Western Illinois Terminated Swim Coach Greg Naumann, Documents Show

Western Illinois terminated former head swimming & diving coach Greg Naumann just six weeks into his season contract, university documents show. Naumann was terminated due to “a lack of control and responsibility to ensure the principle of student-athlete well-being.”

That’s according to the termination letter the school sent to Naumann on September 10. News broke in late September that the school was in the market for a new head swim coach. When we asked the school for clarification on Naumann’s status, they refused to comment. But a Freedom of Information Act request turned up public employment records on Naumann, including his contract – which was set to run from August 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020 – and his letter of termination on September 10.

The school officially offered Naumann that one-year contract back in May. Documents show the salary at $3935 a month, or about $39,350 over the 10 months of the contract. That’s the same pay that Illinois public records showed for Naumann back in 2017.

Athletic Director Danielle Surprenant wrote to Naumann on September 10, officializing his termination.

“Your employment has been terminated due to a lack of control and responsibility to ensure the principle of student-athlete well-being as outlined by the NCAA and Western Illinois Intercollegiate Athletics,” Surprenant wrote.

We asked the school to clarify what that meant, but a spokesperson only said “we cannot further discuss this personnel matter.”

Naumann had been the head coach at Western Illinois for 10 seasons and was a swimming alum from the program. We’ve reached out to him for comment, but have not yet received a response.

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ACC fan

What could this mean?


IMO program run amok with issues that the coach couldn’t get under control. Could be toxic team culture, could be alcohol, could be just about anything that the NCAA prohibits.


Hell, at $39k a year he was probably delivering pizzas after practice to make ends meet and couldn’t keep the swimmers in check.


What about severance?


He was paid $3.95

Becky D

So they rounded up to a full hour?

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