Slovenia Nails Olympic Qualification in Women’s 400 Free Relay in Last-Ditch Bid


With the conclusion of the women’s 400 free relay final on Sunday in Doha, the 16 qualifiers for the Olympic Games are set.

The only thing outstanding heading into the final was whether or not Slovenia could jump ahead of Brazil to grab the 16th spot. They swam 3:41.72 to jump just-ahead of Ireland and secure their spot at the Olympic Games – beating out Ireland’s 3:41.75 from the 2023 World Championships.


If they decide to swim the event, it would be their first Olympic swimming relay for any gender since the women’s relay (including Sara Isakovic) finished 14th at the 2012 Olympics.

The Slovenian Record in this event was done in 2022 at the Mediterranean Games, where they swam 3:38.52 – which would put them within range of a final in Paris. That relay had three of the same for relays, but was anchored by Tjasa Pinter. While Pinter was the slowest split of that record-setting relay, she did bring a needed depth to this team on the 4th leg.

At the top of the table, it’s the Australians that take the status of favorite (and it’s not that close) into the Paris Olympic Games, with the US and China battling for silver. Canada could get in that mix – but probably only if Penny Oleksiak shows a form that hasn’t been visible for years.


The top 3 finishing relays from the 2023 World Championships automatically qualified. The next 13 slots come from the best times among the combination of heats and finals at the 2023 and 2024 World Championships.

Because all of the finalists for 2024 Worlds are in the top 16 relay, the finals tonight won’t impact selections (though it may impact seedings). That means the field is set, pending countries declining their selections.

Their is no host country automatic allocation for the Olympics and France is already qualified thanks to their time from 2023 Worlds. Unlike in past years, there is no “free-for-all” best times in the qualifying period to worry about, so the field should be set at this point, with the exception of any scratches.

Poland also moved into the qualifiers in Sunday’s prelims after not swimming this race at the World Championships last year.

2024 Paris Olympic Qualifiers – Women’s 400 free relay

Rank Country Time Event
1 Australia 3:27.96 2023 Worlds
2 USA 3:31.93 2023 Worlds
3 China 3:32.40 2023 Worlds
4 Great Britain 3:33.90 2023 Worlds
5 Sweden 3:34.17 2023 Worlds
6 Netherlands 3:35.41 2023 Worlds
7 Canada 3:36.39 2023 Worlds
8 Japan 3:37.71 2023 Worlds
9 Italy 3:37.93 2023 Worlds
10 France 3:38.52 2023 Worlds
11 Poland 3:38.65 2024 Worlds
12 Brazil 3:38.99 2023 Worlds
13 Hong Kong 3:39.93 2023 Worlds
14 Hungary 3:40.02 2023 Worlds
15 Denmark 3:41.21 2023 Worlds
16 Brazil 3:41.67 2024 Worlds
Alt 1 Slovenia 3:41.72 2024 Worlds
Alt 2 Ireland 3:41.75 2023 Worlds
Alt 3 Spain 3:42.53 2023 Worlds
Alt 4 Lithuania 3:44.99 2024 Worlds
Alt 5 South Africa 3:45.54 2023 Worlds
Alt 6 Philippines 3:46.93 2024 Worlds
Alt 7 Serbia 3:47.12 2024 Worlds
Alt 8 Thailand 3:56.84 2023 Worlds
Alt 9 Chinese Taipei 3:59.38 2024 Worlds

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17 days ago

All of those women are much better at the 200, so they should have no problem securing the 4×2 as well.

17 days ago

Brazil was included twice

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