Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Swimming Gets Some Disrespect! Twice!

by Ben Dornan 17

January 31st, 2022 Lifestyle, News, TopTenTweets

We’re back with your weekly dose of swimming’s TopTenTweets, where we round up the best of the swimming Twitterverse.


Honestly would be surprised if this is the first winter Olympics venue to be called the Ice Cube.


Who, if anyone, do you think can break this record?


Two legends walk onto a pool deck…


Forget 75s with fins. How fast can you do a 75 backward?


24?!?! OK ISL!!!


And that’s what you call a full circle.


Can’t believe I forgot this one.


Who won LEN dancer of the year???


What he said.


Again… what he said.

Check back in next week to check out what the Twitter swimmingverse is up to!

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11 months ago

55% of all people in the world (43% of all men and a staggering 68% of all women – acc to Gallup) cannot swim

ANYONE can kick a flipping ball.

Clearly swimming and other water-based sports have an inherent degree of difficulty that was not considered at all here…
Mainly that you need to know how to not drown first.

11 months ago

The last two tweets are comedy gold

11 months ago

I played baseball for over a decade. Trust me, it has no business being even in the top 30.

11 months ago

Cricket everybody ?

Dressel will come 3rd in 100 free in Paris
11 months ago

“A few studies have determined this.”

No methodology presented, no actual studies offered, just a list that happens to place sports largely played in North America all as the hardest, and those often contested as not being sports right at the bottom of the sheet.

More like Biased America Sports.

11 months ago

Rugby lower than american football and soccer is pretty weird

11 months ago

The fact that SWIMMING WAS LOWER THAN FREAKEN DIVING!!! Diving is hard but its not just that, HAND BALL AS WELL!!!! I am gonna stop now because if I say more I am gonna break something!

The devil's advocate
Reply to  Swimmingrules!!!
11 months ago

I looked at that list in full and part of the reason it was so low was because it was based off of different categories. Each category would be scored individually and then added up for a total point score. For example, if I remember correctly, distance swimming was ranked 3rd or so in the endurance category. The reason why swimming is so low is because it ranked low in the “danger” and “fear/mental strength” categories. I certainly disagree with this reasoning, but if anyone’s wondering why this is, it’s because diving is more dangerous (as are most of the other sports)

Reply to  Swimmingrules!!!
11 months ago

The one that got me was auto racing being above swimming. What the actual ****?

Coach Tom
Reply to  Swammer
11 months ago

Swimming is obviously insultingly low on the list but auto racing is one of the few sports I don’t have a problem being ranked higher (assuming they mean Formula 1 and not NASCAR). Controlling an F1 car and taking tight corners at 180 miles per hour with other cars inches away requires incredible amounts of focus, composure, and athleticism.

The devil's avocate
Reply to  Swimmingrules!!!
11 months ago


Look at this article, as I think that the list above uses a similar criteria. On this list, each sport is given a certain score for each category (“edurance”, “power”, etc), and then are added up at the end to find which sport is hardest. There are two categories here that really stand out: “nerve” and “hand eye coordination”. Neither of these is really that important for swimming, so the sport is kind of underrated next to dangerous sports, such as diving, for the “nerve” category and ball sports such as handball for the ” hand eye coordination” category.

I don’t agree with this way of ranking, but I do think… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by The devil's avocate
Tea rex
Reply to  Swimmingrules!!!
11 months ago

Lower than BASEBALL?? Stand around for 95% of the game and go inside if it starts to drizzle…

Old Tiger IMer
Reply to  Tea rex
11 months ago

As a swimmer, I wish it were not so, but try hitting a major league curve ball.

Reply to  Old Tiger IMer
11 months ago

Try doing a 4:03 400 LCM IM…

Nathan Smith
Reply to  Old Tiger IMer
11 months ago

Would the average person have a better shot hitting a major league curve ball or completing a legal 400 IM?

Reply to  Nathan Smith
11 months ago

Are you defining hitting as “making contact with”? Or getting a bse hit?

Old Tiger IMer
Reply to  Braden Keith
11 months ago

Getting a base hit. Btw, one person in history has gone a 4:03 400 im. Hundreds have to hit major league curves. Willing to bet that there are more people in the world who could do a 400 im legally than could hit above .200 in the major leagues