Eney Jones

Taking 5 With Dylan Gravley: The Brothers Gravley In The Open Sea

A conversation with Dylan Gravley on his performance at nationals, his open water acumen, and some advice for fellow swimmers attempting open water.


Ohana: Remembering Dr. Burwell “Bumpy” Otis Jones

Burwell’s daughter, Eney, remembers her father after his passing on Feb. 6 at the age of 87.


Finding The Calm In The Storm

In these stressful and uncertain times, we can take this as an opportunity to reboot, restart and reassess. Part of that means upping our dryland game.

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Why Swimming Downhill in Open Water Won’t Work

Very often on pool decks around the world you hear the phrase SWIM DOWNHILL. While I think this is to denote ease, quite the opposite is true.


Taking 5 with Cameron Bellamy

Early on the morning of Nov 13th, 2018, Cameron Bellamy completed his swim in 40 hours and 43 minutes, a full circumnavigation around the island of Barbados.

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Taking 5 with Jordan Wilimovsky

Some swimmers are tough to catch up with in the water and on land. Jordan Wilimovsky is one such swimmer.

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Taking It from the Pool to the Sea

Eney Jones sat down with Mike Curley, the head coach of the Orlando Highlanders, at the Flowers Sea Swim in the Cayman Islands, to talk about his team’s trip to and performances at the open water competition.

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Swimming Technique: Spreading The Fingers

One secret to swimming faster is right at your fingertips – spread your fingers!


Beauty and the Beast: Taking 5 with Haley Anderson

Haley Anderson was the first American woman to medal in Open Water. She won a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics in the 10k. Anderson also made the 2016 Olympic Team in Rio in the 10k.

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Doing The Math For Open Water Swim Racing

Swimming technique to me is an equation. S= D+P+L+T . Swimming = Depth + Power + Length + Tempo.

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Open Water Swim Sighting – Technique, Drills & Tips To Swim Straight

Your nemeses . . . . the sun, the waves, buoys too far apart or dropped by the pack; what should you do?

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Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust, The Art Of A Swim Taper

Eddie Reese the coach of The University of Texas just won his fourteenth NCAA Swimming title. When I asked him how you know if the taper is going to work, he responded, “You as the coach must believe, and if you believe, your swimmers will believe. The magic is in the belief”.


Cross Over Swim Kick

We all know the standard 2 beat, 4 beat, and 6 beat kick. If you don’t, for every right and left pull you kick 2 or 4 or 6 times in correspondence to the arm strokes.


Staying In The Game: Focus, Change & Not Staying The Same

Cross knowledge is as important to achieve excellence in athletic performance as cross training.

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Open Water Swimming Breathing Techniques

Swimming is the only sport where the coach yells at you for breathing, for actually taking in air or energy.

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