More Details on Time Between Utah Dual Meet and Eric Hansen’s Leave of Absence

by SwimSwam Staff 110

January 21st, 2014 College, News, Pac-12

SwimSwam has received more information on what happened in the lead-up to former head coach Eric Hansen’s initial leave of absence from the University of Arizona.

Upon returning to Tucson from the men’s team’s dual meet loss to the University of Utah late Saturday, the men’s swim team was ordered to report to the pool for a practice.

Update to the above: there have been several conflicting stories about the practice mentioned above and what time it happened, though all parties agree that there was a practice sometime late after the team arrived back to campus on October 19th.

On October 20th, police and emergency personnel were called to Hansen’s residence in Tucson, where Hansen resided with a male roommate, the deputy responding to the case told SwimSwam today. This call did not involve any physical altercations, according to the responding deputy. Due to the personal nature of the matter, we believe that it is beyond ethical journalistic guidelines to report further details on this call, specifically.

No arrests were made after that call, and SwimSwam was unable to locate any other indication of further or prior legal incidents, calls, or complaints involving Hansen.

Hansen’s leave was formally announced by Athletic Director Greg Byrne on October 22nd.

The university has declined repeatedly to comment about the reason for Hansen’s initial leave of absence, and we continue to be unable to reach Hansen directly. Therefore, we cannot verify that any of the above is related to his resignation or leave of absence, rather the information is presented as what happened between the team’s return to Tucson and the announcement that he had taken a leave of absence.

The intent of sharing this information is to address many of the rumors that we have heard circulating about possible incidents that may have happened between the team’s return from Utah and Hansen’s leave of absence that would have likely included further investigation or reports from Pima County Police. At the same time, we cannot guarantee that no complaints have been made or crimes committed, we can only say definitively that after a thorough search, we found no crimes, allegations of crimes, or any other police reports that were filed.

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Steve Nolan

Well, that certainly clears that up.

Joe Momma

It really does clear things up!!!!! I tried reading between the lines but it is tough because my iPhone screen is scratched.

Now that we got to the bottom of this case, can anyone say what is going in with the coach from the U of Georgia?

Dolla Sign

Can someone explain this to me in a simpler form?

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