Video of Connor Black’s National High School Record in the 100 Fly

Connor Black of Mundelien High School in suburban Chicago swam a 46.71 to become the fastest public school swimmer in high school history on Saturday. Black is a high school senior who will be headed to Stanford next year.

Thanks to Karl Ortegon, a junior swimmer at Evanston Township High School, for taking this video, and for keeping up with live Tweeting from what ended up being a really fast meet all weekend.  Follow Karl Ortegon on Twitter here!

Black is obviously strong, but the smoothness of his stroke is really impressive. Also, check out Andrew Jovanovic, who is headed to Northwestern next year, in the lane below him that pushes him through the first 75 yards. Jovanovic was 2nd in 48.11 in this race.


  1. Newsom says:

    2 thoughts: 1) doesn’t look like the fastest pool in the world and 2) when he gets killer walls he can go much faster. Impressive time.

    • nedstark says:

      You know what they say: Water is water. Props to the other kid taking it out and pushing him. What year is Black?

    • JBOTTS says:

      the pool is New Trier Highschool. It is TERRIBLE. I absolutely hate swimming there because there is no warm down pool and it is an incredibly small space. cudos to everyone who swam. it was awesome!

  2. JBOTTS says:

    the craziest thing about this race is that Andrew has won it THE PAST 2 YEARS! (as a sophmore and a junior) Where was Connor at all this time?

    • Fubar5038 says:

      He swam the 50 and 100 Free last year (20.54 and 44.77). He also went 19.80 in the 50 Free (state record) and split 20.94 in the medley relay (fly) this year.

      • ole 99 says:

        Would have been nice to see what Black could have done in the 100 free as well. He went a 44.87 leading off his school’s 4 x 100 free relay at sectionals the week before.

  3. bobo gigi says:

    Please stop with all these “Oh my God”! I know it’s very used in USA so ok for one but four in a row!!!!
    Is it the same pool where Miss America Olivia Smoliga has broken her high school records last November? Because there’s perhaps small space but I remember a great atmosphere in this pool.

  4. pvk says:

    How about a 45.94 (NCAA “A” cut) or below from either him, Conger, or Schooling? I’m thinking Conger at NCSA’s.

  5. Olsswim says:

    Smoliga’s swims were done at Evanston Township. The illinois state meet is alternates between the two schools every year.

  6. Ben says:

    his underwaters are clearly not as good as Javonovic’s yet he still can go crazy on the last 25.. incredible

    • KB says:

      Jovanovic relies almost completely on his underwater ability, he did the same in the 100 back that day, which is impressive. Black’s smoothness on top of the water and his height earned him the record for this race.

  7. osd says:

    Black (and Reed Malone who went 135.60 in the 200) are entered in the Illinois Senior meet this weekend in the 100 free. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

    • Daniel says:

      The Illinois Senior State meet isn’t taken seriously by Black or Malone. Its just to get some racing in before Juniors a couple weeks later

  8. patrickmcbride says:

    Why aren’t they updating their pools in Chicagoland? I just endured a replastering at my USF pool in San Francisco, and it needs to done every 20 years. New Trier and Evanston are overdue for renovations. I remember the state meet used to be in Hinsdale too. What’s up with Illinois swimming.

  9. JBOTTS says:

    has anyone else noticed that connor breathes every stroke?

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