VIDEO: Missy Franklin’s father shares Missy doing 500, and parents of teams cheer on!

by Katrina Radke 3

March 20th, 2014 College, News, Video

Missy Franklin’s father, Richard Franklin talks about Missy doing a new event here at NCAAs – the 500 freestyle. This shows her willingness to do what is asked of her, even if it means giving up her prime events.

She broke a Cal school record by 2 seconds tonight, to get 2nd in 4:32.66 to Georgia’s Brittany MacLean 4:32.53 (who had an amazing last 50 split of 25.81 as she picked up tempo).  Hats off to Missy for even being willing to challenge herself like this, and do this for Cal.

Also, enjoy the love from the parents and alums in the stands – from various teams, including: Cal, Auburn, Texas A&M, University of Arizona, Tennessee, Stanford.


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DC Guy
9 years ago

Hats off to Missy. The NCAAs are definitely a team effort and swimmers get put in events to maximize the points not necessarily the individual glory.

What is scary is that Katie Ledeky just swam a 4:28 in her High School meet. Look for that new NCAA record to have a shelf life of about 2 years!

bobo gigi
9 years ago

“Hats off to Missy for even being willing to challenge herself like this, and do this for Cal.”

I couldn’t agree with you more.
She had never swum a race over 200 yards or meters before in a big championship.
She’s a 100/200 swimmer.
Seeing the best female swimmer of the world accept to put herself in danger is truly the mark of a great champion.
And she did very well with a new PB in 4.32.
Of course most of the big stupid headlines will be on her defeat but it’s not her defeat. It’s the win of Miss MacLean.

Now day 2.
American record in the 200 free.

9 years ago

Much fun! Keeps the parents young! Cheers to the parents!

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