WATCH: Kaii Winkler Breaks 10 and Under 200 Freestyle NAG

10-year-old Kaii Winkler recently broke the 10 and under National Age Group Record in the 200 freestyle. He recorded a time of 1:57.75 this past Saturday at the Gulliver Winter Classic in Florida. He split the race in 27.05, 29.57, 30.57, and 30.59. The record was one of the older ones still on the books – belonging to Mitchell Stoehr from 2003. Only one  10 & under record, in either gender or course, was older – Chas Morton’s 1982 200 IM.

Winkler’s swimming recently earned him Honorable Mention for the 2016 Swammy Awards Age Group Swimmer of the Year — 10 & under award. Throughout 2016 he earned a spot in USA Swimming’s 10 & under top ten 12 times for his performances in free, fly, and IM. Below is a list of the events and corresponding rankings for the events Winkler earned top ten in for the 2015-2016 season.

  • #2 in the 200 and 500 yard freestyle
  • #3 in the 100 fly and the 100 and 400 meter freestyle
  • #5 in the 100 and 200 IM
  • #6 in the 200 meter freestyle, and the 50 and 100 meter fly
  • #7 in the 100 yard freestyle

He was also ranked first as a 9-year-old in short course yards and second as a 10-year-old in long course meters in IMX rankings for the 2015-16 swim season. In addition, the 10-year-old also owns multiple Florida Gulf Coast swimming records in freestyle and butterfly events.

Check out his National Age Group Record breaking 200 freestyle below.

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Thats a tall ten year old. Could end up being 6’5 or taller. Great swim.


Not crazy about recording national records for 10/unders. Possibly leads to over zealous coaches and parents, burnout and future injuries.

Coach John

In this day and age… impossible to ban video/photo use in a public setting. I think it more highlights an issue that has existed far earlier than video playback. putting performances on a pedestal and not praising the work ethic and fun to get there. the journey is far more fun than the destination… right?


I think you misinterpreted what she meant by “recording.”


I assumed it meant video/photo as I stated such in my reply…. care to correct me?

John – she meant recording as in “keeping a list of the fastest times in various events as a 10&under”

Bo swims

She means keeping official records for 10U. We don’t keep national records for 10U up here. Canadian NAG start at 11-12.


Yeah it sure hurt Michael Phelps career ???


Phelps was a phenom at every age, and does not belong in this conversation. Many young age groupers are over trained by over zealous parents and coaches going for the fastest 10 year old. It is easy to make a very fast 10 year old that way, but there is a cost. The problem is that many, of not most of them have disappeared from the record boards and even the sport, by the time they are 13/14. If they aren’t injured, they’re burned out and have had enough. I’d be interested to know how much yardage this kid does. That loping stroke doesn’t usually come until you start grinding it out.


Likely not as much as most are thinking. 5000 a day max. Suspicions of overtraining can be put to rest.


All you need to say is “great swim”. Let the kid’s parents and coaches handle the rest.


Wow, he’s got a really good stroke!

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