More Details on Time Between Utah Dual Meet and Eric Hansen’s Leave of Absence

SwimSwam has received more information on what happened in the lead-up to former head coach Eric Hansen’s initial leave of absence from the University of Arizona.

Upon returning to Tucson from the men’s team’s dual meet loss to the University of Utah late Saturday, the men’s swim team was ordered to report to the pool for a practice.

Update to the above: there have been several conflicting stories about the practice mentioned above and what time it happened, though all parties agree that there was a practice sometime late after the team arrived back to campus on October 19th.

On October 20th, police and emergency personnel were called to Hansen’s residence in Tucson, where Hansen resided with a male roommate, the deputy responding to the case told SwimSwam today. This call did not involve any physical altercations, according to the responding deputy. Due to the personal nature of the matter, we believe that it is beyond ethical journalistic guidelines to report further details on this call, specifically.

No arrests were made after that call, and SwimSwam was unable to locate any other indication of further or prior legal incidents, calls, or complaints involving Hansen.

Hansen’s leave was formally announced by Athletic Director Greg Byrne on October 22nd.

The university has declined repeatedly to comment about the reason for Hansen’s initial leave of absence, and we continue to be unable to reach Hansen directly. Therefore, we cannot verify that any of the above is related to his resignation or leave of absence, rather the information is presented as what happened between the team’s return to Tucson and the announcement that he had taken a leave of absence.

The intent of sharing this information is to address many of the rumors that we have heard circulating about possible incidents that may have happened between the team’s return from Utah and Hansen’s leave of absence that would have likely included further investigation or reports from Pima County Police. At the same time, we cannot guarantee that no complaints have been made or crimes committed, we can only say definitively that after a thorough search, we found no crimes, allegations of crimes, or any other police reports that were filed.


  1. Steve Nolan says:

    Well, that certainly clears that up.

  2. Joe Momma says:

    It really does clear things up!!!!! I tried reading between the lines but it is tough because my iPhone screen is scratched.

    Now that we got to the bottom of this case, can anyone say what is going in with the coach from the U of Georgia?

  3. Dolla Sign says:

    Can someone explain this to me in a simpler form?

  4. dmswim says:

    What I got from it was that the leave of absence was either related to making the kids practice in the middle of the night or it was was related to the “domestic disturbance” at Hansen’s home. Not that that tells us much.

  5. Nomad says:

    I’m confused…. Did the mens team really go practice when they got in at 2 am?…. Isn’t that more than likely against NCAA rules… gotta fit those hours in boys.

    And… if there were no physical altercations….?…… This whole thing still feels very very fishy.

    This article literally made this whole thing more confusing and more mysterious…

  6. Anonymous says:

    The chain of events if I was on the team and the coach just declared there was going to be practice at 7am after arriving at 2am:
    1. Ignore the coach and sleep in
    2. If I was punished in any way I would give the coach one chance to withdraw the punishment or else I would go to the AD.

    • kona says:

      did you realize that they practice at 2 am? couldn’t tell from your comments.

      • anonymous says:

        No, I did not realize they practiced at 2AM – likely because I cannot comprehend that level of lunacy. But if that is the case, I would have gone home and spoken to the AD the next day and done everything in my power to get the coach fired.

    • anonymous 2 says:

      Thats whats wrong with the sport right there. Be tough, suck it up and go to practice or quit. I can’t imagine this is what led to the firing of a coach, but people who complain to higher administration and put added pressure on a coach for doing his job and making his team better is the kind of stuff that forces people out.

      • anonymous says:

        Why should the swimmer have to quit, as you say? Get the coach fired – problem solved.

        • anonymous 2 says:

          Because that is incredibly selfish and most likely hurts the program and the swimmers who succeeded under that coach. But I doubt that would stop people who think the world revolves around them from crying to higher ups the minute they are pushed out of their comfort zone. How about trusting the coach you signed with to make you better? He’s probably more knowledgable and valuable than a single swimmer who just doesn’t want to work hard.

          • anonymous says:

            This isn’t the military where there needs to be strict chain of command and obedience to orders. If this happened at a military university I would potentially understand.

          • coach says:

            If it takes a 2:00 AM practice for you to get through to your team, you’re not a very effective coach.

          • max says:

            I think zona’s times from the past couple of years speak for his coaching abilities.

    • huh says:

      No, it is not the military, however, it is a dictatorship. YOU chose to be on HIS team. Your lack of forethought when trying to “stick it to the man” reeks of immaturity and unintelligence.

      But go ahead, skip the morning workout. He’ll skip you name next time he goes to make the travel roster. To every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. So was it really worth sleeping in?

      Feel free to go to the athletic department. Just know that if you don’t succeed in getting him fired (the chances are high that you won’t get him fired), he will make the rest of your time on the team a living hell to the point where you’ll just probably quit. Was it really worth going in and complaining to the AD? Losing scholarship? Losing the sport you love? Losing your team? Losing your friends?

      • Steve Nolan says:

        Yes. Just take it. It was made plainly clear when you signed up as a high school senior, when Coach told you and your parents straight up – PRACTICES WILL BE HELD AT 2AM RIGHT AFTER GETTING OFF A PLANE AND STUFF. NO TATTLING. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN.

        • huh says:

          I’m fluent in sarcasm. I don’t mean this as a demeaning question, but did you swim in college?

          Unfortunately, when seniors are being recruited, they are only told the positive aspects of the school. This is fundamental to recruiting. Why would an athlete want to go to a school that has a crazy coach? Long dry-season? Curfew? Hard practices? The list goes on. Simply put, they won’t. At the end of the day, it is college athletics, and these kids are on scholarship. This is a contract between the school and the athlete, money for services rendered, or in this case swimming. If they don’t like it, they can give the money back and pay for school by themselves.

          Normally, I would say that 2 a.m. practice is totally unnecessary; however, from individuals that I have talked with, the men’s team did not take the Utah dual meet “seriously” and given the outcome, I think a 2 a.m. practice is a fitting punishment. Remember, these kids are taking scholarship money to represent and compete for the school at the best of their abilities.

          What I can tell you is that I competed in the same conference, and had my team lost to Utah (at home or away), 2 a.m. practice would be a walk in the park compared to what my coach would have put us through. We had a meet where we lost a relay, we swept the meet except for the last relay, and we regretted it for the next 2 weeks.

        • huh says:

          Or better yet, if you have a problem with it, be the young adult that you are supposed to be and talk to the coach about it, like a MAN. Don’t go behind his back to get him fired. Going to the AD should be reserved for situations where there is open channel of communication.

          • coacherik says:

            “Feel free to go to the athletic department. Just know that if you don’t succeed in getting him fired (the chances are high that you won’t get him fired), he will make the rest of your time on the team a living hell to the point where you’ll just probably quit. Was it really worth going in and complaining to the AD? Losing scholarship? Losing the sport you love? Losing your team? Losing your friends?”

            This is the same rationale used by people who turn a blind eye to other terrible things coaches have done (or the abuser themselves); because a coach was successful or you don’t want to lose your spot, you don’t dare attempt to turn in an abusive coach? This is ridiculous, to take anything outside of what is expected, because you have to be a man about it?

            I am hoping you don’t hold a high admin position where you have the opportunity to apply this deeply flawed logic.

  7. 3sk says:

    I feel like 7 am practice is fair after getting home when you are Arizona and you lose to Utah…. Although the Busch Era is over.

  8. Abc says:

    I am sure this didn’t go down as a planned morning practice but I swam at a D1 school (2006-2010) and we once drove back from a meet arriving on campus at 2 am and had our typical Saturday morning swim and lift at 8 am. Not that my experience makes what happened at Arizona right…but less than ideal practice and travel schedules do happen.

    As for the chain of events involving the cops. I agree…things don’t seem to quite add up.

    • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

      To clarify: three members of the Arizona team have told us that the boys had practice at both 2AM, and then 5 hours later at 7AM.

      Update: Other members of the Arizona team have disputed this.

      There is unanimous agreement that there was a practice late after the team returned from Utah.

  9. Confuzzled says:

    The article is a little unclear. Did they practice at both 2am and 7am when they returned? Was there a non-physical altercation at Hansen’s home?

  10. get it straight says:

    Seems some of you are missing the point. The team came in at 2:00am, went straight to the pool for a workout THEN went home and back to the pool at 7:00am.

  11. theroboticrichardsimmons says:

    To restate the question a few of us are asking: did the team do a practice at 2 am and then again at 7 am?

    • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

      Asked and answered. Yes, the men’s team practiced at 2AM and at 7AM, according to several members of that team.

      • Miguel Palota says:

        A practice at 2:00AM and another one at 7:00AM is pretty stupid no matter what the motivation. That seems pretty daft to me… That said, in and of itself, it seems no reason for the guy to be suspended.

        If he was using demeaning language on the deck, though, and chucking kick-boards around… That, in today’s environment, will get you the boot.

        I should clarify further: If he was using demeaning language describing his swimmers and chucking stuff at ‘em, time for him to go. There’s no place for that.

        I don’t think there’s any mystery here. Reading between the lines it appears that a domestic dispute, in combination with some poor behaviour at a practice or practices got the guy jugged.

  12. Champ says:

    I feel like Hansen’s leave of absence/resignation has much more to do with what happened at his home rather than having a practice at 2 AM and 7 AM

  13. Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

    Arizona Liver – the deputy who responded to the call mentioned nothing even close to resembling that, so I’m not sure where that information came from. If it happened, it was hidden from the responding deputy, which I have a hard time believing.

    • Desert Factory says:

      First off I want to express my support for coach. He was very upset at our loss to
      Utah which is very understandable.
      Did perhaps he go to far in making us practice late at night? Maybe.
      Generally I believe NCAA regulations are skirted far to much in college sports…
      evidently a line that should not be crossed is sleep deprivation.

      Possibly there is more to this story that we will all understand as time passes. It
      absolutely seems like something else happened that has not been discussed.
      Certainly the police visit to coach Hanson’s house after they were summoned is
      key, after that after that event he was apparently in some kind of distress clearly.
      Everything seems strange I think it would be best to wait for 100% facts currently.
      Reader comments section everyone. My motto is“Innocent until proven guilty”.

    • Hbyh says:

      Who made the call to police and emergency personnel? What was the call regarding to have police dispatched?

      • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

        Hbyh – we hope to post more information on that soon. We just want to be absolutely careful with the details, so were vetting them very carefully.

        • Lindag says:

          What happened to the additional info that was promised?

          • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

            Lindag – we have still been unable to appropriately verify the rest of the information.

          • lindag says:

            Well, thanks for your attempt at reporting the truth. I guess it is time to let this one die and allow Eric to pursue his dream job of being a fly fisherman guide! Wish he had done that 3 years ago!

      • Lorraine says:

        You can’t support a coach violating coaching rules. Rules are rules. And if you allow the Eric Hansen’s of the world to violate them – and you don’t FIRE THEM post haste – you just tell the world this university will turn around and put another NCAA rule violating coach in place – because no one cares about protecting the swimmers.

        This occurred mid season. His abuse of the swimmers impacted them MID SEASON.

        Eric Hansen was not canned immediately for doing this? He should have been. You can’t erase the damage he did to Division One swimmers after this Pac 12 meet. Hansen unprofessionally imploded all over the place – and all Arizona did was issue a severance package to Eric Hansen and make sure he is “happy” as he exits stage left – leaving an entire swim program abused and mistreated and absent a head coach mid season? Come on. How can anyone “defend” that?

  14. Abc says:

    More details are needed to really flush out for this story to be complete… What about the assistant coaches? Did they stand by as this 2am and then 7am practice went down? What really happened at the Hanson house? I understand not wanting to spread false rumors but is there a reason you are choosing to not name the roommate?

    • kona says:

      why do you need to know the name of the roommate? keep him out of this story!

      • abc says:

        Mainly just out of curiosity because I, like I am sure many people in the swimming community have heard rumors long before the leave of absence started in October. Now having seen Arizona Liver’s take on the incident.. even if they are grandiose, I suppose the name is no longer important to this set of incidents.

      • SanSan says:

        I agree – I obviously don’t know what went down, but it seems moot that there was a roommate there and that he is a male…

  15. Richard Saunders says:

    The UofA Swim Program under Frank Busch was about integrity, values, morals and felt like a family
    This situation is a disgrace
    A coaches personal values do matter
    I hope the next coach can restore Frank’s values and his legacy!

  16. Bossanova says:

    Arizona Liver’s story sounds the most plausible right now. At least it explains the connection between the 2 am practice and the police going to his house… which both appear to be relevant to his firing from what I’ve read. This story also fits all the holes in the article.

  17. Hulk Swim says:

    I think it really comes down to the incident at his home. The post arrival and early morning workouts while harsh, are nothing to get a coach fired or forced to resign. We’ve all heard worse stories of top program coaches doing that kind of stuff.

  18. Swimmer says:

    As a swimmer on the team, this is the first I’ve heard of any vandalism incident. I’m not sure who started that rumor but go ahead and put that to rest. It’s a false accusation

  19. WHAT!?!? says:

    That is the most salacious story I’ve heard in 2014, you must have a very vivid imagination. Why wouldn’t there be reports of said swimmers being removed from the team and University if it were true?

  20. get it straight says:

    knowing the team and what went down, there is no way arizona liver is correct. these are totally false accusations and should be nipped in the bud. the boys might have been bummed about the practice but they are not vindictive and would NEVER do something like that. i just hope that if DeMont wants the job – and he’s doing a fine one PLUS the team respects and likes him – he gets it. Stop speculating and spreading false rumors.

    • Peterdavis says:

      From all accounts everybody respects and likes DeMont. He seems like the coolest guy ever. I picture him leaving the pool deck, riding his Triumph back to his airplane hangar, where his sole possessions decorate the vast interior: a king size brass bed, a Piper L-4 that he spends all of his free time restoring, and a case or five of Olympia beer. He lives there with his 26 year old girlfriend, and only takes time out from coaching to escape from Nazi prison camps and/or chase criminals around the streets of San Francisco in his 68 Mustang GT for extended periods of time. I could be thinking of someone else though.

  21. ACHILLES says:

    Sounds like Hansen flipped out a bit and just couldn’t wrap his head around the loss at Utah. In retrospect the outcome isn’t that surprising right now knowing how good Utah is this year AND factoring in the dual meet format AND the home purgatory trifecta of pool, altitude, and raucous crowd. My belief is Utah can hold their own against almost any team at home with their big three swimmers winning a couple events each. Add in their terrific diving while capturing just 1 out of 2 relays means, as they say in basketball, “it’s lights out baby”. You only need a handful of excellent swimmers and 1 winning diver to win a dual meet.

  22. Make some sense says:

    Ok. So the story is a few angry rogue swimmers go and vandalize their coaches home but the coach is fired and nothing happens to the swimmers? Are you serious? Does anyone have a logical cell in their brain here?

    • Sean Justice says:

      From the comments, the post about the vandalizing of the coach’s house is wrong, there are not any facts at this time to back it up (the poster is just report rumors or trying to bash a program and/or person). In this case, the reason for the resigning is not really clear. Swimswam is doing a good job of reporting the facts and not reporting every rumor on this. It seems that this may be, I do not know for sure, linked to the events of the Utah weekend. I am sure as soon as more information is available and can be checked out as valid we will hear about it.

  23. CoachGB says:

    The 2 AM workout is ridiculous and even the 7 AM also shows Svengalism that needs to disappear from the sport.

  24. mini bus says:

    a well know russian coach based in Australia would do random hour (late nights / early morings) training sessions to make his athletes better….2 of them went onto olympic gold?

    • Sean S says:

      It is different when you are a professional swimmer and you know that is part of what you signed on for. The majority of swimmers at Arizona are 18-24 year old kids who will never win an Olympic medal and are trying to be full time students on top of their training.

  25. NCAA RULES says:

    NCAA Bylaws prohibit practice or competition between the hours of 12:00 am and 5:00 am local time.

  26. NCAA RULES says:

    NCAA Bylaws prohibit practice or competition between the hours of 12:00 am and 5:00 am.

  27. Wahoofan says:

    One thing that is clear, is that in the aftermath of incidents such as Sandusky at Penn State,Coach Rice at Rutgers, Petrino at Arkansas) is that University AD’s are exercising increased scrutiny over the actions of coaches and assistants, and actions that reflect poorly on the university (whether criminal, abusive, NCAA violations, or simply just poor exercise of judgement) will not be tolorated; furthermore, head coaches can no longer retain sole control over the firing and discipline of assistants – and if a head coach refuses to concur in the firing of an assistant (or agree to contract changes that remove him/her from sole control over the hiring/firing of assistants), then the head coach will be dismissed. This holds for not just swimming, but for all collegiate sports, and if its being applied to coaches of the revenue sports like football, basketball, then a swim coach has little prospects for fighting the trend.

    • Peterdavis says:

      Sandusky was a child molester who had his buddies help him cover up his serial rape of young boys. Rice was a physically and verbally abusive jackass who got caught on camera and attracted crowds to watch him abuse players at practice. Petrino cheated on his wife with his team manager’s s.o., and publicly embarrassed the uni by getting in a drunken bike crash with said mistress. The whole second half of your comment isn’t right. Every single football and bball coach retains full control of hiring and firing assistants. I assume yours is a gripe with UVA specifically, and Bernadino’s firing. Take it up with them, because that isn’t how it would have gone down at almost any other school.

  28. chestrockwell says:

    what does the roommate or their gender have to do with the story?

    • Peterdavis says:

      Seeing as how you’re name, along with your buddy Brock’s, were inspired by Rock Hudson, I figured you might be more familiar with the euphemism ‘male roommate.’

      • duckduckgoose says:

        Understood the euphemism, but don’t get the relevance to the story.

      • Peterdavis says:

        There is one and only one reason to include the word ‘male.’ More so if one is already aware of the facts.

        Ok. I was trying to say exactly what I said. I was answering a question, while pointing out that the article included a curious extra bit of information. I still don’t know how I feel about the fact that it was included, so I left it at pointing it out, and didn’t editorialize.

        Also, since I watched The Making of Ben Hur a bit ago, I know that Rock Hudson passed the lead role off to Charlton Heston for reasons ironically relevant to the Zona coach’s saga. He was at the front of my mind when, of all people, Chest Rockwell chimed in. If you weren’t aware, Chest and his buddy Brock Lander’s were characters written by screenwriter Paul Thomas Anderson for Boogie Nights, and their names were modeled after Rock’s, as are so many stage names and adult actor pseudonyms.

        The only thing nagging me was the thought that Chest could be a crafty poster, perhaps referencing Prince Paul’s alter ego in his project The Handsome Boy Modeling School, but then I figured that to be that obscure and also that dedicated to never revealing this fact, he’d have to be a level 11 hipster, as is only found in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So after some quick mental math, I figured with a population of about 125,000, with roughly 50% of that being hipsters, the rest Hasids and bike messengers, that leaves us only 62,500 candidates for level 11 hipstersdom. Divided by world population, because Chest could be posting from anywhere, we get a 0.0009% chance that Chest could be a hipster in Williamsburg, much less an elite, Toms wearing, rooftop-mushroom-growing, ironic-vinyl-polka-listening hipster capable of such subtle allusions. But if you ask yourself, ‘could he be posting from anywhere?’ you might have the same thought that I did, that he would have to be a part of the 39% of the world population that has internet access. 39% of 7.1 billion narrows us down to about 2.77 billion Internet users, of which there is a .002% chance that one would be from Williamsburg, on top of being neither Orthodox nor a bike messenger, and thus even eligible to be a level 11er. Better odds, but I made the snap judgement and assumed that Chest was referencing the movie that made Marky Mark a ‘great big shining star,’ so I was ready to post with confidence. I should have analyzed the degree of class which I was displaying, because what I sometimes forget is that ‘class’ is the most important thing on the internet. The internet isn’t a forum for the most free and open exchange of information, nearly instantaneously, to a degree the human race has ever encountered, it is the Russian Tea Room.

        I hope I don’t have to explain to you my thought processes for every post I make. Because the above is actually very close to what the three seconds prior to posting that single sentence looked like in my head. I know you said you didn’t want to know, but I figured you were just being polite.

        By chance, can you tell me what was classless, or what classless means?

    • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

      Twitter says… – that would seem to be pretty clear evidence that they were in the water, at least, at or before approximately 10:00 PM local time after the meet.

      • Twitter says... says:

        Has anyone gotten confirmation about why they were there at 8ish anyway? Was it just because they lost? Or because they had just flown or what?

  29. Giles Smith says:

    As a Senior Co-Captain of Arizona Mens Swim Team. Not ONE MEMBER!!!! Of our team attempted to vandalize Eric Hansen’s house. That rumor is libelous and completely as far from the truth as you can get… Arizona has a great Interim Head Coach whom many top programs would be blessed to have as their head coach in Rick Demont. The Wildcats will be just when March rolls around. And thats a personal guarantee.

    Giles Smith

    • thanks giles! i was waiting for some one of character from the team or community to clear this one up!

    • coach says:


      Many in the swimming community are concerned with some of Eric’s choices, but I think I speak for a large majority of coaches when I say that the swimming community is cheering you all on. It has not been an easy road for your class, and it is unfortunate that this collegiate program had so many distractions over the past few years.

      Hopefully there is little talk of this news on the pool deck or in the locker room, because you men have the leadership in place to head to NCAAs and make a large statement.

      Much respect.

  30. Giles Smith says:

    As a Senior Co-Captain of Arizona Mens Swim Team. Not ONE MEMBER!!!! Of our team attempted to vandalize Eric Hansen’s house. That rumor is libelous and completely as far from the truth as you can get… Arizona has a great Interim Head Coach whom many top programs would be blessed to have as their head coach in Rick Demont. The Wildcats will be just fine when March rolls around. And thats a personal guarantee.

    Giles Smith

    • Peterdavis says:

      Here lies Arizona Liver, put to bed on 1/22/14.

    • Twitter says... says:

      Giles, can you clear up when and why there was a men’s practice held after the Utah meet? There seems to be much debate and someone on your team is clearly lying about it. Three men say it was at 2am and again at 7am. “Others” on the team deny that. What is the truth?

      • Bossanova says:

        I can clear up why there was a men’s practice held after the Utah meet, TO GET BETTER AT SWIMMING SO IT DOESN’T HAPPEN AGAIN!

    • Adam Depmore says:

      Good luck at NCAA’s this year man! You guys were awesome last year and you did a great job swimming the fly! Wishing nothing but the best for you guys!

  31. random says:

    did anyone watch the movie MIRACLE and what happened after the US lost to I think Croatia… Do we not venerate that coach… just saying if the workouts are the only matter.

  32. JC says:

    -Heard that coaches and at least some interviewed swimmers had to sign confidentiality agreement. This would explain why the story has been so tight.
    - Eric was living with a man that was volunteer coaching. He disappeared from the pool deck at the same time as Eric.

    We will probably never know.

    • Brian says:

      That seems like the most obvious explanation I’ve seen so far. Makes me wonder how homophobic this sport really is.

      • abc says:

        If this roommate was one of the volunteer coaches… given the names in this article… the implication would be that this roommate was one of his former swimmers…. http://www.arizonawildcats.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=30700&ATCLID=208612361

        This then starts to call into question the timeline on this relationship… was there while not illegal but frowned upon coach-athlete relationship while at Wisconsin? That is going to be a larger issue for the university than a person’s sexuality.

        • Brian says:

          Interesting. And he’s no longer listed as a volunteer assistant.

        • Swimmer says:

          Please show some sensitivity. Trying to pull someone’s name into this when they obviously don’t want to be identified is cruel. He should have the right to his privacy. The people who provided you with this information can obviously understand that. Leave it be. You are assuming there was a relationship, but no facts have been presented to confirm that.

          • Swimmer says:

            What I’m trying to say is that the writers of this article understand that the person you are talking about should have the right to remain anonymous. Especially because this could have nothing to do with him

  33. Sam says:

    This entire story is just plain crazy……..

    BTW, just because two men live together does not mean that they are gay which is being insinuated here. Or at least it seems like it.

    I live with my best friend and we’re not. He’s a lot easier to get along with than a female. A whole lot easier.

    I speak from experience.

    • Peterdavis says:

      For your sake, I hope you don’t introduce him to your parents as your ‘male roommate,’ unless he really is your ‘male roommate.’

      • Sam says:

        No need to worry Peter. Our families have known each other for decades. My mom and his mom were good friends and my sisters and his sisters were buddies.

        My friend and I started first grade together and have been pals ever since.

  34. UofA Swim Fan says:

    Regardless of whether or not there was any sort of romantic relationship between Hansen and the volunteer coach\former U of Wisconsin swimmer, outside the world of NCAA sports, it is usually highly frowned upon to live under the same roof as your boss. It creates a huge conflict of interest.

    I am hoping that Rick Demont will get the head coach job. My kids have taken swim lessons from his swim school and the instructors are great. I can see why the UofA swimmers like him so much.

  35. CoachGB says:

    To get one part of this story Settled Rick should be installed as permanent Head Coach. He is a great person and coach. Get it done Arizona!

  36. Mariusz says:

    As an Alum and a coach I am personally disturbed with negative attention we are getting as a school and swim program. Frank and all the coaches of the past worked very hard to make U of A the premier program in the nation. What we need at this time is a clear direction with great leadership. What we don’t need is more speculation and rumors. What we do need is for this great program and its athletes to get the support they deserve and need in this turbulent time, especially with Championship season starting in about a month. What we do not need is another search looking for replacement eslewhere. What we do need is for administration to realize that we have had a great coach and a leader all alone. Rocket (Rick DeMont) has been a pillar of stability for our program and has earned admiration and respect of anyone who ever worked with him or swum for him. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a right guy provide exactly the kind of leadership is needed during this difficult time. The sooner this happens the better for swimmers and the program. BEAR DOWN!!!

    • duckduckgoose says:

      Great heartfelt post about Demont, but why undercut your credibility by embellishing UofA’s position in college swimming? No unbiased observer believes UofA is the premier swim program in the Pac-12, let alone nationally. Would say the exact same thing if someone made a similar claim about Tennessee in the SEC or nationally. For the record think that ‘Zona and UT bring much to the party, but neither can make a credible case for conference or national superiority. Boolo boola and all, but unreasonable assertions aren’t helpful.

      • Mariusz says:

        Duckduckgoose, I never claimed for Arizona to be a contender this year. However, I did refer to Cats as a premier program in the nation which we are even and for that we do not need to be bias. BEAR DOWN!!!

        • duckduckgoose says:

          Had you originally posted “a” rather than “the” premier program in the nation, I wouldn’t have commented. Wording just rang false. Really respect and admire DeMont and UofA swimming and definitely not trying to pile on. Best of luck to the ‘Cats this weekend.

  37. Joel Lin says:

    A positive outcome I hope may come of this is for Rick Demont to take the long well earned and deserved head coaching position at UA. He has been a rock for that program for over two decades and is one of the elites in the coaching trade.

  38. SwimMa says:

    I must be missing something here. Why is it our business who is room mate is? A lot of people have same sex roommates and that is all they are ROOM MATES.
    Why does anyone need to insinuate anything. I think the real issue here is the 2am practice and then another at 5am. Athletes always try to do their best, and they work very hard, and give up a lot of things to be the best they can be in their sport. These athletes are going to school full time and when they have earned the privilege of making the travel team, they also get behind in their classwork. There are only so many hours in day and classes, labs, and scheduled practices take up most of that. So what happens is the athlete’s usually reduce the number of hours they have to sleep in order to catch up on studies. They do this day in and day out and are constantly exhausted. Yet they do their best to perform at the top of their game when the Team expects it. This is probably why NCAA regulations prohibit practices between midnight and 5am. Someone has to protect the athletes. Coaches some time are so set on a goal they lose sight of the bigger picture. I have seen coaches throw chairs at swimmers, personally berate them and belittle them, and curse at them, and get away with it because they have had swimmers make the Olympics. Perhaps those swimmers would have made it anyway without that coach. There is a lot of abusive behavior on pool decks and parents look the other way because they think it will make their child better in the sport. These swimmers are in a place where they can lose their scholarships and maybe not make the travel team unless they make the coach happy. Basically,put up with abuse, that if perpetrated in any situation outside a pool deck would not be allowed. In domestic abuse one of the classic signs of abuse is waking someone up at night or when they are extremely tired and forcing them to scrub floors, wash dishes, or some work while being berated. It makes the person doing the abuse feel powerful, and makes them feel better about themselves because they are controlling basic life functions. It does nothing to make the abused better at anything or make them a better person. They simply are too tired to fight back and stand up to the abuse because they are in a situation that is not under their control, and are too tired to think clearly. People have looked the other way at coaches who use these tactics because they have a track record of winning. But what are we teaching our children by standing by and allowing another adult to abuse them, verbally, physically, or emotionally because we think it will make them better at something is wrong. We are enabling them to become victims. They will not know that abusive behavior is wrong.
    Having swimmers hit the water for a practice after losing to a rival and after a long day, and at 2am and again at 5am was meant to be a punishment. I think the swimmers were already punishing themselves for not living up to expectations. A better way to handle this would have been to acknowledge the defeat and the disappointment every one was experiencing,.Tell them to go home and get some rest and come back the next morning at a reasonable hour prepared to face a tough workout and do some soul searching. If they truly wanted to be the best they could be, start fresh with a clean slate and lessons learned and move forward. Instead, someone in a position of power over the athletes was able to punish and belittle them because he was angry and didn’t have the proper tools to deal with his disappointment and did what made him feel better. Punish(ABUSE) his athletes.
    I hope this coach gets some help with how to treat others in a healthy relationship, and how to truly inspire his athletes to achieve all they can and live their dreams. The swimmers on this team need to stand together and hold each other up and move forward as a group to
    put this behind them and show everyone how good they really are.From what I have seen here, it looks like they have some great team captains, and I know all of their hard work and dedication will pay off for them in a big way this season. I will certainly be pulling for them.

  39. DL says:

    I think that clearly the leave of absence and the ensuing resignation is not a result of the 2 AM and 7 AM practices alone. There are personal problems that Coach Hansen has that affected his coaching performance and his life in general. In due time, I am sure details will come out. But let’s not forget that Coach Hansen is a fallible human being, like the rest of us. He may have made mistakes, and as a result his career appears to be in shambles. Everyone of a certain age has had to go through rough times in their work, marriage, etc. I feel his pain and I hope he can recover in due time.

  40. Bossanova says:

    Any new info here?

  41. Chuck says:

    Either the UofA team had 2am and 7am practice after the Utah meet or they didn’t.

    Someone needs to confirm this. It’s not that difficult or is it?

    • A says:

      If you take the time to read the article and the comments, it is clear that there is no definitive answer. Some swimmers have claimed that there was a 2 am and 7am practice, and many other swimmers have denied that. Since I am sure that almost all of these people commenting were not there at the potentially non-existent practice, there is no way for us to confirm or deny, and we should probably stop asking the exact same question every fifth comment.

      • Chuck says:

        Yes there is a definitive answer and it’s a very simple yes or no.

        No one somehow connected to the team seems to have the intestinal fortitude to give an honest answer or they have agreed to keep it quiet.

        Maybe a parent or a friend of a team member could chime in under a fake name or something.

        It’s not that difficult. All this speculating and second guessing is counterproductive.

  42. aquageek says:

    The ” real story” behind the published reports so far is how a whole lotta college swimmers, coaches, administrators, parents/spouses/siblings, etc. etc. close to the situation have been able to keep what really has been going on down there the last several moments so absolutely quiet.

    As for DeMont, outstanding coach who has already had a LOT of opportunity to take on an elite head coaching position and chosen not to. A man who appears to have his priorities in life very clear, I’d be shocked if he took the job.

  43. completelyconquered says:

    Maybe Augie can come in and follow his Dad’s footsteps here.

  44. Lorraine says:

    So the coach of this university ordered NCAA violating practices immediately upon returning to Tucson? Is that what swimswam is reporting? That is seriously troubling. And a cautionary message as to the mentality of this coach leading up to his departure from this program. And all the imploding days leading up to this last day.

    If you are openly violating NCAA coaching rules – you are OPENLY violating NCAA coaching rules. Clear as day as to what “happened” to the swim team. He should have been fired – not allowed to take a leave of absence and resign. This premiere Division One Swim Program did not deserve to be mistreated like this by Eric Hansen. What a way to take down an entire swim program mid season. And so he gets to resign and ride off into the sunset and not be held punitively accountable for his actions – really? He didn’t extend the same professional considerations to his swimmers.Why does Eric Hansen get to ride off into the sunset without the record reflecting he done did wrong. BIG TIME. To his swimmers. Each one of them. .

  45. Jan mullinax says:

    When my daughter was swimming under Erik Hanson at Wisconsin he verbally ,emotionally and physically abused her. When they were training in Hawaii he got angry with her and strangled her. Because this was the year of the Olympics my daughter was pressured to not insist on his termination. All of his actions were reported and is documented at the univ of Wisconsin.Erik agreed to get anger management at the time but I have no idea if he ever did. To this day my daughter suffers from post traumatic syndrome because of Erik’s abuse…….there were rumors at us that he had a relationship with a male swimmer but rumors are rumors. What happened with my daughter is documented and factual.

    • FormerSwimmer says:

      I can also attest to Hansen’s abuse. I swam for Hansen at UW and also received similar abuse and witnessed many questionable acts. His assistants were fully supportive of his behavior. I never reported his actions to any official at UW. While I think his intentions are pure, I think it’s best that he finds peace in his next chapter.

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