SwimSwam Voters Picks: Week 3 of Major 2020 NCAA Conference Championships

We’ve spent the past few weeks using our periodic SwimSwam polls to let readers weigh in on the coming conference swimming & diving championships. Now, we’re compiling the data for final major conference championship in week 3.

Keep in mind that each of these lists are compiling something slightly different:

  • Voters picks were specifically to pick the conference champ. That means the #2 team might not be the consensus to finish second, but picked by voters as the second-most-likely to win. Those can be two different things, especially with high-ceiling teams.
  • Swimulator projections track projected scoring based on season-best times for athletes in their three best events. This data can be skewed by many factors, like teams that didn’t fully rest at mid-season, teams that don’t have a rested time in one of the five relays, teams reliant on diving (not included in Swimulator projections) or teams who added new talent during the season.
  • SwimSwam Picks are from our fan guides for each conference. They’re based on a combination of Swimulator projections, historical taper drop data and our own predictions.

Pac-12 Men

Voter Picks:

  1. California – 88.0%
  2. Stanford – 7.0%
  3. Utah – 2.1%
  4. Arizona State – 1.6%
  5. Arizona – 0.8%
  6. USC – 0.5%

Swimulator Projections:

  1. California – 828.5
  2. Arizona – 568.5
  3. Arizona State – 503.5
  4. Stanford – 366.5
  5. Utah – 338.5
  6. USC – 307.5

SwimSwam Official Fan Guide Picks:

  1. California
  2. Stanford
  3. Arizona
  4. Arizona State
  5. USC
  6. Utah

2019 Final Results:

  1. California – 948
  2. Stanford – 716
  3. Arizona – 570
  4. Arizona State – 459.5
  5. USC – 366.5
  6. Utah – 335

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