Still No 2019 ISL Rosters for US-Based Teams

While information about the inaugural season of the International Swim League has continued to trickle out, it now appears that official American rosters still won’t be released for another couple of weeks.

In early May, the ISL said that rosters should be announced within “two weeks,” which meant they should’ve been out by this weekend, but the ISL’s PR folks now say that they’ll let us know when they have another update.

Sources have told SwimSwam that the ISL now expects to release American rosters sometime after June 3rd. But take that date with a grain of salt, as many ISL announcements have come well after the first date (or two) they were expected, it’s anyone’s bet as to when we actually get to see the rosters.

On one hand, it has to be a bit frustrating for swim fans to continue to wait to see what the American rosters look like, especially as we’ve been receiving new info on the European rosters on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

On the other hand, there was some news to get excited about this week, as the ISL did release the initial competition schedule and venues. There are still over four months until the first meet, which will take place in Indianapolis, IN, October 4-5.

Additionally, some additional roster information has leaked out, been announced, or can be surmised.

  • Michael Andrew will be co-owning the New York Breakers with his mother, and will presumably be swimming for them.
  • Bowen Becker announced on Instagram he’ll swim for the the California Condors, although that post was quickly deleted.
  • Ryan Murphy indicated in an Instagram story (although did not outright say) that he’d be swimming at the Indianapolis meet. That meet is schedule to feature the DC Trident and the Cali Condors, and it would make sense that Murphy, who trains at Cal, will end up on the Condors.
  • Murphy, Katie Ledecky, Nathan Adrian, and Simone Manuel have all been named ISL ambassadors. All four train in California, although Ledecky is from the DC area, so we’ll have to see if she ends up competing for her “home” team, or the team closer to where she currently lives and trains.
  • In April, German media reported that German star Marco Koch would compete for the Breakers.

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1 year ago

Pretty sure Cody is on the DC Trident, he was at a photoshoot for his ISL team during the Pro Series and Kaitlin Sandeno was there leading it

Reply to  Seans
1 year ago

That would be fantastic. Gonna love seeing him at College Park regardless

1 year ago

I hope this isn’t because certain swimmers are holding out to try to negotiate a better deal with a team. This is can give a big boost to swimming and the prize money is there, so why hold out further?

1 year ago

it just plain weird, why so much secrecy?

Reply to  Swimming4silver
1 year ago

Agree. The European teams release their roster as they get new members and generated lots of social media content and talking point along the way. I personally think that is a better approach because no matter how famous or not as much, each swimmer gets their own individual welcome which help bring more attention to the teams and the athlete. When members are all announced at once, it is easy for regular viewers or fans to just pay attention to the established stars (or their absence) while other swimmers get less attention overall. Also, when all teams are doing it at the same time, it also diluted the attention for each team. If someone already sign on and even to… Read more »