10 Michael Phelps videos you might want to see if you haven’t yet

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With Michael Phelps back in action and clearly back in the hunt for more Olympic gold, I’ve been reviewing old media of the Greatest Olympian of All-Time.

I’ve been interviewing Michael Phelps since 2007, so long that sometimes he doesn’t let me ask my questions. He just smiles and says “What? What?” cutting me off because he knows what I’m going to ask already. He’s a pro in the media zone, completely at ease , and sometimes he plays along when you’re approaching him out-of-character. This first video remains one of my favorites.

1. Michael Phelps – Unnecessary Bleeping 

2. Michael Phelps Un-bleeped

3. Michael Phelps Sings Journey’s Midnight Train

4. Michael Phelps In-Flight Entertainment

5. Michael Phelps – 11 years old swim 200m freestyle

6. Michael Phelps – 11 years old swims 50 yard butterfly

7. Shaquille O’Neal vs Michael Phelps

8. Michael Phelps with Bar Refaeli for SI

9. Michael Phelps Agressive against Cavic

10. Micheal Phelps Puts Rick Reilly in a LZR Racer

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  1. Steve Nolan says:


    Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

  2. Danjohnrob says:

    OMG, Mel! You made my day! I had never seen the “Shaq Vs” video, and it had a lot of funny lines. I wonder if Shaq ever got that tattoo? If I were Le Clos I sure would! But videos 1 and 2 with you were the funniest! You should really have your own star swimmer video interview series on You Tube!

  3. mcgillrocks says:

    Was that a 1:53.2 (2nd video) in the 200 fly? If so, dang.

    Also Shaq is pretty hilarious. I wonder how fast he could have been with Coach Bowman’s true expert teachings.

    • bobo gigi says:

      The magical suit helped Shaq a lot! :mrgreen:
      It helped the big bodies without great technique.

      • Bobthebuilderrocks says:

        Did anyone know that phelps was planning on breaking the 400 freestyle world record sometime in 2007-2008? If you watch the 60 minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, there’s one scene where Bowman and Phelps show Anderson Phelps’ goal sheet, and for the 400 free , the time was 3:39.

        • easyspeed says:

          A lot of people don’t MP held the American record in the 400 free for awhile. Could have easily got the WR if he really focused on that event.

    • bobo gigi says:

      I add 2 more videos to your list.

      Interview with 15-year-old Michael Phelps

  4. bobo gigi says:

    And a 42-minute French TV program about his technique.

  5. SwimSam says:

    Phelps vs. Cavic is one of my all-time favs! Been showing that one to friends for years!

  6. 1

    I had no idea he could sing, he is not bad

  7. We Love Phelps says:

    have seen all these videos and loved video #5 and #6 — the young MP was such a BADASS! 😀
    video #8 is a smoking hot one — for your eyes only ladies & gentlemen. 😀

  8. Leila says:

    Great videos. I especially like the 1’s that show Michael as a person vs just Michael the swimmer. I remember watching the Shaq vs. when it aired live & it was hilarious.

    I’ve actually met Michael a few times & he’s a really nice guy. Held a small talk convo with him & all. Pretty normal guy. I know he doesn’t have the best rep with some people & is often perceived as a douche but I can just speak on my experiences meeting him he’s a good person. Just my opinion.

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