UK’s GLL Sport Foundation Hands Out Largest Annual Athlete Award

The UK’s largest leisure and culture social enterprise, the GLL Sport Foundation (GSF), has announced it will be doling out £297,000 (~$387,000 USD) to over 577 aquatic athletes in 2019, representing the organization’s largest ever annual athlete award. The 2019 figure brings the total GSF athlete funding value to £11 million since the scheme began in 2008.

The GLL Sport Foundation was founded by charitable social enterprise GLL to provide talented athletes with financial support as well as access to training and sport science facilities. The Foundation awards were launched after GLL had identified an increasing number of talented athletes who were receiving no sport funding and had given up on their sporting dreams through lack of support.

GSF Ambassador Hannah Russell highlights how important the support is, “being an Ambassador of GSF, the support I received was huge, and really did help me achieve my goals at the IPC European Championships in Dublin! Becoming Triple European Champion was very special. The award helped me to continue training in one of the best pools in the country at the Manchester Aquatics Centre, and give me the opportunity to train and compete abroad alongside some of my competitors across the World, giving me great racing opportunities!.”

The Foundation’s Patron, Sally Gunnell OBE said: “I am delighted that in 2019 the GLL Sport Foundation is supporting over 3,000 athletes to achieve their potential. With more than 96% of supported athletes not receiving any other additional funding, it is clear that we are reaching those that need support most.”

“I’m sure we will see many successes for young GSF athletes in 2019.”

Peter Bundey, GSF Chair added: “We are delighted with our 2019 awards and proud of the positive contribution we have made to sporting talent across the UK. Funding for athletes has been very much in the spotlight in recent years and we still see big funding gaps across sports and talent pathways”.

“We are determined to continue our funding commitment for the next generation also, by investing in younger, aspiring athletes to help future talent fulfil their potential as elite level sporting stars.”

“I would like to thank all of our partners and sponsors who make an essential contribution to the programme – together we re-affirm our commitment to GLL’s social enterprise principles to reinvest in sport and local communities”

For more information on GLL Sport Foundation, visit:

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2 years ago

1 way to reduce their tax bill…

Reply to  wetwales
2 years ago

Not sure how that’s relevant? It’s a non-profit charitable social enterprise so not entirely sure this is to reduce the tax bill

Reply to  GXTT
2 years ago

They had a turnover of plus 240 million last year and as you say a non profit organisation won’t be paying tax. But I would say this is a token gesture.
GLL tender for failing local authority services and then turn them into profit making facilities, this is squeezing many sports clubs in the process as sports facilities hire costs go up. Ive heard many examples of swim clubs handing over their profitable learn to swim to GLL for them to then run a sub par service.
Local authorities as they do in some cases but few and far between, should safe guard certain pool time for clubs to function, not just hand the keys over.

2 years ago

Was kinda hoping to see like a 10 foot tall trophy or a giant stuffed animal, money seems more appropriate.

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