Shayna Jack Asks Supporters For Financial Support Amid Legal Battle

Shayna Jack has taken to Instagram in order to ask her supporters for financial support in her fight against Sports Integrity Australia (SIA) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA):

Shayna Jack was originally handed a 4-year ban for a positive Ligandrol test back in 2019. In November 2020, however, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) reduced her sentence from 4 years to 2. That reduction meant that Jack would be set to continue training and competing in May of this year.

Following that reduction, SIA and WADA have appealed the reduction and are asking CAS to maintain the 4-year ban. Jack shared a few weeks ago that she and her family have already spent 130,000 Australian Dollars (roughly $100,000 USD) on the legal fight.

Full transcript of Jack’s statement:

“Hi everyone, Australian swimmer Shayna Jack here. I am reaching out to you all as I am seeking help. During my first court case in which some of you know, I went up against Sports Integrity Australia and my family and I spent $130,000 total on legal fees, court costs, testing fees, and more. However, I did prove that I did not intentionally ingest that substance which is why the two-year ban was given to me and I cooped it on the chin and looked forward to returning to my sport in May 2021. But unfortunately, they decided to take me through this all again. To take me through the heartbreak, to take me through all the emotion. Sports Integrity Australia and the World Anti-Doping Association appealed my two-year ban and thought it was appropriate to take me through this tarnish again.

It breaks my heart every day that I can’t be in the pool with my squad mates. It breaks my heart every day that I’m still up against these people in which I feel are constantly kicking me down. It breaks my heart every day thinking that I can never win.

I’d like to ask for your help in order to keep fighting. I don’t have the funds nor does my family and if I don’t fight I can potentially get the maximum ban because I couldn’t set up myself in my next appeal. So I’m here today to ask you to donate small amounts that potentially could help me continue my fight. Anything is beneficial to me and I’m grateful for all your continued support but now I really need something else that can get me over the finish line. As my coach always says, “it’s the last 50 to 200. It’s going to hurt and it’s going to be painful but I just got to get to the end.” And that is all I’m trying to do.

To assist me in this fight, you can find the link to my GoFundMe page in my bio on my Instagram. Any bit helps and I appreciate everything you guys have done for me, so let’s keep fighting for what is right in sport. Thank you.”

Jack appeared to hold back tears as she delivered the plea. Along with the message, she has provided a link to her GoFundMe page where supporters can donate. Jack has received over $33,000 in the first few day that the page has been up.

Jack hasn’t raced at a major international competition since the summer of 2018 when she won a 4×100 freestyle bronze at the Pan Pacific Championships. Should she be successful in keeping her ban at 2 years, the first major international competition that Jack will be eligible for will likely be the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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2 years ago

A GoFundMe to purchase more PEDs???

Mr Piano
2 years ago

Not a wise move to deplete those savings

Reply to  Mr Piano
2 years ago

whether it’s finance or the 200 fly… always save up, or you’ll be hearing from Mr. Piano.

Corn Pop
Reply to  sven
2 years ago

Il not buy a product & instead give Shayna the equivalent !0% tax that would have gone to the Federal Govt..That way I will save too. Thanks for the advice.

ACC fan
2 years ago

Why not walk away?

Reply to  ACC fan
2 years ago

Because she works hard and doesnt want her legacy to be ruined by something like this. I totally respect this girl fighting for her reputation and integrity. Why would she walk away from all the success she had?

HL Hains
Reply to  ace
2 years ago

Maybe don’t be a doper if you want to protect your legacy

2 years ago


Troll Longhorn
Reply to  Whoa
2 years ago

Shameless is trying the case twice. It’s an abuse of power.

Irish Ringer
2 years ago

I’ve made a donation. She went through it once and paid her price.