Texas Women, Cal Men, Still Lead in First CSCAA Poll of 2019

by Robert Gibbs 12

January 23rd, 2019 College, News

Editor’s Note: SwimSwam is not on the voting panel for the CSCAA Dual Meet Rankings, but the rankings are posted as a courtesy to the CSCAA. See our most recent men’s Power Rankings here and women’s Power Rankings here.

The CSCAA has released its dual meet ranking polls for the first time in the new calendar year, and the Texas women and Cal men lead for the fourth straight iteration.

There wasn’t a ton of movement on the  men’s side, which isn’t surprising considering that many teams haven’t even had a meet since the last rankings. The top four teams remained exactly the same as they did were in the last poll, while Florida moved up to 5th, and NC State down to 6th. The Gators were one of the few teams with an early January meet, and impressive performances by Khader Baqlah and Robert Finke undoubtedly bolstered Florida in the eyes of the voters.

Overall, no men’s team that was ranked in December moved up or down more than two spots. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech jumped into the rankings at 21st, perhaps largely due to the fact that Antani Ivanov is now on campus and competing for the Hokies. Auburn and Harvard tied for the final spot in the poll, while Kentucky and Minnesota dropped out of the top 25.

At first glance, the women’s poll looks to be similar to the men’s in that there’s not a lot of change…at least when you look at the top four teams. Texas retains its spot for the 4th poll in a row, followed by Michigan, Stanford, and Cal, in the exact same order.

Once you get past the top four, however, there was a ton more movement than there were in the men’s rankings. UVA continued its rankings bungee jump. They were ranked 4th in the November poll, dropped to 11th in December, and now are back at 5th. That makes some sense, given the Cavaliers didn’t appear to taper to much for the UGA Invite, and they had a dominant victory over Virginia Tech a couple weekends ago.

There was also probably a strong argument to be made for Auburn moving up after a strong dual against Alabama right after the last set of rankings came out, and a keeping it relatively close against the top-ranked Texas women a couple weeks ago, although 17th to 7th is a big jump.

It’s not nearly as easy to figure out why Southern Cal and Louisville, who had been consistently ranked in the top ten, dropped as far as they did. USC moved down seven places, from 7th to 14th, while Louisville saw an even bigger drop, plummeting from 6th to 16th. The CSCAA release does specify, as always, that the poll focuses on the results of the most recent polling period, and the Trojans haven’t had a meet since November, so that may partially explain the voters’ rationale there, but we can’t come up with a good reason for the Cardinals’ downgrade, considering they beat Missouri a couple weeks ago.

Results can be found below, or on the CSCAA website here.

Division I Men

Rank Previous Team Points
1 1 California 297
2 2 Texas 284
3 3 Indiana 281
4 4 Michigan 262
5 6 NC State 254
6 5 Florida 236
7 7 Stanford 225
8 8 Louisville 206
9 11 Tennessee 195
10 10 Texas A&M 182
10 9 Southern California 182
12 12 Georgia 164
13 14 Ohio State 147
14 16 Virginia 145
15 13 Arizona 143
16 17 Missouri 130
17 15 Arizona State 109
18 18 Alabama 95
19 20 Georgia Tech 56
20 21 Utah 49
21 NR Virginia Tech 47
22 19 Florida State 42
23 23 Notre Dame 37
24 22 Purdue 30
25 NR Auburn/Harvard 25


Also Receiving Votes:

Kentucky (21), Iowa/Minnesota (9), Wisconsin (6), South Carolina (4), Grand Canyon/Pittsburgh/Navy (1)

Men’s Poll Committee

Brian Schrader, Denver;     Steve Schaffer, Grand Canyon ;     Bill Roberts Navy;   Craig Nisgor, Seattle;     McGee Moody South Carolina;    Chad Cradock UMBC;    Chase Bloch, USC;   Jason Calanog, Texas A&M;     Ashley Dell, Iowa;     Damion Dennis, West Virginia;    Dan Kesler, Arizona State;    Neal Studd, Florida State;    Jamie Holder, Dartmouth;     Kevin Woodhull-Smith, East Carolina

Division I Women

Rank Previous Team Points
1 1 Texas 298
2 2 Michigan 288
3 3 Stanford 278
4 4 California 263
5 11 Virginia 252
6 9 NC State 236
7 17 Auburn 224
8 10 Florida 199
9 8 Texas A&M 190
10 13 Kentucky 188
11 14 Indiana 178
12 11 Georgia 165
13 5 Tennessee 160
14 7 Southern California 158
15 23 Ohio State 129
16 6 Louisville 116
17 16 Wisconsin 115
18 18 Minnesota 97
19 15 Notre Dame 83
20 NR UCLA 62
21 20 Duke 59
21 19 Missouri 59
23 NR Northwestern 43
24 NR South Carolina 26
25 NR Louisiana State 23

Also Receiving Votes:

Arkansas (6), Arizona/Florida State (2), North Carolina (1)

Women’s Poll Committee

Colleen Murphy, Air Force;   Dan Colella, Duke;   Ryan Wochomurka, Houston;  Lars Jorgenson, Kentucky;  Naya Higashijima, UCLA;  Jennifer Buffin, Oregon State;     David Geyer, LSU;     Neil Harper, Arkansas;     Jesse Moore, Minnesota;     Kristy Brager, Wisconsin;     Niko Fantakis, Brown;     April Jensen, Notre Dame;    Nathan Lavery, TCU;

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Florida G8tor
4 years ago

Texas men & Stanford women will end up #1. I hope to see Texas women place in the top 4.. but historically they always swim fast in season then don’t show up at their best for the big show. NCAAs are in Austin this year, could be their shot!

4 years ago

AU men ranked 25th TOO HIGH, Laddie Vols ranked behind the UGA Bullsdogs? Not after tomorrow! UNC getting one vote??? Who dun dat??

4 years ago

As I have posted over the past several months, the Longhorns will, once again, win the NCAA/D1 title.
Their freshmen class is loaded and now that has been enriched with interesting transfers, well, it’s Texas all the way.
. . .And for those still pouting about “diving” in the title point totals, stop complaining and deal with the situation.
Go horns!

4 years ago

NC State Men and Women way underrated.

Just wait till NCAA’s.

Regan Lehman
4 years ago

Can someone explain to me why IN is ranked #3? I believe that this season they have bested 5 teams in the top 10 of the current poll – including #2 Texas, #4 MI, #5 NC State, #6 FL, and # 8 Louisville. Is this poll somehow based on the potential of a team? Versus what has actually happened in head-to-head meets? Just curious

Zach DeWitt
Reply to  Regan Lehman
4 years ago

The ranking is based on how they would score in a projected NCAA format. One team’s ability to win a dual meet often differs in one’s ability to compete when there is so much depth nationwide. In short, the NCAA format favors elite talent. Texas, Cal have more elite talent than Indiana. This does not mean, however, that Indiana cannot compete for a title if the winds catch their sails.

Reply to  Zach DeWitt
4 years ago

Zach DeWitt – based on the CSCAA’s explanation of their poll, this ranking IS supposed to be based on dual meets. Whereas our Power Rankings are based primarily on NCAA placing, the CSCAA poll explicitly says that it’s supposed to be a dual meet poll.

JP input is too short
4 years ago

I just don’t see Michigan as number four in the men. Where they’re strong (mid-D free, breaststroke, IM) they’re really strong, but they have some definite big holes in their relays – backstroke is the glaring one, but they’re a sprinter short of the top tier of free relays too.

I don’t know, I may be way off there. The teams below them all seem to have some holes too, besides NC State (they don’t have particularly good distance free but that’s probably the least impactful weakness to have if your sprinters can stretch to the 200, which theirs can). Florida is pretty freshman-dependent; Stanford has a sprinter/anchor hole if Mestre doesn’t swim (he’s on the roster but hasn’t logged… Read more »

Reply to  JP input is too short
4 years ago

FWIW, we had them 5th in our power rankings, which are much more NCAA Championship centric than are these rankings.

JP input is too short
Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

That’s the weird thing – I think they’re a better championship meet team than dual meet team. They put themselves in a huge hole in the medley relay, basically are giving up the first 2 or 3 places in both backstroke events, and their diving isn’t particularly good. They can move Callan, Auboeck, and Vargas around in the 200-1000 and Cope, Montague, and Swanson around in the breast/IM (not to mention Chan, but they’ve been swimming him in the sprint frees more at dual meets), but there’s still a really big drop-off between 1st and 2nd in points in dual meets.

Championship meet style is a little more friendly to depth – If Michigan puts 3 guys in the NCAA… Read more »

Reply to  JP input is too short
4 years ago

Yea but if they put 2 in the 500 final and 1 in the 2 Best final they hosed and being hosed in Michigan is icey cold!!!

4 years ago

About time the H2Okies get some recognition!

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