Watch Ryan Hoffer Obliterate 100 Free NAG Record With 41.23 (Race Video)

The above video is courtesy of USA Swimming on YouTube.

From Anne Lepesant‘s recap of the record-breaking swim:

Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s Ryan Hoffer took down Caeleb Dressel’s National Age Group record in the boys’ 100 yard freestyle in a big way on Saturday night at the Speedo Winter Junior Nationals at University of Texas’s Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.

Dressel had established the NAG as a member of the University of Florida men’s swimming and diving team when he finished second in the 100 free at the 2015 SEC Championships. He had first set the NAG in prelims with 42.31; he then came back and lowered it in finals to 41.90, marking the first time an 18-and-under had broken the 42-second mark.

Now it seems that the 41-second barrier could be in danger of falling to an 18-and-under as well.

Hoffer, who is only 17, blasted a 41.23 to win the event with a new meet, pool and national age group record. Prior to Saturday night’s swim, his best 100 free had been the 42.65 he went at Winter Juniors last year, in which he set the meet record.

Here are Hoffer’s splits, side-by-side with Dressel’s:

19.73 20.07 20.19
21.50 21.83 22.12
41.23 41.90 42.31

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7 years ago

Why is Seth Rogen announcing the meet?!

Daniel H
8 years ago

Holy crap that’s fast. My time just hits above a minute. He will make a brilliant competer if he keeps it up.

8 years ago

split swimming underwater
Lap 1 9.4 3.96 5.44
Lap 2 10.3 4.88 5.42
Lap 3 10.7 4.70 6.00
Lap 4 10.8 4.93 5.87

splits- from the announcer
swimming- I timed him a few times and took an average. I started the clock when his head was above water to the flip with his feet hitting the wall or hand hitting the wall on the last lap.

8 years ago

Can someone identify for me what kind of suit he is using? It seems to be an Arena product, however it is no carbon-flex and at least no carbon-air in the traditional colour variants (blue/grey, fuxia/grey). It doesn’t look like a r-evo+ or carbon-pro either?

8 years ago

100 Yards is 91.44 meters, 41.23/91.44*100=45.0896762905.
So that means 45.09 in scm… Wow

8 years ago

True, SCY and LCM are different games and the underwater/above-the-water swimming ratio changes completely, but why assume this guy is not going to be a great LCM swimmer? It seems to me this is the same mistake as assuming that he WILL achieve Olympic glory, only reversed.

He must get his full growth first (not in height, but in muscles) and then we’ll see what he can or can not do in the big pool.

Captain Ahab
8 years ago

His third 25 underwater dolphin kick is incredible. This kid looks like a torpedo. Under Armor sign this young man, he’s ready to be a professional.

8 years ago

Not sure why everyone thinks he’ll go to Cal or Texas specifically. His parents are ASU alums, but personally, I’d like to see him go to Florida and train with Dressel and Rooney, who are going to be even more integral in Tokyo 2020 than in Rio. He’d certainly get faster long course, have two excellent training partners, and Florida has proven they can sprint.

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