fastest time of the morning at 1:48.54. Michael McBroom and Trent Williams tied for 16th, so a swim off will be required unless one of them scratches. McBroom doesn’t really need to swim this event tonight, as he is already on the Pan Pac team after his 1500 freestyle last night.

Women’s 200 Breaststroke – Prelims

Micah Lawrence had the fastest time of the morning to earn the top qualifying position in the women’s 200 breaststroke. She hit the wall at 2:23.71. Breeja Larson had the second fastest time of the morning at 2:25.60. Kaylin Burchell finished third, dopping five second, to post a time of 2:26.22. Melanie Margalis was fourth at 2:27.04. Emma Reaney, they SCY American Record holder, finished fifth at 2:27.47.

Molly Hannis finished sixth with her time of 2:27.44. Andee Cottrell also dropped five second to earn the seventh spot in the A-final. She finished with a 2:28.78. Annie Lazor grabbed the last spot of the A-final, finishing eighth at 2:28.91.

Annie Zhu was 9th with her time of 2:29.24 and Katie Olsen finished 16th at 2:30.88.

Men’s 200 Breaststroke – Prelims

Kevin Cordes looked untouchable this morning as he touched the wall under the US Open Record and Meet Record with his time of 2:07.86. Nic Fink had the second fastest time at 2:10.66. BJ Johnson was third with his time of 2:11.23. Josh Prenot finished fourth with his time of 2:11.23. That is close to a second drop for Prenot.

Cody Miller finished in fifth with his time of 2:11.28. DJ Macdonald was right behind him for sixth at 2:11.68.

Matt Elliott and Will Licon were the final two athletes to make the top 8, reaching in at 2:11.73 and 2:12.95.

Trevor Hoyt finished 9th at 2:13.29 and Sam Tierney was 16th at 2:14.64

Women’s 200 Backstroke – Prelims

Elizabeth Beisel has set her self up for a fun race with Missy Franklin tonight. Beisel has the top seed with her time of 2:09.65 this morning. Franklin finished second at 2:09.81. Courtney Batholomew cut just over four seconds to win improve to a 2:10.63 for third. Lisa Bratton was fourth with her time of 2:11.33.

Melanie Klaren finished fifth with her time of 2:11.70, followed by Liz Pelton at 2:12.07.

Kathleen Baker and Kylie Stewart were the final two swimmers to make it into the top 8. They hit the wall for 7th and 8th at 2:12.23 and 2:12.33.

Hali flickinger finished 9th at 2:12.34 and Erin Earley was 16th at 2:13.60.

Men’s 200 Backstroke – Prelims

Tyler Clary had the fastest time of the morning in the men’s 200 backstroke, posting the 10th fastest time in the world this year. He finished with his time of 1:56.97. Ryan Murphy had the second fastest time of the morning, touching at 1:57.78. Connor Green had a strong swim to qualify third, he was just under his previous best at 1:58.27. Jacob Pebley gave California their second qualifier in the   top four of the men’s 200 backstroke. He finished at 1:58.72.

Jonathan Roberts was fifth with his time of 1:58.74, dropping four and half second to make the final. Carter Griffin finished sixth at 1:58.94.

The final two to make it into finals were Ryan Lochte in seventh at 1:59.02 and Sean Lehane in 8th at 1:59.03.

Jack Conger finished ninth with his time of 2:00.19 and Carlos Omana was 16th with his time of 2:01.49.

Women’s 50 Butterfly – Prelims

Claire Donahue had the fastest time of the morning in 26.09. Kendyl Stewart and Kelsi Worrell were second and third at 26.33 and 26.45. Felicia Lee finished fourth at 26.59.

Ivy Martin, Tina Bechtel, Mimi Shneider and Madeline Locus will be joining them in the A-final.

Dani Barbiea finished 9th at 26.92 and Katie Kinnear was 16th at 27.28.

Men’s 50 Butterfly – Prelims

Tim Phillips had the fastest time of the morning in the men’s 50 buttefly. He touched the wall for the top qualifying spot at 23.57.  Matt Grevers finished second at 23.86. Connor Black was third at 23.91 and Eugene Godsoe was fourth at 23.96.

Josh Schneider, Giles Smith, and Santo Condorelli will be joining them in the final. band Matthew Josa tied for 8th place, and a swim off wil be required to determine who gets into the A-final and who will be the top seed in the B-final. Connor Knight and Brad deBorde tied for 15th at 24.26.


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great morning swim for Beisel!

Steve Nolan

Oh yessir! What’s her best 200 free? That’s gotta be close, if not it.


I would love to see her make the relay! Not sure what her best is though


Pretty sure it’s a 1:59 high. She means business right now. I think she will go 4:05 in the 400 free. I hope she swims the 800 at Pan Pacs. If she can go 4:05, she’s got an 8:20 in her and could potentially find herself on the podium in Kazan with another year of training.


What is wrong with Allison Schmitt? She went 1:56 in season!


Agreed – she died like a champ on that


I know…it makes me sad to see.

bobo gigi

Yes. It’s weird. She looked back at a very good level this season.


Where is Hoff???

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