Spartans Aquatic Club Breaks 17-18 NAG Record in 400 Free Relay – 2:55.35


  • March 26-28, 2021
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Short course yards (SCY)
  • Results on Meet Mobile ‘2021 Lifetime Not Divisionals’

Tonight in Atlanta, the Spartans Aquatic Club 400 free relay broke the 17-18 National Age Group Record, touching in a 2:55.35 at the wall.

Their time tonight takes eight-tenths off of the old record, which was a 2:56.15 done in 2013 by SwimMAC Carolina.

Kamal Muhammad, 17, led off in 43.48, which obliterates his old best of 44.21. Muhammad is a Virginia commit. Below are the full splits:


  • Kamal Muhammad – 43.48
  • Peter Sacca – 43.74
  • John Beamon – 44.24
  • Colton McGrady – 43.89

This was a full team effort, with all four boys getting up and swimming faster than flat-start times, even with several tenths or so added for the flying start.

17-year-old John Beamon was way under what his lifetime best of 46.15 would suggest for a flying split (probably a 45-mid or 45-high), while Georgia commit and 18-year-old Peter Sacca also out-performed his lifetime best 45.25. 17-year-old Colton McGrady has been 45.42, so he, too, had a huge swim.

The old record had Michael ChadwickJack ManchesterKyle Darmody and Matthew Josa.

Here are the old splits:

  • Josa 44.78
  • Manchester 43.99
  • Chadwick 44.20
  • Darmody 43.18

The 15-18 NAG record, meanwhile, is safe; Allegheny North has it at 2:53.81 from 2018.

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8 months ago


8 months ago

Fantastic swim fellas. Who is this John Beamon kid again? Watch out for his flat start 100…..

Reply to  GrantJ
8 months ago

Sub 20 in the 50 a few weeks ago. Great water polo player, might be focusing on that in the future.

cold is a mentality
8 months ago


GA Boy
8 months ago


GA Fan
Reply to  GA Boy
8 months ago


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