USA Swimming Announces Dates, Locations, Standards for Inaugural “Futures” Championships

USA Swimming has announced the dates, locations, and time standards for the inaugural “Futures Championships.”

The meets will be held from July 30th-August 2nd, the same weekend as Junior Nationals, in:

  • Greensboro, North Carolina (Greensboro Aquatic Center)
  • Mt. Hood, Oregon (Mt. Hood Aquatic Center)
  • West Lafayette, Indiana (Purdue University)

The meets are designed to bridge the gap between Sectionals meets and Junior Nationals: a gap that has grown in recent years as junior-level swimmers have become faster-and-faster, therefore necessitating faster-and-faster time standards to keep a reasonable number of participants.

While the meet is designed for swimmers to make the leap to Junior Nationals, the Future Championships are technically an open-age meet not limited to 18 & unders.

Swimmers with a time standard that would qualify them for the U.S. National Championships (senior, not junior, summer, not winter) are not eligible for the Futures Championships.

Teams are assigned to each of the three sites based on Geography. While this does reduce the distance traveled for many participants, all three hosting sites are at an extreme of their respective boundaries. For example, swimmers from Texas’ Gulf Coast region (Houston area) will travel roughly 1850 miles “as the crow flies” to Mt. Hood, Oregon. That’s balanced out by the significantly shorter trip to Junior Nationals, meaning that most swimmers with Junior Nationals standards will expect to attend that meet instead.

See the full boundary map below:

Boundaries for Futures Championships. Courtesy: USA Swimming

Boundaries for Futures Championships. Courtesy: USA Swimming

USA Swimming has also announced the Time Standards for the meet, though not as recently. Those can be seen here, or in full below.

Note: the time standards that were originally linked in USA Swimming’s meet page are incorrect. The correct standards are below.

Futures Time Standards


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swim coach

so instead of driving just over 3 hours to greensboro, nc, for about $80 in gas, round-trip, i have to fly to indiana from south carolina and rent a car. yeah, that makes sense.

SCar Swim Fan

I thought it was odd too. A swimmer in South Carolina has to go to Indiana but a swimmer in Maine would go to NC. There is very strange placement of these meets because of their extreme positions with respect to geography.


So, it’s like NCSA Junior Nationals but for USA Swimming.

I can’t remember all these changes… Is this meet open or 18&under?

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