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March 29th, 2020 News

This week more than 4,000 people participated in Fitter and Faster’s #FFTLive Broadcasts! Thank you to everyone who attended! If you weren’t able to watch and participate live, you can find the replays HERE ( https://fitterandfaster.com/category/fftlive/ ).

This coming week we will have 10 new LIVE broadcasts! You can also bookmark the page FitterAndFaster.com/LIVE ( https://fitterandfaster.com/live/ ) to always stay up to date on upcoming broadcasts.

Below is a list of our FFT Live schedule for this coming week!

Mindset Mondays: Goal Setting

For All Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

Goal setting strategies to help swimmers continuously improve and stay focused no matter the situation.

March 30: 11:00am EST

Led by Olympians Chloe Sutton and Kat Simonovic

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/mindset-monday-goal-setting/ )

Breaking Down Streamlines and Underwaters

For Swimmers and Coaches

Tune into this show to really break down a proper streamline position as well as the technique for more powerful dolphin kicks.

March 30: 2:00pm EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary, Olympian Christopher Reid, and Elite Clinician Marina Spadoni

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/breaking-down-streamline-and-underwaters/ )

College Recruitment with Brett Hawke & Sergio Lopez

For High School Aged Swimmers, Parents & Coaches

A discussion on what swimmers can do to get noticed and communicate effectively with college swimming coaches to have a better chance of being recruited.

March 31: 12:00pm EST

Led by 5-time Olympic swimmer and coach Brett Hawke, Olympian and coach Sergio Lopez, Olympian Albert Subirats

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/college-recruitment-with-brett-hawke-episode-1/ )

Breaking Down Breaststroke

For Swimmers and Coaches

These three elite level breaststrokers will ensure that every viewer walks away with a deeper understanding of breaststroke technique and more confidence to race faster.

March 31: 2:00pm EST

Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary, Olympian Kierra Smith, and National Champion Austin Surhoff

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/breaking-down-breaststroke/ )

Keeping Engaged with Your Swimmers

For Coaches

Coaches will greatly benefit from listening and asking questions throughout this Live Broadcast on ideas and strategies to continue communication in an effective manner to swimmers and their families while practicing social distancing.

April 1: 2:00pm EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary, Olympic gold medalist and UNC Head Coach Mark Gangloff, and Victor Swim Club Head Coach Mike Murray

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/keeping-engaged-with-your-swimmers/ )

Breaking Down Sprint Butterfly

For Swimmers and Coaches

These three elite level butterflyers will cover the technique, timing, and rhythm of a fast and efficient butterfly stroke.

April 1: 4:30pm EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Butterfly National Champions Tom Luchsinger and Giles Smith

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/breaking-down-butterfly/ )

Quarantine Fitness with Lee Sommers

For Swimmers Ages 9-12

Episode 2: Learn the proper form for swimming specific exercises and complete dryland workout you can do from home!

April 2: 2:00pm EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Strength and Conditioning Coach Lee Sommers

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/quarantine-fitness-with-lee-sommers-ages-9-12-episode-2/ )

Athlete Nutrition and Cooking Habits

For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

Learn about the nutrients that can help swimmers have more energy during practice and racing, help build muscle, and aid in recovery!

April 2: 3:30pm EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Cierra Runge and two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/athlete-nutrition-and-cooking-habits-episode-1/ )

Quarantine Fitness with Lee Sommers

For Swimmers Ages 13 & Over

Episode 2: Build strength and stability with this workout designed for swimmers to be able to do at home.

April 3: 12:00pm EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Strength and Conditioning Coach Lee Sommers

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/quarantine-fitness-with-lee-sommers-ages-13-older-episode-2-2/ )

Stroke Video Analysis

For Swimmers and Coaches

Watching both perfect technique as well as watching technique that needs improvement can be greatly beneficial to swimmers learning the intricacies of technique required to race faster.

April 3: 12:00pm EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and National Champion Amy Bilquist

Register Now ( https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive-registration/stroke-video-analysis-episode-1/ )




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