Shouts From the Stands: An Open Letter to Missy Franklin

Lynn Kachmarik is the founder of TRUE BRAND SPORTS where she travels around the world and does workshops for coaches, parents and student-athletes to make sports better. Her website can be found at

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I hope you know that you are not disappointing any of us.

I know how hard keeping your head high at these Olympic Games must be for you as everyone expects so much from you, including your own high standards.

You stepped into the limelight at the 2012 London Olympics and everything you have done since then is represent yourself, your family, your college, your club, your coaches and teammates with such dignity and class.

You are the epitome of humbleness, passion, energy, kindness and the truth about sports.

The highs are so amazing and the lows are brutal but when you compete and represent your country the way you have….your pain is our pain because we love you and want you to be happy. The journey to be the best is filled with highs and lows but your character defines who you really are. Under extreme pressure, you have made the right decisions along your journey and you exemplify the best that sport can give us as a role model for our children.

Keep your head high, continue to flash that smile because your journey is so honest and real It may be rough right now but you will be back. No one can ever take anything away from you.

To be honest, my pride and respect for you has exploded as I continue to watch how you react at these 2016 Olympics! You may not have done what you set out to do but once again you have raised the bar for all of us in terms of how to respond when you fall short of your goals and for you…it has been on the world stage. You are Missy Franklin and you are still everything we have known you to be! We stand with you and thank you for what you have given to all of us as coaches, parents and student-athletes!

This article was written by Lynn Kachmarik.

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Hope she does well in the 2back


She won’t. She’s gonna tank like she did in the 200 free.


There is a recurring theme where athletes who make the big marketing push ahead of the games get distracted from hitting taper and excelling. Phelps deserves extra kudos for doing both


nice comment ass face


What you said. Ditto


This coming from someone who probably has done nothing useful in his whole life. You’re as extinct as your name suggests


No need to bully someone for expressing their opinion man. He believes she’s going to tank and he references a previous event from the meet to justify his reasoning. You on the other hand don’t really know anything about that guy which makes your comment a little more pointless


This was a little more than an opinion. The tone was unwarranted.


How many medals do you have? How many Olympics have you been to? Stop taking your anger out on Missy who, by every account, is any amazing human being. You’re just pissed that you didn’t do everything you could in the sport and like to trash other people to make yourself feel better about yourself.

Definitely Not Florent Manaudou

^Hate that logic. “You’ve never been to the Olympics, how could you possibly make a prediction about them? You must be venting frustration!” I don’t see this kind of reaction when the swimswam comment section predicts failure from a Tom Shields or an Emily Seebohm; however, the second Missy is brought up, we resort to ad hominem attacks. Who’s really the ones trying to make themselves feel better? Someone making a legitimate prediction or Missy’s disappointed fans?

Captain Awesome

Well T-REX wasn’t wrong though were they.


If you didn’t have such short arms, I’d tell you to punch yourself in the face.


Ha !! T-Rex. How many good supportive positive thoughts do you have in a day? How many food supportive positive actions do you perform? My guess is less than the average soul.

Missy has so much to offer. Just watch her with kids at any meet and you can see first hand her impact is bigger than her times in the pool.




Thanks for articulating my thoughts about Missy so eloquently!

Cynthia mae Curran

Missy Franklin has the relay Gold from the prelims and she did make two Olympics which is hard in the sport.

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