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The team titles were well-decided before the final day of the 2022 SEC Swimming & Diving Championships, but there were still a ton of narratives to cap off. The battle for 2nd place in both meets was very competitive, the Florida men were chasing a 5-for-5 relay sweep, Jordan Crooks became the fastest Division I freshman ever in the 100 free, and a pair of US Olympians Kieran Smith (Florida) and Rhyan White (Alabama) won the 200 backstrokes.

Watch race videos of the final day of competition below.

Final Women’s Team Standings:

  1. Tennessee: 1313.5
  2. Kentucky: 1043
  3. Alabama: 1038
  4. Georgia: 986
  5. Florida: 905
  6. Texas A&M: 625
  7. Auburn: 584
  8. LSU: 541
  9. Missouri: 485.5
  10. South Carolina: 460
  11. Arkansas: 397
  12. Vanderbilt: 123

Final Men’s Team Standings:

  1. Florida: 1414
  2. (TIE) Tennessee/Alabama: 938
  3. Georgia: 919
  4. Texas A&M 856.5
  5. Auburn: 827,5
  6. Missouri: 716.5
  7. Kentucky: 600
  8. LSU: 505
  9. South Carolina: 417.5

Day 5 Race Videos

Women’s 1650 free

Top 8 finishers: 

  1. Kristen Stege (TENN): 15:42.37
  2. Kensey McMahon (BAMA): 15:51.71
  3. Abby McCulloh (UGA): 15:51.96
  4. Aly Breslin (TENN): 16:03.12
  5. Megan Drumm (UKY): 16:11.14
  6. Averee Preble (AUB): 16:12.83
  7. Tylor Mathieu (FLOR): 16:13.39
  8. Peyton Palsha (GA): 16:13.64

Tennessee junior Kristen Stege put on a clinic in the mile, winning by over nine seconds in 15:42.37, a new Tennessee program record. This marks her second straight win in the 1650, an impressive feat considering she didn’t even swim the 1650 until her freshman year of college, when she competed at East Carolina. The Lady Vols just keep rolling, with Tennessee’s Aly Breslin throwing down a massive swim in the early heats, dropping nearly 22 seconds to finish in 16:03.12, to finish fourth.

Men’s 1650 free

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Trey Freeman (Florida): 14:39.74
  2. Jake Magahey (Georgia): 14:40.20
  3. Tyler Watson (Florida): 14:40.45
  4. Michael Bonson (Auburn): 14:44.63
  5. Oskar Lindholm (Florida): 14:50.78
  6. Alfonso Mestre (Florida): 14:53.32
  7. Nicholas Hernandez-Tome (Florida): 14:54.46
  8. Jack VanDeusen (Florida): 14:55.57

In a thrilling race that came down to the touch, Florida junior Trey Freeman ran down the field with a blistering 23.9 split on the final 50 to win the mile by less than four tenths over Georgia’s Jake Magahey. At the 1600 mark, Freeman flipped in third behind both Magahey and teammate Tyler Watson, though powered home to win in 14:39.74.

Despite missing Olympic mile champion Bobby Finke, the Florida men seemed to manage just fine. The Gators finished with 7 of the top 9 finishers in the event.

Fastest Heat:

Women’s 200 back

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Rhyan White (BAMA): 1:50.22
  2. Caitlin Brooks (UKY): 1:50.73
  3. Sophie Sorenson (UKY): 1:52.22
  4. Mari Kraus (SCAR): 1:53.11
  5. Morgan Liberto (BAMA): 1:53.31
  6. Aviv Barzelay (TAMU): 1:53.77
  7. Parker Herren (UKY): 1:54.58
  8. Meredith Rees (MIZZ): 1:55.21

Alabama’s Rhyan White completed the women’s backstroke sweep with a win in the 200 back, but was pushed hard by Kentucky junior Caitlin Brooks. The two swam nearly even for the first 150 yards, with Brooks flipping first at the 150 turn. Brooks faded down the stretch, however, opening the door for White to emerge victorious in 1:50.22 to Brooks’ 1:50.73. The swim was a great swim for Brooks, however, with her previous lifetime best heading into the meet sitting at 1:51.55.

Men’s 200 back

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kieran Smith (FLOR): 1:39.51
  2. Ethan Gogulski (TAMU): 1:39.58
  3. Anze Erzen (TAMU): 1:40.31
  4. Bradley Dunham (UGA): 1:40.69
  5. Jack Dahlgren (MIZZ): 1:41.08
  6. Jake Marcum (BAMA): 1:41.26
  7. Lleyton Smith (AUB): 1:42.04
  8. Eric Stelmar (BAMA): 1:42.18

Florida senior Kieran Smith has opted to swim some “off” events by his standards over the last couple of days of these championships, but it hasn’t stopped him from winning NCAA titles. In the 200 back, he just narrowly outtouched Texas A&M junior Ethan Gogulski 1:39.51 to 1:39.58. Interestingly, the only individual event that Smith didn’t win was the 500 free, the event in which he is the American Record holder.

Women’s 100 free

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Morgan Scott (BAMA): 47.32
  2. Kalia Antoniou (BAMA): 47.67
  3. Diana Petkova (BAMA): 47.82
  4. Riley Gaines (UKY): 47.88
  5. Cora Dupre (BAMA): 47.91
  6. Tjasa Pintar (TENN): 48.41
  7. Jasmine Rumley (TENN): 48.49
  8. Trude Rothrock (TENN): 48.85

The Alabama Crimson tide swept the three podium spots in the women’s 100 free, with senior Morgan Scott reigning as the sprint queen after winning the 50 free on Wednesday and now winning the 100 in 47.32. Teammate Kalia Antoniou had some redemption after missing the A final in the 50, finishing runner-up here in 47.67. Rounding out the podium was Diana Petkova, who touched third in 47.82.

Men’s 100 free

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Brooks Curry (LSU): 40.99
  2. Jordan Crooks (TENN): 41.64
  3. Adam Chaney (FLOR): 41.83
  4. Macguire McDuff (FLOR): 42.24
  5. Kayolan Bratanov (TAMU): 42.39
  6. Eric Friese (FLOR): 42.65
  7. Aleksey Tarasenko (TENN): 42.86
  8. Kaique Alves (BAMA): 42.93

LSU’s Brooks Curry and Tennessee’s Jordan Crooks blasted out early, with Crooks leading slightly at the 50 19.3 to Curry’s 19.4. Curry had the much better back half, however, powering to the wall in 21.52 to break Caeleb Dressel’s SEC Meet Record in 40.99.

Women’s 200 breast

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Gillian Davey (UKY): 2:06.21
  2. Zoie Hartman (UGA): 2:06.27
  3. Mona McSharry (TENN): 2:07.29
  4. Bailey Bonnett (UKY): 2:07.96
  5. Alexis Yager (TENN): 2:08.42
  6. Danielle Dellatorre (UGA): 2:08.45
  7. Avery Wiseman (BAMA): 2:08.94
  8. Cat Wright (BAMA): 2:10.88

In a thrilling women’s 200 breast final, Davey, Hartman and McSharry all turned even at 150 turn. It was the Kentucky junior Gillian Davey who came out on top, however, touching in 2:06.21, .06 ahead of Georgia junior Zoie Hartman‘s 2:06.27. Tennessee’s Mona McSharry, who won the 100 breast at these championships, faded significantly over the final 50 to finish in third in 2:07.29.

Men’s 200 breast

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Derek Maas (BAMA): 1:51.56
  2. Reid Mikuta (AUB): 1:52.09
  3. Andres Puente Bustamante (TAMU): 1:52.77
  4. Amro Al-Wir (FLOR): 1:53.90
  5. Kevin Vargas (FLOR): 1:54.45
  6. Will Goodwin (MIZZ): 1:54.67
  7. Vincent Ribeiro (TAMU): 1:54.76
  8. Jarel Dillard (TENN): 1:55.48

Alabama junior Derek Maas completed the breaststroke sweep, winning the 200 breast in 1:51.56, breaking the SEC meet record of 1:51.58 held by Georgia’s Nic Fink. Maas had remarkably even splits, swimming 28.7/28.8/28.8 over the final three 50s to take the win by a half second.

Women’s 400 free relay

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Alabama: 3:10.86
  2. Tennessee: 3:11.38
  3. Florida: 3:12.37
  4. Texas A&M: 3:14.24
  5. Arkansas: 3:14.69
  6. Georgia: 3:15.20
  7. LSU: 3:15.71
  8. Missouri: 3:16.29

The Alabama Crimson Tide won the final women’s event of the meet, swimming a 3:10.36 to win the 400 free relay by over a second. It was a true team effort by the Tide with no one standout split. Diana Petkova led off in 47.69, and followed by 100 free champion Morgan Scott’s 47.17. Scott was then handed off to Kalia Antoniou, who split 47.99 and Cora Dupre anchored in 47.51. All four women finished in the top 5 of the 100 free earlier in the night.

Men’s 400 free relay

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Florida: 2:46.91
  2. Tennessee: 2:48.46
  3. Alabama: 2:49.11
  4. Georgia: 2:50.65
  5. Texas A&M 2:52.05
  6. LSU: 2:52.07
  7. Auburn: 2:52.16
  8. Kentucky: 2:53.13

The Florida men capped off a dominant SEC Championships with a commanding win in the 400 free relay with a 2:46.91. The Gators were led off by Macguire McDuff in 42.65, who was then followed by Adam Chaney’s 41.32, Eric Friese’s 41.63 and Kieran Smith‘s 41.31 anchor. The win was less than a second off of Florida’s own meet record and closed out their 10th straight SEC title.

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Linda Close
9 months ago

Can you please post the A Final for the women’s 100 free. Alabama had 3 or 4 in the A Heat.

James Scott
9 months ago

I will ask the question, again: why is the B Final posted for the Women’s 100 Free? Where is the A Final?
Thank you for your response.

James Scott
9 months ago

Why did you post the B Final in the Women’s 100 Freestyle? Please post the A Final

9 months ago

How far back from first was Freeman with like 300 left?

Reply to  Braden Keith
9 months ago

No credit or thanks to UGA for videos?

The mile was excellent. 7 of top 9 without Finke. Winning by almost 500 without Finke and Hillis!! They won by only 80ish last year over UGA and now UGA another in the hunt…..nor any other team

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