SwimSwam Breakdown: Budapest World Cup, NCAA Heats Up, Peaty to ISL Playoffs?

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discussed the sizzling swims at the 2nd stop of the FINA World Cup, the NCAA season getting into full swing, and Adam Peaty‘s future in dancing. See below for full list of topics.


  • Should athletes prioritize SC World Championships even with ISL?
  • Can the Stanford women dethrone Virginia as NCAA champions?
  • Does Adam Peaty move on to the next round on Strictly Come Dancing?
  • Will Arno Kamminga show up big for the Aqua Centurions in his home country for the ISL Playoffs?
  • If Peaty shows up for ISL Playoffs, will he score a Top-3 finish in either 50 or 100 breast in any match?

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11 months ago

Not entirely on topic but Mack Horton has moved to Griffith University (Bohl).

11 months ago

Australians don’t really have a leg to stand on with the number of us that say Ar-Kansas, but Queensland is pronounced like two separate words

Steve Nolan
11 months ago


Now to add the airhorn and I’ll be happy as a clam.

Dave Rollins
11 months ago

USA Swimming needs to get with the times, take SC Worlds seriously and select a team based on SC times. They have plenty of data to go off of with the ISL and World Cups. Shoot, if they wanted to have a SCM nationals to select a team, they could do that too. There are plenty of facilities that can accommodate a 25m format. And for the love of all things great about swimming….select 50s of stroke based on actual 50s of stroke.

Reply to  Dave Rollins
11 months ago

So HS kids and college athletes are not considered to make SC worlds? So the three Hs girls who made olympic team would not be eligible this December? And no Kieran Smith or Finke? Maybe they don’t want to this year but many college swimmers have gone in the past and loved to represent USA!
Do only post grads need another opportunity after ISL, WC to race again? Do you have a trials to determine who goes? Sorry just saying USA swimming needs to get with it without having a solution is wrong!

katie’s gator arc
Reply to  Dave Rollins
11 months ago


Reply to  Dave Rollins
11 months ago

USA needs to ditch SCY, no argument why they should keep it. Outside the USA no one gives a damn about what time someone goes in yards. Honestly I don’t care if Dressel goes a 17.6 in yards I’m more interested to see if he can break 20 in SCM. If they have SCM for college and HS students the world will pay more attention to the results at NCAA for future ISL recruits and to see what challenges other swimmers will face at an international level. It’s time to ditch yards and join the rest of the world America!

Reply to  Tyson
11 months ago

There is a fantastic argument why they should keep it. Having a ton of pools is a primary driver behind America’s dominance in international swimming. If they eliminate SCY, then 95% of those pools are destined for the rubbish bin.

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